Saturday, January 24, 2009

Antiquing Through Virginia!

Inspiration comes from EVERYWHERE! Even one of the churches that one guild used as their meeting place had 4 patches of tiles in the bathroom floor! You know....it's EVERYWHERE. And I am so inspired by what I find. I know it isn't always something that is unique or one of a kind. It isn't anything I can claim as my own. But I am inspired none the less.

Not all of us want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a pattern design..we want to reach back to the past and connect with quilters gone by, and pick up the needle where they left it. I'm grateful for the simplicity in their designs. I'm grateful that some of them pushed past the boundaries of preconceived notions and used what they had whether it matched or not.

This trip left me with wonderful inspiration. I did bring home two quilts that I absolutely love....however, the camera battery is dead as a doornail and is charging as I type. When I can get pics in the day light with a charged battery, you'll get pics. Probably tomorrow.

Antiquing through Virginia, Jan 09
However...I was able to take pics off the memory card and upload them to a slideshow for you!

My travels took me up I-77 to I-81...past Roanoke (one of my favorite places on earth!) up past Harrisonburg and to Mt Jackson. The wonderful lady I stayed with lived in Mt Jackson, and we traveled back and forth for the workshops, etc.

I can tell I've lived south for too long. I forgot completely about my "emergency" can of diet coke in the backseat.....good thing we had removed the body bags of quilts from the car, because the next morning I was left wondering what this brown condensation was on the inside of my car roof! Uhhuh. I'll have to oxyclean that one out! The can of coke exploded. I can see it....all of us tucked snug in our beds, somewhere around 3am, while this spraying and spritzing is going on inside of my car. Oh well. If you can't laugh, then something's wrong, right? It will clean. Too bad we missed the show! It got to a whopping -9 degrees that morning.

I left Harrisonburg on Saturday, feeling uplifted from two great workshops and a trunkshow, my only regret being that the Virginia Quilt Museum is CLOSED during the month of January. I'll just have to go back.

I arrived Saturday evening in Alexandria, and Lynne was to be my hostess with the mostess for the entire week I was there. I love her and her hubby! Lynne and I have a common friend, so it was very much like "Any friend of Aby is a friend of mine..." and we fell right into step. They have a wonderful townhouse close to DC. Needless to say though, we didn't wander into DC during the inaugeration. Not only was it too cold,but we both agreed we'd rather be comfy on the couch stitching away and watching it on TIVO than dealing with crowds of people.

While staying at Lynne's we tackled 3 guilds: Mt Vernon, Springfield, and Fairfax chapters of Quilters Unlimited. I'll be back up there again in June when I teach for their show right along side Mark Lipinski. I can hardly wait!

Upon advice from a quilter somewhere along the line, I decided to fore go going home via I-95 which is the dreaded roadway of anyone having to go up and down the east coast. Instead I took 29 from Alexandria, traveling through such places as Culpeper, Charlottesville, Lynchburg, on down through Danville to Greensboro, and over. The time really WAS about the same and I had way less semi trucks to deal with. Lots of antique stops along the way (but my camera was dead by this time, remember?) and gorgeous scenery. I think I'll go back UP that way in June. It should be gorgeous then, and there are more antique places to check out!

Needless to say, it's great to be home. It's been wonderful to meet people IN PERSON when I've only known them via email and the internet. Some people I got to see AGAIN, renewing those friendships. I am constantly amazed at what a close wonderful world the quilt world can be.


  1. Oh, I love the quilt in the last picture. Look at all those log cabins and then to see the star in the upper right corner. I love it!!! Glad you had a great trip.

  2. So glad you had a good trip. What a joy to have a job that is so wonderful and suited to you!

  3. What a wonderful trip....I did see on someone's blog (can't remember but it is on my favorites so I can go back there) where you were visiting and teaching. Totally awesome. Glad you are back and can't wait to see more pictures.

  4. thanks for posting all your wonderful quilt pictures and all about your adventures - I love reading about them. I've been on that road to Charlottesville and Lynchburg and wonderful places to see along that way.

  5. My parents used to live in Culpepper and we drove 29 many times from AL. The best time is Fall, Sept and Oct, when all those trees are turned. Wonderful.

  6. thank-you for sharing your trip with us. I reallly enjoyed reading it, and the coke can - that is something that has never happened to me!! And I hope it doesn't!! I never even considered that happening, so I am glad you told us about that!!!

    I enjoyed the quilt show and it's nice to see things put together in ways I wouldn't have thought of. Great post. Thanks!!

  7. O'poo, you missed my shop by less then a mile. We're located in Warrenton VA, you drove right past to get to Culpeper, which has a shop that carries quilt fabric and then there's the shop in Madison (owned by the lady that owns the Culpeper shop). Maybe on your trip down or home from the QU show you can hit some great shops along 29. Can't wait to see you in June.

  8. Bonnie, it sounds like you had a great trip minus that little diet coke episode. LOLOL Sorry I was laughing at that one. Sounds like something I'd so do. Gotta have my diet coke with me at all times.

  9. Hey, glad you had a nice trip! I cut up my very first shirt today...I should have never said never! One of my husbands old favorites that was just too worn out. You were right- you get a TON of fabric from a shirt. Have some things to drop off at GW next week...may have to drop in and see if they have any shirts...

  10. What a beautifull slide show of the antique quilts you saw!

  11. Hi Bonnie
    Loved the slide show! I love browsing the antique malls but only get to do it once a year when I visit the USA as I live in England. I bought 2 vintage quilts and a top last year. So your slide shows of antique quilts really inspire and keep me going until my next trip.
    Love your blog and am working on my first Bonnie design - Double Delight.
    Thanks for all your patterns on your website - I recommend it to all my quilting friends here in England.

  12. I can't believe I missed the chance to see your trunk show in Harrisonburg! I live only 35 miles away. I am kicking myself for being so lazy about joining the guild. Love your blog - thanks for the scrappy inspiration.

  13. Sounds like you had a great trip!!! A can relate with the diet coke. I had a can of Sprite in the car. After a workshop-in the summer- I couldn't figure out why there was "water" in the floor. Then I saw the can! The top blew off!

    Thanks for the slideshow. My favorite is the quilt with the arrows. I've already attempted the recreate the block with EQ6!

    Take care!!

  14. Somehow I remember cigarette lighter chargers for cameras...driving and charging at the same time!

    Love to see your quilts!

  15. Love them all, but that last one is to DIE for. So gorgeous!

    And you are looking skinny. You must be living right. However, if it's just the pants, please share where you shop. ;o)

    Keeping my fingers crossed that we are going to see you in a few months.

  16. Bonnie, you look so skinny again! I'm jealous....

  17. I love the stripes with blue stars. I'm so gonna make that. I love stripes. People at the quilt store always shy away from stripes and I do my best to encourage them to try it. Stipes give a quilt texture and direction. I put a stripe in every quilt I make.

    I want to make a sign for the quilt store that says, "Stripes are our friends". LOL

  18. Hey Bonnie-
    I wanted to let you know that you look really slim in these pictures. I don't know what you're doing but way to go! Feel free to share your tips :)

  19. Hey Bonnie, Thanks for all your encouragement and inspiration.

    You must be working really hard, you look like you are really losing weight.

  20. Anonymous5:05 AM EDT

    Bonnie! How many fans can you fit comfortably in a suitcase? TAKE ME!
    Thanks so much for sharing your finds and travels.
    Thumbs up all around.


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