Wednesday, January 07, 2009

It's too easy....

It's too easy to send off an uncaring email to someone you don't know personally, saying something you would never EVER say to them up front.

I've been blasted by one lady who was "UPSET" that I ruined the
mystery for her (she said she was in tears?) because she saw pics of the
blocks on my blog.

Except that she called my "blog" the front page of
the mystery.

This BLOG is not the front page of anything, it's my personal blog and
I reserve the right to post what I want at my own pace, just as anyone
in the mystery quilts web ring are going to post their steps as they
are completed.

If you don't want to see clues ahead of time....don't go looking.
Stick to pattern pages, don't click the link to the next step until
you get there, don't go around the mystery ring, and don't go through
the photo files! The world (as in, the rest of us, working at our own
paces) are not going to wait for everyone to catch up to the same spot
before we post.

This lady actually called me a SPOILSPORT and said that I ruined it
for her. I've been numb all afternoon because I didn't FORCE her to go
clicking to my blog??

So this is why I am slow to post the last step. Maybe over the weekend.

When it gets to the point that doing an online global mystery is no longer fun, then I guess it is time to retire myself from doing them and do something I DO enjoy.

On top of that....my quilting machine blew a circuit board and I am
waiting for the part to be overnighted, of course I was in the middle
of quilting something.

Am I allowed to have a Whiney Wednesday?

Yes yes, Mrs G...Life is STILL Good! :c)


  1. Some people are just so unhappy they have to make other unhappy to level their playing field. I am enjoying the mystery and going along at my own pace, even looked at your blog and others' photos without too much displeasure. Keep doing what you do! Most of us appreciate it.

  2. Bonnie, Bonnie....didn't we just talk about this sort of thing? Who gives a rat's ass (can I say that?) You have given and given above and beyond....you want community & friendship in quilting...some people just don't get it. Was she honestly thinking you were waiting for the hundreds of quilters to all say, "Yes, Bonnie we are now ready for the next step?" I want to scream for you and it isn't even my gig! Hang in there girlfriend.....Life is Good...(exception of few spoiled sports...and I'm talking "the others." I say post the next step....because the other hundred quilters are waiting!

  3. Bonnie -- I don't know what to say except that I love your blogs, mystery quilts, patterns, stories, etc. all of it. Some people just like to complain. They probably do it with everyone.

    Hang in there -- we all love you.

    Sharon in - darn it - windy Colorado

  4. Don't let other people ruin it for you. I know that I love your mysteries and certainly don't want to see you stop.

  5. Dear Bonnie,
    Don't let 1 single lousy comment ruin the fun of thousands that enjoy your patters and log so very much. A few days ago you wrote: you can't please them all! well you can't.
    I personally want to thank you for everything you have done and still do. I enjoy the reading and chatting an love your book wich I got yesterday already.
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Henny

  6. Anonymous5:21 PM EST

    Oh Bonnie have the chocolate and anything else you fancy and you know some people can't be helped.

    I suppose because she looked she needed someone to blame.

    Love what you do.


    ps. I am up to step five

  7. Well Phooey on her...?
    I was back and forth on doing this along with y'all and it wasn't until I saw the first block that I decided to jump in - I even went and bought fabric so I'd have enough scrappiness for the quilt and to start up some precut drawers... (shhh don't tell my husband it was 29+ yards - he doesn't read my blog so he won't know unless y'all squeal)

    It would be easy for us to say "Bonnie don't let this woman upset you"... but it is evident that you are a very friendly, giving person so I can understand that this has upset you.

    However... I would ask you to please try and focus on the HUNDREDS of us that you have brought FUN and ENJOYMENT to.

    Drats now I have to wait until the weekend to see what you are cooking up for the border options... oh well it will give me time to sew now that I've got all the cutting done.

  8. Ohhh. I'm so sorry someone was that mean. I'm a high school teacher, so I have had my share of people being angry at me. I agree that people use e-mail for 'rants' that would never happen in person. Long ago, I learned not to let the small number of individuals that were unhappy affect me so much. Now, I focus on the fact that I have made hundreds of people happy over the years. Your numbers are probably higher.

    For the record, I have thoroughly enjoyed this mystery. The timing was perfect and I had every step finished before I went back to school two days ago. I plan on finishing the body of the quilt this week-end and adding the border when it is up. Thanks so much for creating this mystery.

  9. Blow it off!!! Don't you feel sorry for her husband having to live with her? It's probably his fault too because he purchased the computer. And feel sorry for her because she has to live with herself.

    Keep working on that thick skin!

  10. Bonnie,

    Don't let one lady that put her panties on backwards today stop you from posting your Mystery Quilts. I personally look forward to the Mystery Quilts and would miss them terribly if you didn't have them. I never did a Mystery Quilt until I did Orange Crush.....then I was hooked. Hope to run into you at the Sister's Quilt Show in July, 2009.

  11. Hi Bonnie

    WELLL!!!! How about that? You are offering SOMETHING FOR NOTHING that absolutely delights thousands of us and this selfish unthinking person has the AUDACITY to email you in such an awful manner???? My usual belief that people are basically good has deserted me...
    Please remember you have delighted and teased and inspired and humoured and entertained thousands and thousands of people all over the world, and we wouldn't have you any other way.

    Kate in Capalaba, Queensland Australia

  12. It would almost be funny....but it happened to you and I know you are hurt by the unkind comments of others. Try to get past the spoil-sports. Heck! I haven't even started the mystery but you can bet I am jumping ahead to look at the pictures!!!! I love that they are online and am looking forward to seeing your final step! You are wonderful to take time out of your busy life to please all of us who are your fans.

  13. Awww Bonnie, I'm sorry someone was so crappy towards you!!!! And your right you did not force her to do anything and she is the spoilsport for having enough nerve to whine about it in the first place!! Some people kill me with their way of thinking and or doing. Anyways, pick yourself up, smile and move on, no one is worth wasting time on by being upset over something this minor, let alone someone you do not personally know.

  14. I am still on step one and looked ahead, but it only made me MORE anxious to catch up and finish the Mystery. Thanks for all you do to make the quilting world a better place. I finally found the Quiltmaker Magazine and bought it. It was at my Walgreens, not a grocery store or the usual places.

  15. Actually, I'm the opposite of that spoilsport lady -- I like seeing how the quilt turns out before I decide if to join in -- the non-mystery mystery quilt person. But you're right -- one person can wreck a good thing sometimes. BTW, I really like how this mystery quilt is turning out -- lovely overall designs that I didn't see coming. Thanks for the visual treats.

  16. Hey Bonnie! Another REALLY great quilt top from you! I don't know how we all got to be lucky enough to have you do this for us....but as always You Rock, Woman! Don't sweat the small (and I do mean small) stuff wreck this wonderful adventure you've embarked on. The rest of us really need YOU!
    Later.....hang tuff....
    Regina in MI

  17. Oh Bonnie,
    I am so sorry someone tried to burst your bubble of happy creativeness. I feel so honored to be able to look at your blog for private incites and glances into your home life. And also to peek ahead...doesn't spoil the mystery for me as I am not to that step yet. It is my choice to peek or not.
    One person out of the 3000 on our Yahoo group is not a bad average...

  18. A clueless dud participant is bound to pop up now and then.
    I couldn't wait to see the blocks before I started and I am so glad you did post it as soon as you did. I love this quilt pattern and the colors are perfect. Thank you for not having a long wait between the steps.

  19. You are so truly generous Bonnie, and with it you deeply care about how people feel. I'm so sorry your feelings were hurt by a thoughtless message, but just know that there are many thousands of people who appreciate all you do for quilters - and I'm one of them.
    I'm just so happy to call you friend - I wish I lived closer to give you a hug - so I'm sending you a virtual one instead.

  20. Bonnie, I love your blog.

    Please try to forget what the crying lady said. We all enjoy reading your posts and looking at your beautiful quilts and quilting.

  21. I can't add to what the others have said as they are all CORRECT....but....if that nasty biddy who got her panties in a bunch and was rude to you is reading this, I'd like to tell her to go crawl under a rock and hide her head as she should be ASHAMED of her behavior!!! I believe she owes you another email...one of APOLOGY. You are doing this for free and out of the goodness of your heart and you owe her NOTHING...and she needs a major attitude adjustment if she doesn't realize that. (Can you tell I'm annoyed for your sake, too???)

  22. Miserable people want to make other people miserable with them. And I can't understand why some people just want to make everyone else responsible for their own actions. I love all of your mysteries and all the information that you pass on. I tell all my new quilting friends to go to your website. I look forward every day to logging on to your blog. Thanks for being passionate abour our love "quilting"

  23. Your patterns and mystery quilts are so great, please don't stop them. The person who called you a spoilsport isn't very smart if she looked on your blog while you were doing a mystery quilt. Of course you would post pictures of your progress there, DUH! Keep up the good work, you are making so many people happy.

  24. Bonnie, please hold your head up and be proud for all you do for sooooo many quilters all over the world--and for free!!

    Just because the "panty" lady (scratch lady and put in person) has an itch and can't reach it is no reason to take it out on you. I don't recall anywhere that I've read that one "must" see what the finished quilt looks like.

    You said it yourself. If she didn't want to see what the finished quilt looked like, she shouldn't have looked. Some people!!! Fondly, Peg

  25. As always, there is always someone that can't be satisified! People should just be grateful that you are nice enough to let us use this FREE pattern!!! You are a true inspiration to us all!

  26. There is always one (or two, God help us) in every crowd. Try to think of all the happy mystery quilters out there who are enriched by your patterns and who LOVE everything you do. You have quite a fan club. Personally I think you are a STAR! Try to let this one chick's foolishness go even though I know just how that one can get to us!

  27. If I was going to shed tears over something it would be for a better reason than that!! She can't have much else in life to look forward to.

    Should none of us post pictures of mystery steps, in case it spoils it for others? It's a free interweb, and people have to deal with that.

    Believe me, if she'd said that to you in a room full of people we would all have leapt to your defence; you're Our Bonnie! You make our lives brighter, and we loveyou for it.

  28. I doubt this will make you feel better, but I got a nasty phone call today disguised as a friendly call. I think we need to purchase a t-shirt that says, "I see stupid people." Isn't there enough injustice in this world that she can fight against rather than worry about a mystery quilt??? Shallow people do things like this.

  29. She's in tears and she has to write a hateful blue-racer because she's got her undies in a bundle and is too stupid to navigate around the internet, so she has to blame you? She ought to drop to her knees and thank God if this is the biggest crisis in her life! What a small, mean-spirited B---!

    The rest of us are so grateful and delighted to benefit by your generosity. Tell her to take a long walk off a short pier!

  30. That is one thing I don't like about the internet. It makes people faceless so they feel they can say and behave in a manner they never would in public. I'm sorry you were hurt by this person.

  31. I recently had a negative email from another blogger who was upset by something I said... It took a while to let go of the things she said, but I decided I was glad she'd basically told me she wouldn't follow my blog anymore or participate in the friday block party this year... who wants a negative nelli around! Some just have to duck responsibility for their lives, and blame the rest of us... their loss.

  32. Bonnie, Please don't let that sour puss stop your wonderful mystery quilts. Like you said she doesn't have to go further than she wants with the way you have it set up in four, five, or six, etc pages.
    I wouldn't give a rat's you know what what she thinks.....

  33. Well from the comments, you can see you have MANY people who love what you do! We appreciate all the time and energy you put in to making this inspirational blog and the uncountable hours you give to the mystery quilt - THANK YOU!!

  34. Bonnie, I am not at least upset that I am not even done with step 1 or 2... I like knowing how it is going to look already.I actually found some more pinks for my setting triangles.. thanks for showing that already I found some really good clearance fabs... YOU do what YOU enjoy and all the hags that want to bring others down can go to haiti for all I care.I have shared your patterns with my non internet friends, one even made OC and one is finishing Pineapple Blossom check my blog it is a beauty... some people always look to the negative.. and who says how long a mystery has to be a mystery???? don't change who you are for others. me myself I hope I am on a job close to where you are going to be this year so I can give ya a hug.. take care and have a great day.

  35. Yep, life is GREAT! For you, for me, for those who care to believe that! I hope to see you tomorrow at 10 AM!! Big hugs, my friend, big bear hugs.

  36. So sorry that you had some thing like that happen. I do appreciate all of your free patterns. You are a blessing to many people!

  37. As my daddy would say "she'd complain if she got shot with a new gun".

  38. It wasn't 'that same lady' was it? LOL

    Don't give it another thought! Have some chocolate or a glass of wine and enjoy the rest of the day! We sure are having fun with your mystery!!!

    Thanks for this treasure of a Mystery Quilt!

  39. One more thing ... I try to remember this ... When we (women) get all wrapped up emotionally about some stupid thing, I try to remember to say "Hey, Elaine, think lilke a man!" Men never get upset about things like that.

  40. What would we do without you. You actually make quilting projects a lot more fun with your mysteries. I've enjoyed this one because it goes so fast and I have been able to work on two or three steps at a time. Variety is the spice of life. HANG IN THERE GIRL!!! We love ya for everything you do

  41. I know who the spoilsport really is and it isn't you Bonnie!!
    I belong to a small group called the Southern Cross Quilters (SCQuilters) who meet in Sydney, Australia on the first Saturday of each month, several of us are doing your challenge and just loving it! We will have a big show and tell in February and we can't wait to see how much of 'Double Delight' we manage to get together by that time... as we keep telling each other... it isn't a Race :-)
    It is very generous of you to do this for all these people around the world, your colour sense, design and your accuracy astounds us! Well Done Bonnie!

  42. There's one in every crowd--who only thinks of herself and never gets the big picture.
    Don't get mad, don't get even, but get ahead! Don't let this person anger you because then you give them control.

  43. Well, I have wanted to yell at you, too, but it is only because of all the little pieces you have gotten me to cut up and sew together. LOL I love reading mystery books but I am not good at quilt mysterys, so I peeked and was happy to. Thank you, Bonnie, for DD and for your contagious enthusiasm for quilting.

  44. Bonnie....so many admirers
    and one rotten apple......
    don't let her spoil the rest of the barrel for you!
    You sure have a lot of strong supporters that admire your work and creativity.
    Why else would your book be in second printing? And us all waiting for the next one too!Throw that rotten apple out of your mind as well as the barrel!
    Happy Sewing!

  45. I am so disappointed to read this. Gosh, she may just 'spoil' it for the rest of us!!! Sometimes those sort of emails are better of just sent to the trashcan in cyberspace!!!
    I am loving this mystery (even though it's no longer a mystery to me!)

  46. Good Grief! What a rotten thing to happen to you! The reason the lady was able to hurt you is because you are such an open, caring person.

    The phrase, "it's not fair" leaps to mind, and she isn't fair, or nice, or reasonable, or make sense. She is just a self centered person who has come to believe that the world should set itself up to please her whims. So please just enjoy the breeze as the yukky stuff flys past.

    I am a new quilter and your mystery quilt is the first one I have followed. I printed the parts as you posted them and enjoyed reading through the steps, especially the photos! I need to get off this mountain and get some fabric.

    I appreciate your work and your blog. Please don't let what happened make you lose the joy in what you do. Thank you!

  47. I, for one, am so thankful that you put your talent and love for quilting out there. Unfortunately, there are always a few rotten apples trying to spoil things. I know it must take a tremendous amount of time to organize your patterns into posts, so thank you so much for sharing. I love your work, patterns and mysteries (I always do them after the fact). Don't let one whiner get you down. Honestly, anyone shedding tears over a free mystery is a bit pathetic (or perhaps hormonal).

  48. Bonnie, Please don't let someone like that ruin a whole afternoon for you. I really enjoy your blog and appreciate all the ideas you're willing to share. Apparently a lot of other ladies feel the same, so just keep all the good comments in your mind and don't spend another second thinking about that grouchy e-mail!

  49. Bonnie please do what you like to do. She can go fly a kite !

  50. Bonnie,
    You have spent countless hours creating wonderful patterns for those of us who really appreciate your efforts. Just hit the delete button and that horrid old ninny will cease to exist!

  51. Hi Bonnie,

    I decided to join in this time with one of your mystery quilts....I watch them all the time and wish I had participated. Thank you so much for organising these, I have peeked ahead just because I have no self control but thats me!! Dont take it to heart too much, there are so many people who appreciate and enjoy what you offer, whether we peek or not!!
    And I just wanted to add that I have successfully made this from my stash.....a big first for me, I always go and buy something to "add" and its never a true stash quilt!! Proud of me!!!

  52. Hi NC neighbor Bonnie, I'm with the rest of the group. Please don't let one person ruin it for you or the rest of us who so enjoy reading your blog. I read it everyday ... it is one of three I read regularly. Maybe that lady was having a bad day and just needed to vent. Maybe she just wasn't feeling well. Who knows! I cannot judge her but I am pretty sure that after reading all of these entries, you will feel much better and "carry on". Please do. Don't change anything!!! By the way, I love the cat photos .... I have one like that too. Drives me nuts sometimes.

  53. So let's see - on the one hand, we have a sour grape. On the other hand, we have hundreds (and, truthfully, counting lurkers like me, thousands) of readers who are absolutely tickled with the latest mystery. Some of us are following along and some of us are dreaming about it. But all of us (except for that one sour grape) are loving it! Don't obsess over the bad - enjoy the good!!!! Thanks for being here, Bonnie.

  54. Oh for crying out loud. Someone (your complainer) needs to get a life. I'm speechless. Absolutely speechless. Bon, you gotta let this one go....the problem isn't you or your blog. The person who wrote you has a wee bit of a problem, ya think? Someone takes the time to organize and post a mystery quilt FOR FUN and a reader complains because she saw a spoiler somewhere else? HELLO! Sheesh. Blow it off, babe.

  55. Well, I think the majority (99.99%) are having a ball with this mystery, and it's a first for me! Being a newbie, I learned right away that people were working at their own pace, and if I didn't want to know, I needed not to look! I did tune into your blog tho, and the kitty(s) are pretty on those blocks. I'm starting step 2, and I didn't feel that it ruined anything for me!! (I'm not sure how many kittys there are because I looked so quick and I don't want to go back and check.)
    Thanks for all you do, Bonnie!

  56. Please don't let one whinner spoil it for the rest of us. Some people are not happy unless they are making others unhappy. How does seeing the completed blocks spoil the quilt. I like see ahead and knowing if my fabric choices were good or not. Please don't let her spoil one more minute of your life.

  57. Bonnie, It really is a shame when one schlump tries to ruin your kindness and generosity for everyone else. I'm not doing your mystery, but I have lurked and watched through several of your mysteries. There seem to be oodles of people that thoroughly enjoy them, as do I, vicariously. I can imagine comments like this woman made hurt you, so I apologize. Please continue to be yourself and conduct YOUR mysteries as you see fit. Everyone has the option to go as slow as they want, they just have to stay out of the blogsphere until they're ready for the next clue. We are blessed to be able to share in your talent. Please do your best to blow off the grinches.

  58. Bonnie - I have just today bought my fabrics (well, the cheddar and the browns) and I am itching to get started with this!! And - I could have peaked - but I want this to be a mystery, so when I have printed off the "how-to's" (I know, I know, you said not to!! ;-)) I refused to look!! Not at the computer and not at the printed pages!!!
    So, the FACT!!!! that this woman ruined her own suprise - is so not anyone fault but her own. I knew I was taking a risk when I was printing off the instructions that I just might see something I didn't really want to, but it was a risk I am willing to take. So far, so good. And the little parts I did kinda see, is why I bought the fabric today!!!

    YOU have a generous heart!! And I have had so much fun learning from you, and this is my first mystery with you, so please, don't let this woman tear you apart anymore. She is blaming you for what she has done. I do the same thing, make it my fault/problem/what could I have done differnt.....?? STOP!!!! JUST STOP!!!!!!! You are wounderful and totally blameless. Give yourself a hug from all of us who have written to let you know you are wounderful - and free those horrible thoughts from you head, never to be seen or heard from again.

    Thank-You Bonnie for this wounderful Mystery. I can harldly wait to get started!!!

  59. There is just NO pleasing some people and I will never understand their sense of entitlement. It's like they think everyone was put on this earth to serve them. I wouldn't pay her any mind. There are many more of us who appreciate all that you do.

  60. Was her name Jean? I had HER CALL my work yesterday only to start to rant and rave
    By the time the call was over she was screaming at me never TO CALL HER again.(Idon't have her number) I was waiting for her to finish screaming to ask 1 question so the County I work for could pick up the deceased animal she put behind a cement wall and bagged it on a unknown street.

    By the way love your blog and web site.

  61. Bonnie - I've loved looking at your prior mysteries, and finally had the time to join you on this one. I don't mind seeing a few steps ahead - it just makes me more anxious to finish the step I'm one. Double Delight is truly a delight. Don't you wish there was a way of putting people like the complaining biddy on a 'Blocked from ever viewing my blog again' list? That would serve her right! The rest of us love you and your work.

    Kathie in Allentown, PA

  62. Oh, no! And I was waiting to see what the quilt looked like before starting or deciding whether I wanted to play along after the fact. Don't worry what anyone says. Some people have to make others feel like crap to feel better about themselves. Don't let that spoilsport ruin your day and don't spend anymore time thinking about this ridiculous accusation!

  63. You know what H E double hockey sticks with her, I also looked but I loved it. It's not the same reading and looking at the pictures until you have sewn it and its in front of you. I love it. And if I looked so what, that is not your fault. I enjoy your blog and I imagine so many others do also. Keep going GIRL we are all behind you and God Bless your talent.

  64. I'm sorry you are upset. Please know that you are truly loved and appreciated for all your hard work!!! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!!

  65. Bonnie,
    This comment agrees with the many above: I am Double Delighted that you do the mysteries, and this one is beautiful. I have a day job and can't sew as much as I'd like so go along much slower. I peeked...I admit it. No one else to blame. When I saw your lovely combinations and how they played together, it made me think, 'hurry, hurry, keep going!'
    Focus on the good and positive...ALL of us are smiling (except 1 I guess and she surely feels pretty small by now)!

  66. There's always one isn't there? Just disregard this "person" and her whining. Does she think the world revolves around her? All I've done is pull some fabric and I've been thrilled to see the clues. I LIKE knowing what I'm going to be doing. Anyway, you can't please everybody so don stress about it. There are enough of us who like the way you do things that one whiner should just be ignored. Hope she reads all these comments and sees the error of her way. Just keep doin' what you've been doin'. :-)

  67. Bonnie - Where did you get that picture of my Grandma Dunn?? By the way, that's what kind of comment she would have made, not caring who or if she offended anyone. I just had to decide to NOT follow in her footsteps, and enjoy life and people instead. Chin up, keep moving, etc.

  68. It's your blog... You're allowed a Whinney Wednesday. And we all blow raspberrys at that other person. Very wet ones. LOL.

  69. Good Grief Bonnie I know it's hard but IGNORE the whinger. Honestly some people don't know when they are onto a good thing. If it helps I had been umming and arrring about starting the mystery. Did I have enough time? Was there enough fabic - which by the way was a silly question..roflmol. Would I like it when it was done....which was an even sillier question. I'm sooooo glad that you did post the next steps in the mystery cause they made up my mind. I will have time (sooner than later I hope), I definately have the fabric and I LOOOOOOVE the quilt and can't wait to get started. Please continue what you are doing. I know it hurts to have this kind of email and of course that's hard to ignore but there are hundreds of us who love your designs, who can't wait for the next mystery and who appreciate every single minute that you put into each mystery and quilt pattern and just sraight out love you and your work. Ok off my soap box now. Have a wonderful day.

  70. I have told this to my kids. The internet and text messaging has made a lot of people cowards. It allows them to say things they wouldn't normally say. I say, if it isn't something you wouldn't say to them personally, don't say it!

  71. Anonymous11:36 PM EST

    Perhaps we would ALL do well to remember that we shouldn't respond in our first emotion (especially negative ones) to any situation.

  72. Bonnie, please don't let one "pain in the ass" ruin your joy of sharing. There are thousands of quilters who love your site, and the wonderful mysteries you share with others. With luck she will "cut off her nose to spite her face" and stop visiting your site, her loss. Now go and play with some fabric, have a cup of coffee and dig out the emergency stash of candy. Things will look better in the morning.

  73. Some people wouldn't be happy if you hung them with a new rope! My grandma's old saying. You go out of your way to do so much for us and yet someone has to snivel about it. Just know that a lot of people, inc. me think a lot of you and are appreciative of what you do. The rest, don't count. Let em eat worms. Carline

  74. Ouchie! Some days are just like that! Wherever did you find that photo!!! It is perfect! I think I might have looked like that one day last week! lol I like that you have kept your sense of humor in the face of the other person's pettiness. But yes, when it becomes stressful instead of fun...it's time to find a new challenge. Thanks for all the fun and instruction and friendship you have brought to SO many people.

  75. I have just tried very hard to not look and close my eyes! You are right, if you really don't want to know, you better not read your blog. I knew there would be pictures... It is pretty akward as this comment thing is a pop up and right underneath there is a picture I don't want to see ;-).Please do go on, I love these mysteries even when I am just at stap 2...

  76. Dear Bonni
    I got so upset this morning, when I read your blog:-(
    What an unbehaved woman that is. When I meet such people I use to say to my self: they have to get nice by them self, and thank God I don´t have to be around them all the time, as they themself have to.
    Bonni, you are such an inspiration for me and I am amazed by your generosity. I DO look ahead of the mystery, but that inspires me even more to get going on this quilt. Can´t wait till I have the time to get starting. So PLEASE don´t let this one unbehaved person get to you. Think of all the love that floats in your direction from all over the world.
    From Denmark
    Linda H

  77. Anonymous4:30 AM EST

    Oh Bonnie, I'm sad for you. You are so generous with us, sharing your wonderful quilts with us ! Thank you so much and do not pay attention to this bad comment. Thanks again for all you give .

  78. There always has to be one person out there who is dissatisfied with something. You have a great blog and great ideas and you are terrific to share them with us. I did not participate in the mystery because I am not a mystery quilt person. I have a hard time picking out fabric for something I can't see in my mind as the finished article and if I don't like the finished quilt I feel as though I have wasted my money - that said a lot of other people love mystery quilts. if you are going to participate in a mystery quilt and want to be surprised you shouldn't go looking further in a blog not knowing for sure what you will see. Her fault - not yours - keep doing what you are great at doing -- we love you Bonnie. I keep expecting one day to go into my own blog and read the comments and find someone telling me I am doing something wrong as well.

  79. Bonnie,

    I want call her what I would like to as I am too polite. I expect to finish my quilt in 2015 LOL so don't feel cheated in the least. I love what you have done - especially the sharing with the world.

  80. Your lady at the top of this post is cute, you're cute, your work is fabulous...just keep on truckin'!

  81. Bonnie, I have not read all of the comments but I can tell you that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. Try teaching public school, LOL! Obviously, this woman has too much time on her hands. She needs to get a life and realize that she wouldn't even have the mystery to work on if it were not for YOU.
    Thanks for all you do!

  82. I agree with Jane...some people are just on the complaining, "it's all about me" side of life. My favorite part it the picture...if she doesn't look that now...she will!

  83. Bonnie, I love your quilts, particularly the MM quilts. Please just delete the rude people that send nasty grams to you. They are so self centered and praise the Lord that you neither have live or work with them. These rude people will just suck the live out you, delete button.

  84. This woman sounds like someone who never had to take responsibility for her actions while growing up...... it was always someone else's fault (do I sound like a teacher who deals with this everyday?)

    You have all the reason in the world to be upset by this woman's statement...... but nothing to be sorry about.

    Huggers girlfriend.. you're incredible in my book.

  85. Bonnie, I hope all of these wonderful comments are lifting your spirits and that things are looking up for you. Personally, the DD mystery has been a wonderful learning experience and it has turned out beautiful!! I can't thank you enough for you hard work and generosity. Please ignore the negativity and focus on all the positive changes you have made in so many quilters! Have a GREAT day :)

  86. Love the pix of the woman on your blog this morning!! :D I am sorry the lady spoiled your day but, she is just one out of hundreds that has a problem. If you can't control it, let it go! We all love you and that is what counts.

  87. We still love you. Keep up the good work and dont desert the rest of us. I am on step 2, but looked ahead, as I alway do, and I love it even more. ps. I blew a circuit board back in Oct. What a buzy time to do that. Take care of yourself

  88. Hi Bonnie,
    Please, please don't let one (or a few) sour pusses spoil the fun for the many of us who love your mysteries, and your blog, and your patterns, etc. Just feel sorry for her and move on.

  89. Bonnie,

    Let it go. There are no quilt police and obviously we've all figured out there are no manners police either. The number of rude people I encounter daily is terrible.

    Do what makes your heart sing ~ if you want to post, then post. If you want to take a break, then take a break. And if you want to whine, then whine away at the top of your lungs!

    She ("miss no-manners") can just get over herself... the rest of us are on YOUR side!!

  90. We love you Bonnie - just shake it off!

  91. Bonnie

    Nill illigitimi carborundum

    This is one of my favourite Latin expressions. It works for me.

    You are an inspiration to all of us.

  92. heh,heh, she had a bad day I guess...and now she knows that we all think she's got a screw loose among other things she'll probably have another and come after you again!! I suggest you tell her to go take a flying leap at the moon (ah, Lily Tomlin, love her!!).

    and here I was just thinking that you were going like gangbusters on this mystery!! whiz bang! there's another part up!!! lol I love it.

    And YES, you ARE allowed to have a Whiney Weds Bonnie, as long as you whine while you work on more creative stuff. You won't be whining for long and you'll be back to yer ol self!! Take care, girl.

    Lori in VA

  93. I'm so sorry this person has to be this way. I won't say anything bad about her because I don't know her and perhaps she's in a rough spot in her life right now. I did want to tell you that this is my first time doing a mystery quilt but that I have thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way. I am having so much FUN!!! Thanks for taking the time to create and instruct.

  94. Can I have her email address so I can let her know that she RUINED a good time for the rest of us.

    I am still enjoying your mystery. All of them. One is a top and two are still in progress.

    I enjoy most of all having followed your lead in setting up the scrap system. It has helped me with many quilts.

    Thank you Bonnie Hunter.........

  95. I was so happy to see the blocks up so I could see what the end result was going to be. Partly because I've got 3 other quilts in pieces and partly because my color choices for Orange Crush didn't work out at the end...I've been waiting for the overall picture before starting this quilt. Poo on the nasty old lady who had something bad to say about a wonderful, not to mention free, design you are sharing with us and THANK YOU.

  96. It's really hard work not to be offended by something someone says to you, but it's worth the effort.

    I'm still working at it myself. I love it when I chose not to be offended and am not.

    Just God Bless them and go on.

    Many thanks for all your hard work. We've all learned so much from you.

  97. Bonnie, these nasty women are just amazing arent they?? Where does she get off yelling at YOU?? Good for you posting it on your blog though. I think she deserves for everyone to know what a miserable old lady she is. It is supposed to be fun and your so right, when it's not fun anymore I stop doing. A few ruin it for the many though.
    I'll never do a SWAP again either. People say they wanna play then dont. How can they receive gifts from someone and not send theirs out?? I just do not get some of these women!!!
    By the way,I think you are FABBO!!

  98. Ok I can't believe someone would send someone an email yelling at them that THEY looked at your site. Hello!!!!! Did you ask that lady to go to your site and force her to open her eye to look at the blocks? NO!!! It is totally not your fault. Don't let one old hag stop you from doing something you enjoy!! Also don't let her stop you from doing another one either!!! I can't believe it!!!!

  99. well since you mentioned swaps, how about the ones that have no skill, join swaps just to get quality goods, but send out trash for a better lack of words.It is sad that people think this is ok.
    What bothers me about the lady that insulted Bonnie was, that this is a gift Bonnie is giving us. She could have easily published this pattern in a book and made tons of money.
    The lady should be grateful. Not too many designers give out as lavish patterns as Bonnie and leads us along the way.

  100. I'm glad you showed the blocks. I was excited and now want to do the mystery. YIPPEE for me - crying shame for Miss Crabby Pants.

  101. Oh Bonnie....please don't stop mystery quilts or sharing. I'm a SAHM and I homeschool my children and my life has no mystery or excitement. Your patterns and your mystery quilts are the highlights of my boring life.

    Plus, your kitty cats couldn't show off and we would miss them.

    Blessings to you. You bless all of us.

  102. Bonnie, it is hard to understand why an email like that would need to be sent. But at least you can be reminded by the rest of us how much we appreciate all you share. I look for your blog entries everyday as I enjoy your creativity and energy (vicarious living :-) You are so inspiring and such a great teacher.
    I have finally ordered the rulers you mention in your mysteries and hope to learn more as I put them to use. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Loris in Cambria

  103. Oh dear, on the one hand you have to feel sorry for her that this is so important in her life, on the other you have to quite envy her that this is her greatest trouble - I wish! Bonnie don't let it get to you, as the old old saying you can't please all the people all the time - and if she wants cloak and dagger secrecy perhaps she should BUY a mystery quilt from an LQS and quit complaining!

  104. Please don't let this spoiled person spoil the fun of mysteries for you, Bonnie!

    I talked myself out of following this mystery, because I have so many things to finished, but I'm just having fun following the steps. Mine would have been done in 30's repros, because that's my thing ... maybe someday soon ...

    Thank you for all your mysteries and patterns and inspiration!!

  105. Ditto what everyone ahead of me as already said, I love the mystery,(thank you) I was happy to see the next step, I didn't do them in order, so what.
    I wonder if she reads the last page of the mystery story, then blames the author for spoiling it.
    Shame on her.

  106. Bonnie,
    Thanks so much for your amazing website and the DD Mystery. I am doing step 2, in no hurry, and having a great time.
    That nasty pasty should feel totally ashamed of herself for throwing such a tantrum, but what is the saying, Those who can, do, those who can't, Whine.
    We love you and your designs, there will always be the nutters of this world, just put a smile on your face for how many of us out there appreciate all you do, and forget the negative, sad and nasty few. Keep up the fantastic work honey!

  107. Sometimes, you seem to attract more than your share of negative people. Is it because they can't stand how positive you are? You didn't ruin the mystery for me, and you enjoy it yourself, so I feel pity for the woman who can't contain her desire to look at your blog, but it is HER problem, not yours. Have a good day!

  108. oh bonnie, to heck with the crybaby. you can't please everyone. i agree, your blog is your place to do and write as you see fit. no one forced this lady to come to your blog. hang in there. you can have a whiney wednesday, a whiney thursday and friday too if you want. lol. hang in there. blow it off.

  109. Ya just hafta ignore the 'Grumpy Gustina's' of the world..your mysteries are always such fun (though I must confess I have not actually MADE one..but I have DROOLED over several)...someone doing a mystery should know better than to go poking around..it's kinda like looking for your Christmas presents, finding them then being disappointed you don't have a surprise on Christmas morning...

  110. What a shame that someone would say such mean things to you! You are a treasure! And your mysteries are too! I am absolutely loving this latest one. It is perfectly named. Double Delight is my favorite rose and this is a beauty! And your color choices are so perfect!

    I just don't get it. . . .

    I have written some wonderful emails in my lifetime (if I do say so myself!) and through the glitches in cyberspace the computer would hiccup and - boom - my masterpiece was lost - gone, finito forever! Why can't we all be spared meanspirited emails through the same technical snafu? What happened to 'equal time' in the techno world??

    What words she said to you, those were hers and not yours! Don't let her unhappy thoughts affect you.

    Please know that you are a treasure to many, including me!


  111. LOL--I have to think that lady MUST have been joking! She "cried" because the mystery was revealed?? That's way too funny--and you should just laugh it off because otherwise it would be just too pathetic to think someone would slap a gift horse in the mouth.
    heck, I wasn't going to do the mystery--too much on my plate--but the more you showed, the more I wanted to play! Obviously you can tell you are loved AND appreciated by all the rest of the world. Please don't let one rotten apple spoil it for the rest of us. :)

  112. Was that old lady a picture of her? HAHA....just kidding around. How rude of her. Your right, she's the one that got "click" happy. Geeeshhh, tell her to take a chill pill. Keep up the good work. Your awesome.

  113. I'm late in responding to this but pleease don't let ONE missplaced womaan ruin thiss forr yoou and hundreds of otheers that LOVE what you're doing. There will always be misfits aamong us and aall wwe caan do is to pretend they don't excist. Thaat's whaat I do in my life and it works for me :)

    I have been sorting out my stach this last week aand I think it's about time I made one of your fabulous scrap quilt :) Thank you so much for giving it to me (as ABBA say it).

  114. Dearest Bonnie!
    I just read this note above (whingy woman!)..apparently some woman who was having a bad day anyway(!)..decided to get it all out on you! Well, I only found you a year ago, so glad you didn't stop doing your videos/blogs whatever you call them!
    I'm glad she didn't affect you at all!We are responsible FOR OUR OWN ACTIONS (retired teacher speaking here...)so if you EVER read this..Good for you! Keep working as I LOVE your work, even though I look more than I do, as I like hexies, & tapestry too...then we go caravaning, then grandchildren etc etc...
    Marietta, Brisbane


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