Saturday, June 27, 2009

Feedjit Update...

When in the midst of crappy tech support, there comes along some outstanding, helpful, amazing, go the extra mile, beyond the call of duty people.

Remember my post about Feedjit? And removing it? Turns out that Mark, Feedjit Founder & CEO SAW my post and emailed me about it. Not only that, he upgraded me to the pro version for free...so I reinstalled it.

I awoke this morning to an email that said he had been trying to isolate the problem on my blog (mind you this email came in at 1am my time!)and it is the "friends" widgit...which makes it conflict between blogger and IE8. IE7 users don't have the problem. (And you've heard me before...FIREFOX users NEVER have a problem!)

He says:
Sami Shalabi, one of the friendconnect team members confirms that they did do something that caused an operation aborted error.

My suggestion is that you take a methodical developer approach to fixing this:

1. First try loading your website in IE8 to verify that you can see the error.
2. Then Remove Google FriendConnect.
3. Then clear your IE8 cache (Go to Tools > Internet Options > Delete) while you're on a different website.
4. Then Hit your site again and verify that removing FriendConnect fixed the error.

At this point hopefully you've verified that it's FriendConnect. If not you may want to try removing any other widgets on your blog. Remove Feedjit last because I'm pretty darn sure it's not us.

5. Now if you'd like to keep Friendconnect I'd recommend trying to reinstall it.
6. Then clear your IE8 cache again and try visiting your site. Hopefully that fixes it.
7. If it doesn't then the only thing left is to remove Friendconnect and leave if off. :(

To find out more about this error, go to this page on Microsoft:

So at this point, I feel it is up to Blogger to fix the conflict, or deal with IE or whatever. I don't want to remove the friend connect. I may move it farther down my page. And as I said....no error with Fire Fox!!

I don't HAVE IE8...so I don't get the problem. I don't use IE..so there is no IE cache to clean. But if this info helps anyone..thank you Mark!!


  1. Ditto on Firefox although I'd take it a step further and do shameless promo for Macs. I only use a PC and IE at work (they won't have it any other way) and I can't wait to get home to my Mac. So glad I have an escape from the world of Windows and Internet Explorer.

  2. Moving the Followers widget loser on the page is also supposed to help.

  3. I feel your pain with all these computer issues. Last month the circulation system at the library went wonky. You know how the message is to contact "your system administrator?" Well, that's me (just one of the many hats I wear). Sorted that out. Then I spent the better part of a day getting the music on my MP3 player showing up in the categories I wanted. Solved that. Now, yesterday I discovered that my whole digital scrapbooking folder was just GONE. My finished pages were backed up & some of the layout examples but not all. The rest of the folder was downloaded free kits and elements that hadn't been backed up yet---3 mo. worth, about 3GB. Ran the search, no dice. Ran a recovery program and got some of the free downloads back...the rest, just poof!! How does a person accidentally delete such a big folder & not even realize it? I shudder to think what next week will bring. :-(

  4. How cool to actually get some help from someone who knows! I had to switch to Firefox after installing IE8. Life is so much better now. Funny, Microsoft will loose users on their of their own doing - Mozilla/Firefox can just sit back as people slowly get fed up and leave. Guess you'd never hear from anyone at Microsoft to help you work through and isolate a problem!

  5. I use firefox too...it was the only thing that worked well for us in the UK. How cool is it he contacted you directly!

  6. Anonymous6:23 AM EDT

    Firefox may not have cache but it does save cookies. I would suggest taking a look through your cookies and seeing if there's anything there you can remove you can accept the cookie again later.

    Cookie information can cause conflicts.


  7. I use IE7 (simply because I haven't gotten the hang of Firefox yet) *I know, I know* *sigh* :)
    However, at this time I am having no issue with your website. Just thought I'd let you know.


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