Monday, January 26, 2009

Country Magazine...

A couple months back I got a phone call from an editor at Country Magazine asking if I could supply her with a picture of a string quilt to go with an article that someone had written. Could I EVER!!

What came of this was a very fun email exchange, some phone calls, and me doing a photo shoot to get things "just right". I did shots in the yard, on the porch swing, and of course in the guest room. I even sent her a pic of my overflowing wicker laundry basket of scrap strings.

The magazine came while I was teaching in VA! I am so tickled with the story that goes with the pic. It's perfect. And there in the middle of the pic for all the world to see is my Emmylou (also called Louisa, and LuLuBee)like she owns the bed AND the quilt (which she does)

This was fun to do because *I* didn't have to write the article, nor supply a pattern.

I love the magazine, too...I've read through it cover to cover and think I'm going to have to subscribe. This is my kind of life style!


  1. Anonymous4:58 PM EST

    great photo, did I ever send you the magazine with my CC in? gosh I hope, my memory is letting me down.


  2. Bonnie, I subscribe to this magazine and just got this issue a couple of days ago. How neat to know that the quilt is yours! By the way, what is the definition of a "string quilt?" I couldn't figure it out from the article and was curious.

  3. looks great!! have a good one.did you get your package??

  4. how neat to have one of your quilts in the magazine, I will have to look around and see if it sells here.

  5. Wow!!! You and your cat are famous!!! LOL! I'm so happy for you!

  6. What fun! Congratulations! Love the quilt and the basket!

  7. The article looks wonderful Bonnie - you're a legend!

  8. How fun for you....you really are having alot of fun...can I live through you?

  9. You are FAMOUS!!! Good for you!

  10. What with, all your articles, magazine pic's etc.... we may not be good enough for you anymore! Us little people! LoL...
    Good for you! So, is this one going to be framed? At least for LuuBell's sake don't you think? She would like to have it to show all her friends, right?
    Enjoy. Sweet sucess!
    Your doing great!

  11. I LOVE this!! Congrats... ;)


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