Thursday, January 29, 2009

Play Dates!

Where, oh where is Bonnie, you ask?

Playing! Jason and Kim came up last night and are staying until Saturday morning. It's so good to have them here. They brought Coheed and Cambria with them, their wonderfully fun orange striped tabbies.

My birthday and Jeff's birthday were both this past week, so we are being treated out to Chinese Buffet for lunch today by Kim and Jason. Nice, eh?

And..I think Kim and I have conned the guys into going to see Marley & Me at the matinee. The guys are dragging their feet, but I KNOW they'll like it if they just let themselves have a good time, instead of worrying about being caught dead in a chick flick movie in the middle of a Thursday afternoon!

I leave in the morning for my Bee's retreat at Camp Dogwood. I still have yet to pack, I think that will come after dinner tonight. Strips are already cut of course, just need to pack the personal stuff!

So you probably won't hear more from me until after the weekend!



Mary said...

Have fun and Belated Happy Birthday to you! Chinese is YUMMY, eat some for me. I'm busy quilting.

Tracey in CT said...

Happy Birthday! Have a fun weekend, I'll be waiting to see what you worked on over the weekend!

nannergirl said...

Happy Belated :) And did you end up going to see Marley and Me? As the owner of a very 'wild', I just loved it.