Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday Evening Progress....

The more I sew these blocks to their sashings, the more I like this. Here is the Work-in-progress at my machine!Yes, the gingham is subtle...but I like that. It doesn't upstage the blocks. And where I used the scrappy cornerstones in the sashing, it repeats the 9 patch center of each block...and becomes part of the overall design.

Not sure about borders yet, but it will come :c)

I also have to HAVE to show you this darling bouquet that showed up at my door this afternoon. Thank you SO MUCH Karen J!! *hugs* You darling..you brought the yellow sunshine right to my door! I love the mug....when the flowers are gone I'll be using it for my morning tea.


  1. Wow, you have been busy! I definitly like the blue gingham more than the green.

  2. It's looking good Bonnie. What a happy little flower bouquet that is.

  3. I like the sashings,really lets the blocks stand out. can't wait to see it finished.

  4. I see you are "webbing" the top. Such a great way to keep things straight.
    I really like this one and will be using the "Leaders and Enders" technique to make mine.
    I have the "box" an external storage for all my pics too. Yea...hate to lose them!
    Still snowing here in Indiana. I cut all my pinks for the DD quilt. Ready to jump in sewing! WHOOOHOOO!

  5. The flowers are pure happiness in a mug! Is it your birthday? The quilt is absolutely fantastical!! :)

  6. Anonymous10:13 AM EST

    The latest quilt is looking great! Your birthday is still over a week away? Flowers? Nice surprise!

  7. Neighbor Bonnie, I like your new quilt very much but still am leaning towards liking the mourning print that you first showed. I know it is too late for that so I am hoping that your borders will bring it all together and I will forget about that other fabric ... which I know you will use in some other wonderful quilt. Wow, you are a "get'er done" person for sure.

  8. I left something on my blog for ya. have a great day!!

  9. The sashing color choice is really critical, certainly! I like that your share your design decisions with us. It's hard to cut up things just to audition but it seems to be a requirement to get the entire effect. I'll be auditioning sashings for the Pineapple Blossom quilt I am currently making in red and white scrappy...I'm thinking black and white print. Maybe I'll try a gingham since it is such a friendly fabric.

  10. Glad you are sounding more upbeat. I love those flowers.

    Take care.

  11. Lovely flowers! I also like your final chose of sashing best

  12. Anonymous8:41 AM EDT

    I am NEW to your blog.............and I am impressed with all you do and have done! It looks like I have MUCH catching up to do, as I can't follow all of your "doings"..........I don't know where you have been! Thanks for your interesting blog! Any ideas as to where I should START?? Nancy


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