Saturday, May 13, 2006

Falling in slow motion...

I became a fully initiated biker today. I got new clips for my biking shoes....the shoes step right into the clips instead of using pedals...you know...tour de france style? I had another pair for a couple years, but the old ones were too wiggly and getting hard to clip into.

So...new clips. This morning was so beautiful that I thought I'd just take myself on a little 20 miler, and wow..stepping into those new clips was NO problem! They held firm, no squirrely wiggling of my bike shoes....and away I went. The first rest area I planned to stop at......uhoh.....my feet were in the clips so firm, I couldn't get them UNCLIPPED!! By this time my bike was skidding into gravel and I had nothing to do but to fall....I think I got "oh crap, oh crap, oh crap" out 3 times...before I hit the road.

And my shoes STILL stayed clipped in.

I've done a bit of a mess to my left knee...so much for looking good in shorts and short skirts! And my left hip is going to be purple. It's not my favorite color, but maybe it will look good on me? I know it's plenty sore anyway.

Luckily I didn't break the skin of my hand open when I hit. I wouldn't be able to massage. I'm a bit bruised from hitting the street, but no broken skin there on my palm, and no broken bones. Just a bloody knee, bruised hip, and a more than bruised ego! My nether parts are kind of tender too....I hit my pubic bone on the bar of the bike when I went down as well.....I can't tell though if the soreness I feel is from hitting that bar, or just from 20 miles in the seat.

I did get up and FINISHED my ride....after pulling over to a mailbox, hanging on to it for balance, and testing just what it would take to get my foot out of the clip at the NEXT rest stop, or whenever Id need to stop. It's still pretty tight. Going to have to loosen it up a bit, and you have to try to remove your foot LONG before you stop..you can't stop on a dime anymore.

I've been pretty sore for most of the day. I gave myself a treat to feel better...went for a pedicure :c) So now my pink toenails will contrast with my purple hip and my bloody scabbed up knee....color coordinated?

I want to wish a happy mother's day to all the mothers in our reader's circle. I hope it is a special memorable day for you!



  1. Ouch! I totally sympathize with the hands and knees! I took a fall late winter and my knee is STILL discolored. Oops. Ok, that's not encouaging. :/ But it doesn't hurt anymore! :)

  2. Oh, dear. You sound very colorful, though. A little lime green, I think, would be a nice accent . . . .

  3. Long soaks in the tub may be in your future! When I was learning to ride a bike I had problems with brakes too and instead learned to dive off of the bike onto poles or fences...my brothers thought that was cute!

    Hope you are feeling better and happy Mom's Day!

  4. Bonnie, I'm so sorry you hurt yourself. You are the tenacious one! I would have parked that bike and probably called an ambulance! :)

    Happy Mother's Day to you too!

    Judy L.

  5. Oh my goodness Bonnie! I love it that you finished your ride. What a trooper :)

    LOL at your colour coordination. Maybe your purple will give you some colour inspiration for your next quilting project!

    Happy mother's day to you too :)

  6. Aw Bonnie. Sorry to hear about your spill. It happens to the best of the best...so you're in good company...as if that helps, right?!

    A good soak or whirlpool might feel nice. Hope that bruised hip and *nether parts* doesn't cause you problems. You take care.

    Happy Mother's Day...Bonnie Biker!

  7. Ouch, ouch, ouch!! Hitting the road--literally--hurts sooo much. I feel for you, Bon.

    Have a Mother's Day in spite of it all.


  8. Sorry to hear about the spill...sounds nasty and unexpected, bad combo. Hope it all heals up soon, and you pamper yourself a bit while it does!

    Happy Mother's Day to you too *VBS*

  9. Happy mother's day Bonnie! I like purple, but not sure I like that "kind" of purple! But the pink toenails will look lovely with it!

    I wiped out once on my bike and had problems with my shin for over 2 years! The doctor said I had killed off a bunch of nerves and that was what I was feeling, had dye xrays and everything! At least you got back on your bike - I chickened out and never have been back on it!

  10. Oh my gosh! What a spill. Nancy mentioned you needed some green..just wait, the purple will eventually turn all sorts of lovely colors!

    Luckily the hands were not involved! I still have a scar on my chin and hand from a bad spill at age 8. But I went over the handle bars.

    Sorry you are hurting. I agree with the long soak in the tub. Congrats on getting back up on the bike. I would have called for husband rescue!

  11. Bonnie, it all means you are still a kid, with skinned knees !
    Now for the purple hip, rub some swedish bitters on them. Will speed up healing and help avoid the dreaded greenish yellow finishing up look of a big bruise

  12. OMG Bonnie - you have my full sympathies - my 6 year old daughter had an accident with the pavement at school last week and she's sporting 2 very scraped knees. Take care of yourself and your bruises.


  13. Ow, ow, owwie! *winces in sympathy*

    Would swedish bitters make you feel better if you drank them, rather than rubbed them on? Or are bitters what I think they are?

    I like the hawks blocks you're making - there's so much you seem to be able to do with half square triangles!

  14. Ouch ! Speedy recovery to you !! I really like your blocks - and I also love my ruler :-)

  15. Owwww, hope you are much better by now!


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