Sunday, January 25, 2009

Treasured Finds..

Of course you KNEW that quilts would have to come home with me, right?

These are two "not so beauties" that had enough personality and pioneer spirit and the whole feeling of "making do", that they had to come home with me.

The first one is this basket..maybe you caught it in the slide show below. I LOVE baskets..adore them! And this one just really spoke to me because it is slightly color controled (but it breaks it's own rules!) and even though one of the baskets is shredded. I think it's still a good "display" piece.

The baptist fan quilting of COURSE caught my eye. Look at that texture! Those lines are less than an inch apart..probably closer to 1/2", and that is why this quilt didn't fall apart any worse than it has with the wear and use of the years. Let's face it...more quilting means less migration of batting, and a longer lasting quilt. If you just outline quilt something 1/4" from the seam lines, you leave all this empty un-protected space allowing the fabric to wear out between the stitches. If you just outline quilt, you leave even the seam lines unanchored. When the stitching crosses the seams like this, it reinforces the whole quilt.

The second one is STARS! I love how the diamonds are divided across their bellies :c) It almost makes circles. This one VERY MUCH reminds me of a Talula Gilbert Bottoms quilt. If you aren't familiar with Talula, well what can I say. Follow the link above to Amazon. I saw the book Legacy for as low as $3.95 used, and $7.00 new,but it didn't look like there were many copies left. She was the most inspirational lady I have ever read about, a life full of quilts, and a hard life at that. Most of her quilts were utilitarian in nature, but I love each and every one. She started post civil war, and quilted through the 1930s.

I'm pretty sure this is a newer "old" binding on this quilt. It's more like a feedsack era print than what is in the quilt itself, and it is not as yellowed. So someone somewhere decided that the borders (or at least the binding) on this piece were too worn and needed to be replaced. Oh, the life of a quilt! I wish it could talk and tell me the stories, the lives of those whom it covered in it's journey to me.

Of course I love the plaids, the stripes, the shirtings, the chambray and other work-clothing-related patches. It tickles me when stripes go any which way with reckless abandon. I'm not sure if the sashing was more RED before it mellowed into the red/pink, but it's got the same colorway going on as my album blocks quilt, which I NEED to load in the machine and finish the quilting on.

I've got some other goodies, but I think this post is long enough for now! It's DS Jeff's 19th birthday today. My baby is 19. Wow.

I'm doing his favorite dinner....grilled pork chops, baked potatoes and all the fixin's...salad, home baked rolls, and angel food cake with strawberries for dessert. What more could a young man want? (An I-phone for one...Keep dreaming!)


  1. Oh Bonnie, I have followed your blog since you were in Massage School! Its been a while and I love it, and the quilts you make and purchase, finally a person that quilts like I quilt, is what I first said. I have been quilting since I was 6, with help from my granny and that was 22 years ago, I am kind of in a world of myself since I was a young quilter and a male at that! Thanks so much for all the inspiration and I absolutely adore your book.

    I have always been a green quilter, because lets face it, when I started quilting I had no income to start quilting, and well, with college and just landing my first Library Job, there is still no income for fabric, but between thrift stores, estate sales, and getting my grannies stash when she died, I can quilt, and you inspire me so.

    I also love your book, I got it a couple weeks ago, after saving my change for it. I love it, love it.

    Thanks for everything Bonnie, you make me one happy "green" quilter, I say green because it sounds better than tight! LOL

    Jay in Nebraska

  2. If I were to just view these quilts without reading your text, I'd say to myself "Yes indeed...Bonnie's been busy making more quilts!" And here you've purchased and rescued them. Just another indication that you're very talented and successful at reproducing timeless Maverick quilts from your wonderful stash!

    Those Baptist Fans!!! Be still my heart!

    Happy Birthday Jeff!!! Have some cake for me!

  3. Happy birthday to Jeff!

    Bonie, I love to read your blog because you make me feel like I was there having the adventure with you. I have told many friends about your site as a dear friend shared it with me. Keep up the great work!

  4. beautiful quilts you bought!
    Oh I love the baskets too and the quilting is to die for...now the stars oh I hope you reproduce this one
    its a great quilt!!!!
    I did a block like that but I pieced the block and appliqued the center pinwheel circle :)
    are you surprised?
    these are 2 i would have bought too!
    Happy Birthday to Jeff...tell him I am also dreaming of an iphone

  5. Love the stars with center circles. clever. thanks for sharing!
    Enjoy your Baby's day!

  6. OH, I love Basket quilts too and have a question... Why are some rows upsidedown? Pretty quilts you found there. I wish they came with all the stories too.

  7. Love both of those older quilts....thanks for sharing their photos. Happy Birthday to your son, also. Sounds like a nice meal...what time is dinner?? LOL

  8. What a wonderful treasure to find. I especially love the stars. It's good to find a quilt that's been well-loved.

  9. Love those quilts and hearing about all your adventures. I've given you a blog award. Details on my blog. Playing along is always optional, but fun. Take care!

  10. The quilts are just gorgeous Bonnie hon, and so very you! I can see myself making some baskets in my future.
    A big happy birthday to Jeff - I'll be over shortly for cake!

  11. I have a copy of Legacy too. I've read it several times. I also have the companion volume which has patterns for some of her quilts.

    That star pattern you show is one I've always wanted to make.

  12. Anonymous11:54 PM EST

    I love all the quilts you buy, would love to own just one of them one day, I always look on ebay, but not many mail overseas. Might have to come and visit USA some day.


  13. Those Baptist Fans!!! Be still my heart!

    quilting forum

  14. Love the star quilt! We are glad to have you home.

  15. Ohhhhh... I just love the treasures you brought home with you. Those baskets... those stars... oh, oh, oh... you find the bestest treasures!

  16. The fabrics in those stars make them look like they are spinning...whoo hoo. Great quilts. Those baptist fans are wonderful...

  17. What wonderful old quilts!! I think they both will display very well. I've started a scrappy corn and beans quilt since seeing your picture from a few days ago :0)

  18. love the fabrics in these quilts and my oh my that fan quilting is fabulous. no wonder I keep doing that pattern over and over again.


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