Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ever Have One Of THOSE Days???

I learned a lesson! Never let a roomba run by itself when you are out of the room!

I've had this little robotic toy for 2 years now, and just like a two year old, it got into things it shouldn't have! Like.....a cone of red rayon thread! (*&@#$(*&!

Take it from me, before you vacuum, make sure ALL threads are tucked into drawers where they can't be caught on roller brushes. What a MESS! Looks like roomba and I are going to have a date with the seam ripper to get her unbound.

I still love this little thing tho...it's great on my hardwood floors upstairs..it gets the dust bunnies out from under the beds where I can't reach them. And it is fun to watch...just don't leave her alone without supervision. She might suck up Chloe if we aren't watching her!

Now where is that seam ripper????!


  1. That's the kind of thing I do when I am running my manual vacuum! I seem to have a real gift for finding the end of a spool of thread and wrapping it completely around the brush roller. I have wasted more spools of thread that way!!

  2. Bonnie, Oh my. I have almost been in situation. One of my cats played with a cone of quilting thread as I forgot to remove it from the machine. It was wound all through the house: around chairs, their food dish, across the dining room table back into the den and then into the dining room again. I bet they had a ball. There are 3000 yards on those cones. They used up a third of it I am sure as the ball I ended up with was rather large.
    DO you like the Rumba otherwise? I have though of getting one instead of making vacuuming an "event".
    I sure hope this week goes fast. I am really ready for clue #5.
    XOXOXOXOXO Subee in Indiana

  3. I had a dog pull apart a spool of thread once... boy was that a big pile of thread! LOL
    I've heard good things about those little vacuums... I went over to their web site and they now have a little robot that cleans your gutters... how cool is that?

  4. Now, that is a funny story. Sorry!
    Have fun with the seam ripper.

  5. Anonymous2:55 AM EDT

    Hee hee - that's pretty funny! Hope it doesn't take too long to unravel :-)

  6. He-he-he, sorry Bonnie, but I seem to remember reading in one of your quilt instructions
    "repeat after me, the seam ripper is your friend".
    Looks like your going to get close and personal with your seam ripper. So sorry,, but I still can't help but chuckle.

  7. I know what you mean! DH got me a roomba last Christmas, and I learned the hard way too of letting this thing go without supervision. :D

  8. Bonnie how funny,but also sad. I love your site, I have to visit every day. Eileen

  9. eek, bad Roomba, bad. Reminded me of Arrested Development though, where Buster keeps throwing candy down to the floor because the Roomba is hungry...

  10. ohhhhhhh this looks like the bottom of my Dyson if I don't keep after it. I've got the Scooba and LOVE it!


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