Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Last Week Of School!

I know I know, I've been quiet! But it doesn't mean I've fallen off the face of the earth, maybe just got swallowed up by it a bit is all!

Last week I got a last minute call from a friend to come down to Florida for a few days. I checked my schedule at work, it was pretty empty! I called some clients, just to see if they needed me because I didn't want to leave them high and dry and they all said GO! So...at 1pm on monday I threw my stuff in the car, and down to Florida I drove!

I had a great time....It rained tuesday, so I shopped. :c) Good alternative, yes?! Outlet malls are everywhere, and there were some things I was looking for that I was able to find, so all the better. One thing I wanted was a handbag that was not too small, not too large. I've got to carry my day planner, two checkbooks, assorted business stuff, and most bags were too small. I like the organizer kind, lots of pockets, places for credit cards etc. Then there were the ones that were TOO BIG (this is like goldie locks and the 3 bears?!) It was like a piece of luggage, I swear..can't carry that...one big cavernous bag with no pockets, or not enough pockets...and Id be frumping around in the bottom trying to find my stuff.

Store to store I went...you know where I finally hit gold? TARGET! After a couple days of outlet malls and retail stores....I found what I wanted at TARGET! But I'm a happy girl, and it gives me memories of my fun trip to florida.

Weds and Thurs were beautiful days. Much pool lounging commenced! AHHHH summer! There were also fun restaurants for dinner in the evening, places to listen to music, people watch, enjoy the wonderful weather in the evenings. We even went to the Universal Studios City Walk! It's free to park after 6pm, and we just had to endulge in dinner at Margaritaville!

It was all very relaxing and fun and even though I had just been to Holland a month ago, I tried not to make myself feel guilty that I was yet again galavanting off somewhere :c)

I returned on friday, trying to beat the stream of camper vans and winnebagos toodling up I-95. I was only partially successful! But I made it a leisure trip and stopped at different places I wanted to see on the way. One place was called Hofwyl-Broadfield Plantation, which was once a thriving rice plantation on the Altamaha River outside of Brunswick GA. The house isn't the "TARA" kind you think of with plantations, but is a normal plantation style house. Kind of reminded me of "the waltons" It was all furnished inside and very fun to tour.

I loved walking the trail from the visitors center through the big old gnarly oak trees just dripping with moss!

Saturday...what can I tell you about Saturday?! This is one of the reasons I've been slow to post. Do you really care to know that I went Saturday to buy a bissel carpet shampooer?! Well maybe you do! Actually, it does a very good job, and I'm pleased with it. I have sand colored carpet in a place where the dirt outside is red georgia clay. It is not a good combination! I'd love to get rid of it and switch it out completely, but no money for that right now. This will have to do. I've been doing a couple of rooms each day, all that's left now is the stairs (two sets of them) and the front living room. It's easy to run, it does a good job...and I hope it will be great for keeping the traffic areas not so down-trodden! That's it for catching you up to speed I think! Oh, I even took my hexagon project with me to Florida. Other than getting it out of the car, and placed on the couch, it didn't get touched! That seems to be the way my quilty life has been lately!



  1. You sure have been adventursome lately ! Sounds like a fun trip and love the pictures

  2. I'm beginning to believe everyone has a hexagon project somewhere in the closet/car/quilting room...but I think I've only ever seen a dozen every finished!!

    Glad you had a good time...you deserve it!!


  3. Glad you had fun in Florida!

    My mom has that steamer and loves it! It does a very good job for her. I'm off today to shop for the one that sweeps/ and washes bare floors....so not boring at all!

    By the way...Target is where I always get my purses. You can always find the perfect bag there!

  4. Well that sounds like a great trip! Well worth it then! The plantation looks like a lot of fun to go see! Glad your having fun!

  5. I was wondering where you were off to! :) Sounds fun. I have that carpet cleaner and I love it!! Good choice.

  6. Anonymous1:18 AM EDT

    Nothing like a holiday to get over the holiday you just had LOL. Nice to hear from you again!

  7. Wow, sounds like fun!

    And remember, shopping is good for the soul.

    I tried to bring back some of that spanish moss from Florida the last time I went, but was unaware that the moss used in flower arrangements has been spritzed with bleach and probably either baked or microwaved! Ewwww, lots of little bugs. :)

  8. Lucky you! I'd have gone too -- everyone needs those last minute fun getaways! It rejuvenates!
    I bought that same carpet cleaner a couple of months ago -- I love it -- it did such a great job on our bedroom carpet which was getting filthy and I did not want to spent hundreds having it professionally cleaned again!

  9. Sounds like you had a lovely trip to FL. Aren't you quite the traveler these days?

    I have that carpet shampooer and it has saved my carpet. I also got the little green machine thing for smaller messes. One of these days, I will have NO carpet!! Hate the stuff!

    Judy L.

  10. Welcome back online and home Bonnie :)

    Excellent retail therapy and a break from quilting must mean you're raring to go now!


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