Monday, May 30, 2011

Got my tired carcass----BACK HOME!

I left Winchester in the wee-smalls yesterday morning. The GPS said it would take me about 8 hours to get from Diane’s door to my own, and knowing that I was going to also lose an hour as I crossed from central time into eastern time…I didn’t want to make this trip seem any longer than it really was!

I also hoped to avoid as much Memorial Day travel traffic as I could….as it was, I stopped at a Mc D’s to use the restroom, and had thought of treating myself to an ice tea, but a BUS of students had stopped there and the lobby was mobbed….so I gave up on that idea, and drove down the road a few more exits to the NEXT one.

And LOL at the pic at the top of this page...I was looking for an image to depict Road Weary ---and it gave images for Road Kill instead. Do yourself a favor and do NOT do an image search for ROAD KILL! ((It wasn't pretty!)) But still....this is very much how I felt yesterday afternoon when I finally pulled into my own garage--

AL_TN_may2011 374

The drive was SO beautiful…I just LOVE this! I know those who live in Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Utah only consider these as molehills! And there IS a difference, but I’ll take beauty wherever I can find it, and believe me..the smoky mountains are magnificent with a beauty all their own!

I’m playing catch up, and this time I’m on my home computer….not the laptop. I’m still debating whether to take the laptop to Geek Squad to see if they can resurrect my pictures, but really, there wasn’t that much on there ---and everything that I did want, has already been uploaded as slide shows, or is on the blog anyway…the stuff that is “really” lost, was the stuff I didn’t want to upload. So…? I think I’ll sit it out a while.

Saturday’s Virginia Bound class was AWESOME! We had close to 26 or 27 people just sewing away, and the different fabrics and color schemes were so great to see!

See that first photo?!?? Look closely! One of the gals was doing a red/black/white version, and after my lecture the night before, she went back IN to her stash and cut up that Millenium Y2K stuff, deciding that it really WAS not going to get any better if she held on to it longer, and she worked it right in to her project! Whoooo! Love it!

AL_TN_may2011 335

And here we have those Treadle-Divas hard at work! Johnny and Diane REALLY putting their pedals to the metal!

I’ve got another post to write with some more container/gadget ideas, but that is going to have to wait for later…

Today’s agenda?? I’ve got a backing and batting already pieced for THIS!

babymichelle 014

I chose a reddish blotchy pinky that will work just FINE for the backing! I pre-washed it last night…it looked like it could have a bit of excess dye in it….one of those very saturated ones? So just to be safe, I did.

This morning I tackled the batting from the box I should call “Loaves & Fishies!” It never goes down…honestly! I keep piecing and piecing out of it! That’s okay, I don’t mind --

babymichelle 013

I hope to get the baby quilt quilted and bound before I leave for Texas on Wednesday! That baby is due ANY DAY now, and I want to have it done so Dave can take it to work and give it to Michael and Harriet for me. Or – Maybe we’ll wait until Baby Michelle makes her appearance and take it over together – IF ((and that’s a big IF!!)) I’m in town when she arrives!

Enjoy your Memorial Day everyone!


  1. I just did the math...you left way before sunrise! You are crazy girl!

  2. Glad you made it home safely and have a little time to rest up before your next trip. Love driving thru the Smoky Mtns... okay, I like riding thru the Smoky Mtns while someone else drives thru them... *lol* ...such beauty everywhere...

  3. Great pics of the class.....love the 2 black and whites, one with pink and one with red! I have a bag of batting pieces, too.....I really need to start using it, instead of grabbing a whole new batt each time. Thanks!

  4. Love the black & white & pink and the black & white & red (especially the millennium fabric!). What a lot of beautiful creativity.

  5. Love reading all about your travels. But I've always had one question.....how do you take those shots of you on the freeway? Do you take them as you are driving?

  6. Whew.....take a break Bonnie!

    Welcome home :0) and Happy sewing

  7. So glad you arrived safely Bonnie! I drive that route about 3 times a year to visit my family in Carolina, and I can attest to just how beautiful it is. And I've been surprised to realize that it really doesn't matter about weather or anything else either - the Smokies are always beautiful in whatever conditions are going on at the time. Now, take a breath & get some rest girlfriend!!!!

  8. Love the slide shows, they always inspire me! I have almost completed my 20 Pineapple Blocks from last Tuesday. They are looking good! I plan to make it bigger, I have cut most of the pieces for 22 more blocks! Wishing you safe travels as you head out to Texas. I sure hope the A/C works where you are going!

  9. Ammiro te e i tuoi lavori ma....mi diverte tanto guardare il tuo "trafic live" scorrere così veloce, pochi secondi e via una visita nuova...
    Il nostro sta fermo ore e ore....


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