Thursday, May 26, 2022

After The Washing!

I forgot to write about this!

In rapid fashion, I finished one hand quilting project, moved right into the next - amidst the busyness of a full retreat house and all else that is going on over here - 

And I forgot to post about this!

This quilt was my big experiment with the Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Markers. (Original post about these HERE.) and I admit - if these weren't going to wash out, I wasn't sure just what I would do.

How did it go?

Before washing.

Several colors of ink visible!


Even the purple and black which were amongst the darkest of the inks came out completely.  I am so thrilled with this.

The stats on this quilt - 

Blocks started early 2000s, and set aside.  I couldn't find my sew-jo to applique those outer borders.  

The borders were completed in 2008 and added to the quilt.

I basted the quilt and started the hand quilting in February - the same day that Mabel Mae came to live with us after being rescued from the shelter.

So all in all it took 3 1/2 months to do the quilting.

I washed it with cool water on "bulky" setting in my washer.  I tumble dried it on low until it was still barely damp, and then let it air dry over the rail.

It has that well-loved crinkly feeling that hand quilted quilts get over time.  I couldn't be more pleased with it.

All of the volcanos (or bra cups!) in the star centers quilted out just fine.  It's amazing what hand quilting can take up that machine quilting can't.  And by the time things were washed and dried all poufy bits were just fine.

This is what is going on now.

There is no marking happening with this one, it's all eye-balled.

This quilt is heavy, it's going to take a long while.

Baptist fans are so easy to quilt because the curved lines, quilting toward you, are long and graceful and easy.  Quilting by the hexie means short needle loads and much turning of the hoop and readjusting of the bulk of the quilt in my lap.

But I love what I see on the back!

I chose a solid tan for the backing because it would show all of the quilting texture from the back side, where all that work would be lost with a print.

Check out Jo's Garlic Knots  finish!

You guys! Ever since Jo @jo_joscountryjunction posted her Garlic Knots finish, there has been a resurgence of folks searching for the pattern!

Jo writes:

"I finished up my Garlic Knots quilt. I had a blog reader send me a bunch of batik scraps that worked perfectly for this. I love making quilts from scraps of others!! This is a Bonnie Hunter pattern and can be found in her shop as a PDF download. This was an older WIP for me so I'm doubly happy to have it finished!!"

I've dropped the pattern price 25%

You'll find it in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Store.
Discount good through Tuesday, 5/31/22. Hurry and save!

Garlic knots was originally published in 2017, and I'm excited to see it gaining some new excitement!

If you haven't yet - don't forget to enter my Maymont PDF pattern and fabric roll Gift-Away currently going on, drawing to happen SATURDAY.  Just a few days left to enter.

Introductory pricing: I have placed the PDF pattern for Maymont in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Store at 25% off through 5/31/22. No coupon needed!

Price reverts back to $12.00 on 6/1/22. 

Monday was my day on Pat Sloan's Tantalizing Table Toppers blog tour. 

Visit my post and get your entry in to win a copy of her new book.  Find who the next stop on the blog tour is and visit them.  Enter on each site on their day - there are 12 stops all sharing their projects and hosting gift-aways this week.  Good luck!

This kind of fun was happening last evening!

The folks from the Quilters of the Night began to arrive around 4pm!  

By the time I left near 6pm this group had gathered on the porch to await the arrival of a few more that were coming in later.

The rest of the group will arrive today and retreat will be in full swing!

The one rooster you see here is Jack - and he is a pro at baking sourdough bread.  Mmmmm!  I can't wait!

I know it is going to be a fun week ahead.

What do you have planned for your own Thursday today?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Or as we used to sing in kindergarten - "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands!"
Pat Scully made this Fair and Square quilt from the pattern in my book Scraps & Shirttails II 
I love her use of spring florals!

However you spend your day - make it a good one.



  1. What great quilts. There is something about hand quilting that makes my heart sing. When I do it, I feel connected to the quilters of the past and quilters of the future. Thanks Bonnie for keeping it going.

  2. I too love the squishy-scrunchy texture of hand quilted quilts. I'm having fun with a king sized quilt for my daughter. It is mostly fans, but I quilted some small surprises (a heart, small penguin, an aomeba shape, a mutant giant fan) randomly throughout. I will just quilt the fans around those, breaking the lines as needed. It's coming out fun and makes me smile as I go. And now I'm reminded to finish the Garlic Knots top that's been languishing.

  3. I love seeing the Hand Quilting from the back. Glad all the markings came out. Welcome to the Quilters of the night. My Nighttime Quilting hasn't been too good lately. Older eyes make it hard to see. Will the newly washed Quilt hang or be used on a bed?

  4. Congrats on finishing the fan quilting! Love the quilt! Does it have a name?

  5. I believe Garlic Knots was in your Addicted to Scraps column, and that is when I started my E-Subscription to Quiltmaker magazine. I'm having a hard time believing that was in 2017! Thanks Bonnie for al the Quilty Goodness you share.

  6. The texture of your finished quilt is amazing! Thanks for showing the washed finish. Also, thank you for showing the back of the hexi progress. I was staring at the front for probably 10 minutes trying to figure out the pattern.🤦‍♀️ Then I scrolled down and…duh..😂😂. I’m so jealous for ones who can hand quilt. I wish I had gotten back into quilting when my hands could hold up to doing it by hand. That’s my favorite part of sewing…the handwork. Binding is my happy place, but I pay for it for at least 2 weeks when I’m done with a quilt. It’s worth the pain!

    For company, I’ve been listening to your old quiltcams back from 2013 while I’m piecing. I bet you are so grateful not to have that crazy travel schedule anymore. Even with the maintenance of the older house, it has to be such a blessing to have the retreats coming to you. I know for me, as I’ve gotten older, I don’t want to leave home unless absolutely necessary. Have a wonderful memorial weekend and be safe everyone!

  7. The Baptist Fan quilting has really peaked my interest in hand quilting. Diagonal lines are really starting to bore

  8. The Baptist Fan pattern has really peaked my interest. I usually do a diagonal machine stitch and am getting bored with that.. I have tried some hand quilting in the past. I know I would enjoy it. My question is- do you use a certain batting? I can barely get a needle through Warm and Natural batting. I just feel it has to be easier! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  9. I can't quilt without using Elmer's School glue to baste my quilts and Crayola ultra washable markers to mark my designs. If either company ever changes its formulation, I will have to take up a new hobby. Your marked up quilt came out beautifully!

  10. I heard about the Crayola washable markers on the Quiltville FB group a couple years ago. Have used them on several quilts and have been quite pleased!

    Garlic Knots hooked me on Bonnie!

  11. I used the Crayola washable markers on my Good Fortune quilt and there was one area where it didn't come out. I don't know if I pressed too hard or what but I haven't used them since. Maybe I'll try again.

  12. I love the little tool caddys, do you have a pattern for them???


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