Monday, September 24, 2007

*I's* Second Quilt

Yes, I've been busy quilting quilting....the second quilt was under the gun (or machine!) so that I can mail them both today to where *I* will be staying in Boston, arriving on Thursday!

I've had a great time downloading audio books through my library on MP3 and these have been so fun to listen to while I have been quilting!

Her second quilt is also a star quilt, but this one has more of a controlled feel to me, with less ranodom placement of the patches within the stars. I LOVE this pillar border! WOW!

The setting fabric is kind of busy, so again it was hard to get pics of what I did in the alternate blocks. Again, busy fabric is not a good candidate for things like trapunto or close background stippling or filler quilting. Simple feathered wreaths are placed in each alternate block with a feather plume quilted in the setting triangles.

The border print also provided a bit of challenge. I did an all over peacock feather in the border to add texture..because of the big graphic nature of the pillars, again, nothing else was really going to show.

And lest you worry that I'm not getting any of my OWN quilting done? I did have a bit of time on friday before working on I's quilts...and I loaded the "love on a shoestring budget" quiltlet and quilted it! The binding is on, so I can take that to the office with me as hand work. This is the top that Tonya and I made together when I was visiting her before she left for France. I am so happy to see it quilted. I have so many fun fond memories of the time we spent together making these blocks..her fabric..my fabric...two things so unlike each other yet blending together in such a fun way!

Jeff has a dentist appointment this morning for xrays and a checkup. We are going to see if those wisdom teeth need to come out yet, and if they do, we will get them out while we still have insurance to cover him through DH's job. When jobs are winding down,you do everything you can to get what you can covered! I've had my physical and my mammo. DH is getting his physical and blood work this week. Jeff is having wisdom teeth checked....

Some "MAYBE" good news. DH was contacted by a plant in Prosperity SC, which is local. And they need a plant controller. It would be perfect and allow us to stay here. So keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Fingers are crossed and saying prayers that your DH finds a new job quickly.

  2. I love the Love on a Shoestring quilt!
    And good luck on the new job. Was he with the same company for all your other moves?

  3. Oh Bonnie another beautiful quilt, I have that border fabric too!
    this quilt is perfect for that fabric.
    Love how you quilted it.
    I sure hope your husband gets the job locally moving is a pain especially if you don't want to move.....good luck.
    Kathie in NJ

  4. Oh here's good wishes for DH and the possible job! Your quilting is wonderful once again. and I just love what you did with your love quilt!

  5. Love on a Shoestring Budget looks gorgeous. I love all the fabric, even the ones that individually I'd probably hate. They play together so well. Purple binding - wheeeee.

    My husband has a wisdom tooth coming in now, of all the bizarre things. good luck getting all of those medical things taken care of.

    fingers crossed about the job. sending very positive wishes your way. I miss you.

  6. The quilts are wonderful. I really like how the love quilt turned out.

    Hope the job works out for dh.

  7. I just find our pictures in your sidebar!!! oohh my what a good memories :-)))

  8. ooough - never thought string blocks could be used like this makes the LOVE blocks appear to be larger and on point, but not really... I l-o-v-e it!

    So glad to hear that your husband has been contacted by a local plant - that is a good sign when they call you first! ;) I have faith that all will work out for you guys!!! Keep us updated though.

    oh and tell Jeff to get those wisdom teeth pulled/cut out either way... rather than regret not doing it later! I was 20something before I got mine out..the last year I coudl be on my dad's incurance and am so glad I did!!!

    I was dating dh at the time and he and I had back to back appointments on the same day and were knocked out with pain meds and liquid diets for a few days. My mom nursed us both back to good health and we had fun playing games, stringing popcorn for the Xmas tree, and watching old home movies of me growin up while we recovering together ;) ...that was over 10 years ago.... ahhhh the good ole days :) ~Bonnie

  9. 'Love on a Shoestring Budget' has worked out great! The crosses really add some movement, and the LOVEs add quirkiness and stability. I hope the wisdom teeth can stay put, but if not, they're better out. My DS had to have all 5 of his wisdom teeth out (yes, 5! We knew he was clever, and that's obviouly why!) and he was knocked out that day, but quickly graduated to soup and mush, and made a full recovery. (Incidentally he had a general anasthetic, which he recommended.)


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