Saturday, January 03, 2009

Scenes from Spakenburg

I caught Lucy with my camera as she was walking just a bit ahead of me. This is Spakenburg!

Hard to believe that it was Two Weeks ago that Lucy and I were driving to Spakenburg from Haarlem. We had the music up loud, and even the traffic jam that occurred just outside of Amsterdam didn't dampen our fun! We just turned Marco Borsato up louder and SANG ALONG! Was Mij is a song written about the children of war, and how some children so early in their lives are thrown into carrying guns and killing. Marco is an advocate for organizations focusing on saving these children. The song is very touching. Not only does it have a beautiful powerful melodyand amazing orchestration, but the message is full of hope for these children. "Was Mij" means "wash me". Cleanse the children from things they never should have experienced in their young lives. And for anyone in war torn anywhere..

SO as we rode and sang....we made a stop at the little thrift shop where I got the wooden skates. (Skatjes)

And here, look what I found! Oh, I wish I could have taken it home with me. It was too heavy, and there was just no way this could have made it as a carry on. But I snapped a picture anyway. Look at the mother of pearl inlay!

Spakenburg is a fishing village,oh so quaint! when I visited Lucy before she drove me to Marken, which is also on the sea, but we never made it to Spakenburg. The link is in Dutch,but the photos are lovely! I love the traditional costumes. There are still about 300 women who wear the traditional costume daily, but more and more the younger generation doesn't want to bother, so it is a dying art.

I love the old wooden fishing boats. It's winter now, so my pics show them moored and canvased for the winter weather.

Aren't the boats great? It was chilly that day,but not too bad. It rained a bit when we were in the museum, but the rain stopped by the time we were done. We had the best lunch at a little fish market place where they fry the fish to order. Yummy!

Great memories! The streets are lined with unique shops...there was a market place in the town center with all kinds of vendors selling their Christmas goodies. The only thing the didn't have was a candy vendor selling Dropje!! Darn!

Part 4 of Double Delight is up, if you are following along! But of course, you won't click the link unless you have finished with parts 1, 2 & 3, right? ;c)


  1. Oh Bonnie, I am so glad your internet connection is fixed. Was it your "critters" in the attic who chewed wires or something equally odd? My house is haunted electrically too. I had new circuts put in for the sewing machine, iron and computers. We had brown outs.
    When you did that little video with the windmills you had a dutch accent!
    I am sewing away today. Had to stop after 8 hours. My body gave out.
    Will get you pics as soon as I have something to show you.
    And congrats on the second printing of "Scraps and Shirttails"
    XOXOXOXo Subee

  2. Bonnie what delightful photo's from your trip. Thanks for sharing. I love that little sewing machine, too bad it wouldn't be a carry on - probably would have gotten heavy after awhile also when changing planes ect.

  3. Gosh Bonnie, I'm so tempted to join in with you on your mystery quilt - it's all I can do not to peek. Thank you for sharing your holiday pics, what a wonderful time you had.

  4. Its such fun to see pictures of different places, that sewing machine was very pretty.
    Thanks for the double Delight, I have pulled my fabrics out and am hoping to get started tomorrow, when the boys go back to work!

  5. Thank You for taking us along on your journey. I am staying busy with DD, I hope you didn't catch my cold.
    Take care and get some rest.

  6. Oh it is so nice to see our own country through the eyes of visitors. Love your pictures. Glad you enjoyed your stay in the Netherlands or actually you stayed in Holland.

  7. I went skating in Spakenburg when I was a teenager! I could have done that last week as for the first in years we had proper ice, but it is too far away for me now...
    And thank you for just the links to the next steps and no pictures as I a got stuck with part 1 until now!

  8. I have such a good memories on our singings in the car!!! Spakenburg was very nice.

  9. When I was growing up, there was an old sewing machine similar to the one you have pictured that stayed in my bedroom closet in a case. I think it was my great-grandmother's at one time. I think my parents sold it in a garage sale. Such a pity!

  10. Hi 'Bonnie,
    i just saw your blog and your post about Marco #Borsato.
    We live in the Nehterlands and i can say i love his music. i think he is one of the best musicans i ever heard. i love to hear him when i am quilting....

    have a great day.


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