Sunday, April 15, 2007

Back From Tonya's!

Hi Hi Hi!

I'm home! Oh man, what a wonderful whirlwind quilting week I had at Chez Ricucci!

I ended up leaving later than expected....leaving here about 4:30 pm on Easter Sunday. I made it as far as Daytona, and had to stop and spend the night, just too tired to go any farther. Tonya's was about 3 hours more outside of Daytona, and I couldn't keep driving any longer.

I checked into a nice clean Day's Inn, and it was lights OUT! The next morning I got up, trundled off down I-95 and made it with no problems to Tonya's, arriving just before lunch.

I didn't mention that the day BEFORE easter....I got a new car :c) So this was the virgin voyage in my new Saturn Vue! It's raining today, so not a good day to get a pic, but I'll get one. It's silver, and I love it! It is the end of an era, Bonnie not being seen toodling around in her PT Cruiser, but life goes on.

I showed some pics for inspiration the week before I left...and the one that kept coming back to me was the string pieced lone star from many diamonds.....I have this quilt in a big book on antique quilts, and every time I'd flip through that book it would call to me "some day...some day..." Well, some day arrived! Before leaving for Tonya's I thought I'd do a few test diamonds to see how they'd look...and then, well, before long..I had enough for one BIG diamond (25 little diamonds!) and I knew it would work. So that was the main project I packed.

I brought a bin of crumbs/strings and we set out sewing! After completing the big diamonds, we had to go shopping for setting fabric (Oh horrors!) I had ORANGE on the brain because Susan was sending me some orange, and it hadn't arrived in the mail before I left (nor did I think I'd get so far as to need it yet) so orange it was..turns out the orange I found was BRIGHTER (does ATOMIC describe it well!?)than what Susan sent! I couldn't tell from her pics how bright what she was sending was...Borders are needed, not sure what I'm going to do yet. Flying geese come to mind...hmmmm. Just for fun....can you find the FLAMINGO fabric in the close up pic? :cD Have to have a flamingo in there to remind me of my trip to Florida!

After the star was set, we started playing around with a "bonnie" version of Tonya's LOVE quilt. I had wanted to do one, and made it fit my style by inserting string X blocks between the Loves. It needs one more border. It is SO cute! I'm thinking of calling it "Love on a shoestring budget" :cD Tonya and I both pieced the letters. Hers are better than mine. Let's just say I am very V challenged!!

Everyone here at home is fine and glad to see me. I'm also getting a lot of teasing about being a 'loafer' because Lucy comes this next weekend and I have the week off with her too and we are going to Paducah! Weeee! (Can't wait to meet up with Dawn and her friends too...)

Tired and happy in SC,


  1. Bonnie, that string star is AMAZING! Boy I think I would love to do one like that! Hmmmm, I might have to change my plans for my repro stings! I really, really like this one! And you Love quilt is wonderful - and a PERFECT name!

  2. fabulous string lone star...wow!!!
    glad you both had such a wonderful time together...nothing beats sewing with a friend.

  3. Boy that setting fabric on the star is ORANGE!!!!! but I still love it

  4. The star is just breathtaking.

  5. Wow..it's stunning. Who knew all those fabrics would look so fantastic together.

  6. These quilts are a thrill bonnie !!!

    see you soooo soooon.... YES !

  7. Bonnie,
    These quilts are delightful--I look forward to your description on how you put it together--the orange is perfect.

  8. oh wow! You did both of those in a week??? What fantastic work and what fun!

  9. Anonymous1:25 AM EDT

    I would have NEVER thought of putting that bright orange as the background - an inspired choice as it's perfect! I love the way you made the Love quilt in your style too.

  10. Glad you didn't try driving sleepy.
    I was hoping you'd make that star quilt. It's wonderful. I also love the love one--reminds me of those old LOVE stamps--and the way you name your quilts.

  11. Remember orange is a neutral (at least my Balitmore Applique classmate convinced me so!) The trianges are wonderful! I can't believe you don't have the PT Cruiser anymore! sniff, sniff...

    REst up for Paducah!

  12. Just sensational. How I envy your time for sewing.

  13. I L-O-V-E your Lone Star!! Did you put it on your website as far as directions goes?? If not, would you mind sharing your pattern? I have a friend that is crazy for them and I would like to make one before she goes back to Japan. Your blog and your website are awsome, positively makes me feel like a slacker!!


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