Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Brighten Up!!

You know those two stringy-thingies I made recently? (One is winging it's way to Tonya in Paris! I hope she likes it!) Well...I made them in manic moments of trying to deplete an overstuffed bin of solid colored strings and bits.

And no matter how random I tried to be...I did end up pulling out all the "BEST" colors, leaving a lot of BLAH! How can I keep sewing with these unless I add some more bright and snappy colors to it to liven it up a bit? The pic with the blocks is what I have cut to add to the mess, shown below in the boring pile pic. Just a lot of navy, black, red, and not much else bright.

I get this feeling that I'm not depleting, I am INCREASING the mess. See the acrobatics my mind is going through? "Yes, but if you add more strings,you will make more quilts and USE MORE STASH!" "But this bin will never get EMPTY" "Do you want it empty??" "But what if I need these 1/4 yard pieces for something REALLY cool, and I've stripped them all up into this mess?" These are the voices in my head, but it's okay...they know me here! *LOL*

I went through the small cuts...and cut up stuff that was less than 1/4 yard, and some others I thought would help the string bin out. My project? Wonky log cabin blocks, 8" tall. Width? Doesn't matter! As long as they are all 8" tall! Not sure how this is going to work yet, but....what can I say....Be liberated! Quilt bra-less! *LOL*


    WOW! One of the first (if not THE first) to comment. That never happens on your blog!

    First---NICE statment about quilting bra-less! What a hoot!

    Second....ooooooo....I can't wait to see what wonky log cabins get created from your mind. I LOVE log cabins, so I'll be glued to your blog until those pics get posted.

    Glad to see you enjoying some "YOU" quilting time.

  2. Bonnie,
    Your remaining strips, though dark, look very Amish. Can you run with that theme?

    And I love the idea of using the 'good' scraps. Don't we all do that?

  3. LOL You're just too funny! But oh what intelligent conversations those are, right!!! ;-)

    I too find myself doing the same...weeding through to find the pretty scraps. Good luck with the Logs!

  4. Quilt bra-less?! No way at my age. Much too dangerous with scissors, rotarycutter and such. ROFL!!

    BTW, you make me crazy with your great projects. I was drawn to the solids department and had a really hard time NOT to buy them.First got to do other quilts and I can only spent an euro once. But you got me só tempted that I already searched and found a cheaper shop with solids...So next time I'm in town..

  5. Voices in my head... oh you aren't the only one! I spend WAY to much time addressing those second-guessing thoughts that surround me in the studio!

    GREAT post!

  6. I love the stripey projects. Question........ do you sort your strips by solids v prints? Just curious. I've started sorting by strip width, haven't gone any further with it.

    Nancy in PA

  7. Have you been hanging around in my head? Just can't seem to make myself cut up fabric unless I have a purpose. All my quilt friends refer to me as the project person not a process person. I usually finish everything I start before I start something else. Oh my!! to be more daring.

  8. Considering my endowments, I don't think my quilts should be so liberated as to have me go bra-less. We might end up with an embarassing 9-1-1 call! How bout if I go comfort bra instead?? Love the humor, good luck with the wonky LC's.
    -A DD+ quilting buddy

  9. How did you know I was quilting bra-less.....Who told you????

  10. I think I'm liberated enough without going braless LOL.

    Don't talk to me about voices in my head. Why are you doing that? Because I want to. It's not traditional. So?

    Love love those colours. I agree with Debby - how about Amish cabins?

  11. How funny you are!!! I didn't know that I was a liberated quilter...but I am as I quilt bra-less all of the time!!! Love your blog.

  12. I already know I love the lil stringie - fingers crossed it gets here soon. Definitely got to keep adding good colors and fabrics into the string bin or it gets dull.....


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