Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sisters, Sisters, There were never such devoted Sisters....

Has anyone seen that duo in "White Christmas" singing that song "Sisters"? It's what comes to mind when I think of the name "Sisters, Oregon". This first pic is an arial view of the 3 sisters mountains. And yes there is snow on them in July! There are snow capped mountains surrounding the whole area. It really is breath taking flying into Portland and seeing these from the air.

I had a WHIRLWIND of a time! I flew out last wednesday. I drove to Charlotte, (about an hour and a half) Found the long term parking and made it to the terminal in plenty of time. I brought one bag to be checked, and one carry on. So far Delta isn't charging for the first bag you check. I was good to go.

I met up with my friend Claire in Portland, and we drove to Sun River....after a stop at Fabric Depot! (I bought two backing fabrics, one at $2 a yard,and one at $2.50 a yard)

We got to Randy's house about dinner time. She and Lori had been sewing up a storm for a couple days already! NO FAIR! Never mind, it didn't take me long to unpack and get going myself. I had a bunch of 3.5" squares to sew on to some pieced units, and I got a whole top center done. I still have borders to do,but I am not sure what to do there yet. Isn't this arial view from upstairs looking down great? Can you tell we were BUSY BUSY!? :cD

Randy and Claire and Lori and I go back over 10 years. Not that anyone is counting! But it is always fun to get together!

Sun River is just gorgeous, and we did our best to eat right (except for the fact that the loaves of artisan bread seemed to multiply on their own in their corner of the cupboard!) We couldn't resist the yummy breads and it seemed there was at least ONE new variety with every dinner! We also were proud of ourselves for getting up early enough to power walk at least 2 miles every day. These pictures were taken on my walk. It was just BEAUTIFUL. After living in the South I forget how it cools down at night in the Pacific Northwest. One morning it was only 38 outside! That's brisk! It didn't take long to warm up to near 100 every day, but the other blissful thing is that it cools down nicely and quickly after sunset. Perfect for eating alfresco on Randy's patio! The deer thought so too....one evening a deer just walked right through the middle of the yard, not caring that we were there at all. I guess she felt she should have been invited to the BBQ too.

My second project was to inset those words into that border of the string star quilt with the half-done applique border. I really LOVE how it turned out! I can now finish the applique in just a few spots in the vine borders, and add a couple flowers and leaves here and there in between the words and call it good. You know what? I think I like it even better than if I *HAD* done all 4 corners the same with the appliqued pots. It's more personal this way. It's more me.

And this is getting long already, so I'll post about the show tomorrow, breaking this up in stages! See this squirrel? Sun River has the biggest squirrels we've ever seen. Lori was commenting that she thought she saw a racoon, but no...it was a SQUIRREL. I swear it was as big as a house cat. They must feed them well in Sun River! And the racoons are pests too...they know how to undo the bungee cords on the trash can! Needless to say, we were about as pooped out as this squirrel by the time sunset arrived! We sure enjoyed that patio, the dusk, the cool air, the smells of fresh mown grass and pine and the sounds of the summer nights.


  1. Oh Bonnie...how I miss that terrain, thank you for the great descriptions, and the beautiful pictures...I could almost smell the pine and the sunset was breathtaking...Sounds like you had a great time, and that squirrel....LOL! I feel like that some evenings

  2. What beautiful scenery! Love your first quilt top, but even more, I love your words for the border of the string quilt.

  3. Beautiful pictures! I have one older sister and one younger sister, and every time we're together we usually end up breaking into song singing, "Sisters! Sisters...". My youngest sister and I used to watch White Christmas constantly and we knew every song and every line in the entire movie. We still do and my husband just rolls his eyes when we get together to watch it around the holidays.

  4. 38 degrees sounds wonderful to me right now! I can't wait to hear all about your trip.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the words in your quilt border. You are so right. The is much better than repeating the vines.

    The squirrel made me laugh out loud!

  5. beautiful! oh, I miss mountains - these are spectacular. sounds like an all around fabulous time. your quilt looks FANTASTIC. I can't believe I doubted you - thought you didn't have enough room, buy wow, it fits perfectly. Can't wait to see this one in person.

  6. Hi Bonnie, I loved seeing the photo's of Sun River,from halfway across the world. What a beautiful place to be and what do they feed the squirrels on there? Also, the aerial photo of your sewing storm. Warmest Regards Lyn

  7. Thanks for sharing all of the beautiful photos! The PacNW is my favorite place on earth. I love that even in the middle of the summer, when the sun goes down in the evening it gets pretty chilly!

  8. like your site and blog. i moved to da UP from kauai about fourteen months ago and i just love the changes in season. kauai you just have perpetual summer with a hurrican thrown in every 12-15 or more years. i loved to snow! but the miracle of spring was incredible.those on another list started "buzzing" about you and with a little effort found ya! happy quilting!

  9. The wording just makes that quilt, Bonnie!

    And thanks for the photo tour!

  10. I feel like that squirrel today. My parents used to live in the NW and it is truly amazing this time of year. Safe Travels.

  11. those words worked great in that quilt Bonnie-nice-wonderful photos -looking forward to seeing your Sisters quilt ones..

  12. It sounds like a wonderful time. Wish I was there! Don't like 100 degrees, but would love the 30's at night.

  13. Oh what beautiful pictures. I love the squirrel. Too cute. It looks like you had a fabulous time. I love the border. The flowers really set it off. Great job, as always.

  14. there were never such devoted sisters...... when a certain gentleman arrived from Rome, she wore the dress and I stayed home!

    Can you tell we watch this movie every year???? I got a copy of it for my husband as a joke one year for Christmas LOL

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip..... love the squirrel!!!! Sisters is on my list.... some day.



  15. Gotta love the Pacific Northwest! I have lived in or visited most other areas of the US and glad I get to call it home!

    Love the words in the border. Really finishes it off in a more personal way!

    Someday I will have to make that short drive down I-5 to the Sisters show!

  16. As always, thanks for sharing your holiday with us through your wonderful pictures and your great way of describing them. The closest we ever got to the P NW was Wyoming and the Tetons. They also were spectacular, but didn't get the arial view you got. Just a kink in the neck lol:cD
    I just love the wording on your quilt border. Gotta try that soon.
    Looking forward to the next post.

    As always smiles from afar :c) Fran

  17. Love the string star with the border! Looks like your trip was fun thanks for sharing the scenery and the quilts.


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