Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Previous Life....

You know how weird it is to discover your PAST on EBAY!?

I used to design doll and animal patterns under the name "Needle in a Haystack!!" in the 1990's. After vending at Quilt Market a few times, I was picked up by the Butterick Pattern Co, and had quite a run with them, until coming up with 6 new designs every 6 months while raising two small children got to be too much to handle. Besides, how many bears, chickens, cows, racoons (yes, racoons!) can someone come up with before they all start to look alike?

This was also when the "made in china" crafts began to flood into the US and the really fun "craft malls" with handmade items were shortly over run by cheapy imports.

It was when I decided to give up the pattern designing and let it peter out that I bought my longarm machine and have never looked back.....

2 more sleeps until Lucy comes!!!



  1. Oh, Bonnie, how funny is that. I think the quilting world just let out a large sigh of relief that you ran out of creative ideas for critters and started channeling your creative energy into quilting. I, and I am sure not the only one, am glad you got Critter Block!

  2. 2 more sleeps! 2 more sleeps! Yeah!!!!! A few more for me, but not too long!

  3. You made me smile with this post. Although on a much smaller scale, I used to sell items at bazaars years ago. Nowadays, when I go to garage sales, I occasionally see things I had made on the for sale tables.

  4. I still have a coule of stuffed rabbits I made in the 90's sitting in my sewing room. If I dug around long enough I may even come up with some of your patterns!

  5. What a blast!! (from the past!)

  6. ONE night sleep ... When I am writing this it is one night sleep and I am going to bed right now. I have to wake up early tomorrow . at 7.30 I need to be at the airport! YES !!

  7. I imagine it would be disconcerting to find a past life on e-bay. Ha! I remember sewing these type of items a "short" while back! Have fun w/ Lucy!

  8. Did you go looking for these on ebay? How funny to run across them.

  9. What an experience, finding your stuff on e-bay! I'm glad you turned to quilting. Where would we be without you??


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