Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Leaders & Enders....the adventure continues....

I had an email from a lady asking what else she could do with 4 patches if she kept making them for leaders and enders. I haven't done 4 patches for a while so I thought I would start throwing some together and see what I could come up with.

I like two-block quilts...they tend to have alot of interesting elements when you start to put two different blocks together. I monkeyed around in EQ and this is what I came up with usuing a variation of a jacob's ladder block and a variation of 54-40 or fight....Because I have a hard time naming quilts, this may become known as "Stars and Ladders." Original, huh? :cÞ

I'd like to do this using my brighter 2" scrap squares (the blocks finish at 9") various lights...but have the star points and the red/black of the jacob's ladder block consistant. To me the quilt layout has a stained glass look to it. The Choir I sing with rehearses and performs at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Columbia SC. The building is pre-civil war, and the stained glass is breathtaking. This mock up kind of reminds me of the colors in the stained glass when the lights shine through...but I'm concerned that the quilt might still have "too much light" in it. So we will see..... These are my first two "test" blocks. Hard to see what it will look like from here if I keep going.

Oh....the tri recs rulers are awesome for the star blocks. The pieces fit together perfectly. The star points and background wedges are both cut from the same width of strip ...3.5" The triangles in the jacob's ladder blocks are also from 3.5" strips and cut with the easy angle ruler. The 4 patches could be "speed pieced" with 2" light and 2" bright strips too.....so it could go together quite a bit faster than just "leaders/enders"

And yes, I shouldn't have my mind going off on another project when Lucy is going to be here SATURDAY! (5 more sleeps! WEEEEE!)



  1. OOOO! I like the look of this! A LOT!

  2. As always another great quilt! I have a pile of leader ender 4 patches that I think might be made into this quilt.

  3. Your quilt is incredible!!!!!!!

  4. I like two block quilts as well and this design is really original. Well done. I am curious to see more of it! Take care.

  5. well, that will keep you busy for awile! LOL

    I love my Tri recs ruler as well!

    Look forward to seeing more blocks!

  6. Ohhh Bonnie, another triumph, I seriously love it! This is going on the 'to do' list for sure!

  7. Your quilts are fabulous. And you are so prolific! I think you are my new idol.

  8. In a later Genesis account of Jacob in another encounter with an angel, Jacob wrestles with the angel, who touches his hip and causes Jacob an injury he had the rest of his life. How about "Wrestling with the Angel"?
    Beautiful quilt plan.

  9. Bonnie- beautiful, beautiful! I especially like the visual control the black and red hst's offer. I agree about the stained glass effect.

    I think the lights give the sparkle.

    Have a great day

  10. Oh my goodness -- that is going to be a beautiful quilt. I think that would be a non- leaders/enders for me because once I started on it I'd like to finish it!

  11. Hmmm....I wonder how it would look if you turned the blocks to the right so they are not on point.....

  12. OH WOW!!! - What a complex looking quilt and to think it was inspired by simple 4 patches! Bonnie you have gone above and beyond the expectations of the lady who asked for ideas, I am sure!!!!

    Those 54-40 traingle scare me - as I have never done those before but I am sure when you get your pattern together you will hold our hands and walk us thru it step by step with photos - and make it much easier than it looks - as you always do! :)

    Also I checked in on your husband's Tour de Cure and see that he reached his goal!!! Yeaaaaa for Dave! :)

    Cant' wait until you have more to show and tell on this quilt! It is gonna be so nice! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

  13. We went over two block quilts with the new quilters last week! I love this one! I think the lights keep the eye moving. The borders will anchor the quilt.

    Very fun

  14. Bonnie that is going to be a breathtaking quilt.

  15. Wow, these blocks are great! Looking forward to seeing more of them.

  16. That is a wonderful quilt! Can't wait for the directions if you decide to write them up when done! Great idea!


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