Monday, May 24, 2010

Booth Sighting from Quilt Market!

I wasn't able to make it to Quilt Market, but my quilts did! In a long round about way, the gals from Kansas City Star came to my lecture in Lawrence, and then spirited the 3 quilts you see here away to Minneapolis for Quilt Market...how cool is that? I can't believe how nice it worked out.

What you see are Crabapples, Bowdacious, and Nine in the Middle!

I wish I could have been there, but it turns out that Randy was meeting some other friends there, and I sent her with a specific mission to get a photo of the booth for me!

I'm really kicking myself because I was born in Minneapolis, I have aunts uncles, cousins and a grandfather still living there! I would have loved to have had a chance to visit with everyone, and hopefully that opportunity will come round again...

I'm post-dating this post....if you are reading this on Monday, I am on my way to Decatur Illinois for their Spring Party! Two lecture/trunkshows and a Pineapple Blossom class are scheduled...Throw the world "PARTY" into the mix, and I'm raring to go!


  1. Great display - Bowdacious is definitely on my list of quilts to make - just love it!! I'm so very happy for your well deserved success, Bonnie!!!

  2. That's great that at your quilts made it to market. Congratulations!


  3. Wow, I really like the Crabapple quilt! At least I'm assuming the green and red with postage stamp squares is the Crabapple quilt. Where can I find the pattern?

  4. Short story...so I'm walking through the Market floor, I look over and see your quilt, think to myself, that looks like Bonnie's quilt...ready for the funny part...two days, yes two days later I walk buy for the 100thmillionth time and then it downs on me the booth is Kansas City Star..and I actually said outloud, cause I do that, often, OMG...yes I actually did just use the initials of OMG...OMG that really is Bonnie's quilt cause see there's her book...DUH...sorry you didn't make it to market but if you had I might have walked past you for the 100thmillionth time and then finally said the same thing..

  5. The quilts look great! Minneapolis...isn't the Quilt study Seminar there this fall? Just a thought....

  6. Hi Bonnie -

    Thanks for blogging about your Quilt Market activities!

    As a vendor at Quilt Market, I do not always get out and look at all the beautiful booths so thanks for sharing!!

    That's pretty cool you let your readers know what went on!!

    Douglas Eagleson
    President, Kona Bay Fabrics



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