Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quilting with a Purpose...

Cheryl sent me this wonderful suggestion and asked that I pass it along to you! I'm happy to do so!

Hi, Bonnie --

President-elect Obama has called for a national day of service on MLK Day (next Monday), and I thought it would be a great idea if quilters participated in it by spending a little time that day to work on charity quilts. I just posted the idea on my blog, but I decided to ask if you would be interested in posting something on your blog. You have a very large readership, and I know you do so much quilting for charity, that I thought you might encourage people to spend a little time that day making charity quilts.

If you want to see what I wrote, here's the link

Thanks for considering this!

Cheri Sullivan (aka jovaliquilts)

I had a wonderful day yesterday with TWO quilt guilds. I leave Thursday for VA, and I'm tackling paperwork right now, so no time to update you..if I get all these ducks in a row, I'll be able to catch up more later!!


Desert Threads said...

Cheri has a wonderful idea and thank you for posting. Our guild is currently working on quilts for Angels in Waiting. Nurses that take and care for "fragile babies". So far I have 6 made and 2 more to quilt.

Katney said...

Good idea, but I won't be home. I expect, though, to be working on some quilts for Habitat for Humanity next week. They are my Blog Action Day projects from October which have been shoved aside because of time sensitive projects.

Rosanne said...

Hi Bonnie
Are you going to be anywhere near Stafford on your trip to VA?

jovaliquilts said...

Thanks so much for sharing the idea! I'm hoping lots of quilters will participate.

YankeeQuilter said...

That is a great idea...maybe I can finish my block for the donation quilt that raises money for Camp Rainbow.

Pika said...

On Monday, here in Palo Alto, CA, local Jewish organizations held a 'Mitzvah Day'. I helped the group making blankets for Project Linus.