Tuesday, August 14, 2018

An Evening in South Stoke

How about a little jaunt into the country, not far from the city center of Bath?

My friend Julia lives in this area, and she had contacted me about getting me out and away, perhaps for a meal –and we did!

This lovely old mansion house you see here has been many things in its day, and the story is fascinating.  The Packhorse store can be found HERE and is worth a read!

Who wouldn’t want a lovely meal on a golden evening in a place built in the 1600s?

Before we headed in to dinner, Julia took Irene and I on a nice little hike to get some beautiful long range views of the area.

It was a “Golden Evening” indeed – click to play and take a look:

I’m so glad the rain and clouds had abated just a bit – it was a perfect evening!


It doesn’t get much more glorious than this!


I could stand up here and just never leave.


A stone marker points where things are in the distance.


Oh little house tucked into the trees – idyllic!


Moments of contemplation on our way back down.


Such a lovely village!  Of course, it is up hill both ways and we got our steps in!


heading down the old winding staircase!


Thanks for the amazing evening, my friend!

Dear Irene – I stole this collage from your facebook page.  Thank you for being quicker with the camera than I was!  LOL!

Oh, and before I forget – this also happened yesterday in the midst of everyone going every which direction around Bath:


Busy stitchers in the bar!


Intro to English Paper Piecing tutorial!

we really didn’t have time to hold a full on workshop this trip – it’s just not the kind of trip for a full CLASS when there is so much to see and do, but thanks to the folks at Paper Pieces, we had little hexie kits for everyone to try their hand at English paper piecing.  Cheers, ladies!

There is so much more to share – we’ve been on a walking tour, to museums, to the Roman Baths – I can’t edit it all or even find the time to write about it all right now.  It will come.  In due time.

This morning I am rushing to get my suitcase out the door and to the bus as we are on to LONDON!


I will be posting more about the beautiful city of Bath, likely from home – or Arizona.


Quiltville quote of the Day!

Vintage four-patch quilt shared by Irene

Don't stay stuck! Keep moving forward!

Heading for the bus --


  1. How beautiful. So glad you are annoying our country. So much to see!! Love from Stoke (the north one!)

  2. Bonnie, I was just delighted to meet you at the hotel and again at your book signing at Festival of Quilts. Lovely to see my friend Agnes on your blog. So glad you are enjoying England and looking forward to Ireland in 2020. Sally

  3. Looks like a wonderful trip - lots of beautiful sights, stitchery, and friendships.

  4. Be safe, just saw a crazy news story about London this morning! That's a neat staircase!! Fun side trip with Julia.

  5. What a gorgeous countryside.... Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  6. The countryside is absolutely stunning. The views wow! Want to hear all about it when you get back!

  7. thanks for sharing this wonderful journey with us. I love your photos and blog.

  8. Not to be a Debbie Downer on this great post, but you wontw know how much your quote helped me today. My company laid me off due to restructuring and now I have to look for another job. Thank you.

  9. Beautiful! I love seeing such a sweet little village!!! I don't think I would want to leave!

  10. You work so hard on teaching and writing patterns. It's nice that you can take a vacation and spend time with your friends, and leave your responsibilities behind. You deserve it!

  11. Bonnie, you should frame your "moments of contemplation." It is a beautiful pic in so many ways... You, walking, the countryside, the lighting and your contemplating... It is a very peaceful pic...


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