Wednesday, December 06, 2006

In A Blue Funk

I finally forced myself to finish the borders on the blue hourglass star quilt today. I'd been in such a funk about it. I guess the thoughts on the borders were so mixed that I just lost interest in finishing it. I know I shouldn't let other people's opinions cause doubts in my own creativity, but there you have it. I do value what other people say and think and I second guess myself.

The problem was...I had almost all of the hour glass units for the border done before I thought that maybe it wasn't such a good border idea...and my flame went out.

But now, reminding myself that DONE is better than PERFECT..I decided to finish it as I originally thought, and I do like it. Sometimes it is okay for a border to be just "fine" instead of...WOW...I think this is one of those times.

I also finished the quilting on my friend's tshirt quilt. Binding is done too. I think there is a smear on my camera lens...after uploading the pics it showed up and I don't have time to retake everything, so...deal with the smear :c)

I'm winding down finally on customer stuff. Only 2 more to go that HAVE to be done before Christmas. We are leaving on our Christmas cruise on the 16th...and back on the 23rd..so everything that has to be sent out has to be sent by the 15th.

The other fun thing is that I'm going down to FL to spend New Years with Tonya! I found a great deal on cheaptickets.com yesterday round trip for $188 including the taxes....can't beat it! So...I'll be packing up a couple of projects after getting back from the cruise and heading back down to Fl....I'm sure we will have lots of pics to upload while Tonya and I have a sew-a-thon!



  1. Wow, a visit with Tonya, that sounds like too much fun; be sure to tell us all about it!

  2. I think the border is just great, Bonnie. Youare such a genius with scraps; you shouldn't doubt yourself! Have fun on your sew-a-thon with Tonya and the cruise!

  3. Looks like a wow border to me...another great scrappy quilt!

    Hope you and Tonya have a great time on your sewfest!!

  4. I think the border IS outstanding! And the whole quilt is GORGOUS! We are always harder on ourselves and our work... takes friends and strangers to get us to see how good we REALLY are! Have fun on the cruise and the trip to FL. SOunds like another full month for you! I do enjoy reading your blog and seeing what all you are up to.
    Becky - employy at the W, Cola JoAnn's

  5. The quilt looks great. Enjoy your cruise and your New Years with Tonya. I look forward to seeing what you two create.

  6. I think your border turned out really well. It feels like a continuation of the quilt somewhat, and the narrow inset border is really highlighted with it. Hope you grow to love it too. :-)

  7. You did it again! Another perfectly great quilt - I was one of those who said "yes, DARK inner border, but I like your tan inner border so much better! Hope the funk goes away - what a deterrant to creativity!

  8. I LOVE the border on that one - and I'm not a border person! Sounds like a great plan for New Year's!

  9. Wonderful to her from you Bonnie, and I just love both quilts, but especially your scrap one. You haven't made a scrap quilt I don't like!
    Have a wonderful time with Tonya, and be sure to give her a big hug from me!

  10. Oh,no, now I feel bad for saying I didn't like the border. Don't ever listen to me. Glad you worked through it and got the border on - you're right, every part of every quilt doesn't have to be a knock-out. I've certainly made my share of blah. Can't wait to see you!!!

  11. Woohoo for you and Tonya getting together for the New Year! Take TONS of pics for us, pleeeaaase!!!

    I think we have to remind ourselves that *fine* can be WOW! I think it's perfect...good job. We have to listen to those inner voices...they know what they're talking about...most of the time!

    Love your quilting on the t-shirt quilt. That green sashing and quilting is perfect!

  12. Hey - My Mom and I just finished "Like a Watered garden". Loved it. Thanks for the tip.

  13. I love the hour glass quilt, Bonnie. The border adds some real pizazz to it, IMNSHO. And the t-shirt quilt is adorable. I didn't see any smear.

    Have big fun on your cruise. Sounds like another honeymoon to me. Kick back and enjoy. I won't say relax because you are like the Energizer Bunny. Always on the move. I'll rest for you. Hugs,

  14. Anonymous7:06 PM EST

    Looks like a pretty good WOW border to me! I love it :-) The T-shirt quilt is great too - the more I see them, the more I like them. What fun to spend some time with Tonya - great for both of you.

  15. Have a wonderful cruise and a really fun time with Tonya! I think your blue star quilt is great! Don't ever second guess yourself!

  16. I think the quilt looks great! I'm so glad you will be with Ton for awhile!



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