Monday, May 26, 2008

More Snakes In The Ceiling!!


We found one snake skin in the ceiling in February when we first moved in....we were locating the tv cables that run through the space between the floor above, the insulation, and the dropped ceiling tiles here in my studio room.

Well, today's project was to replace some of the broken and worn ceiling tiles now that the studio lights have been installed (The light in here is WONDERFUL now!)and as we moved one aside to slide it out....ewwwwwwwwwww!

This one is bigger than the first! Does it belong to the same snake? Is it still in there somewhere?

Snakes are good for getting rid of MICE right? This whole thing just creeps me out, but I guess this is what I get for moving to the country....I now have nightmares of a snake slithering himself down through the heater vent hanging above my sewing machine..*LOL*

So how are you spending your memorial day? Are you going anywhere? We are NOT. If they double the price of gas, we are going to drive half as much. There is no other way around it. I have no desire to get in my car and go anywhere. I swear, that pink scooter may be closer in my future than I originally thought! (Can you see me....driving up the road to put a gallon of milk in the bucket on the back?!) I just don't want to DRIVE anywhere. Another reason for me to consider that it was great that we moved to NC when we did and I left my massage practice behind. If you figure the gas, I would be taking a huge cut in pay to keep working there, and I'd rather be quilting. I'd rather be home. I really would.

Today I am finishing the borders on Orange Crush! My goal is to finish the quilt (even if it's just the quilt TOP..no time to quilt it now, or so I think) and put up the directions for part 6 as soon as I have everything together. I really like how the borders turned out! :cD (just don't think about the snakes Bonnie, just don't let your mind GO THERE....)

It's a beautiful day, and I am considering chicken on the grill for dinner, eating out on our picnic table in the grove...and just being HOMEBODIES.


  1. Snakes over your head...yikes! But I fear spiders more than I do snakes. That one looks big enough to make enough noise you would hear him/it. Pity the poor thing stuck in the framework of your basement. We had a squirrel in our attic once. When it walked across the ceiling tiles my cats went nuts. We did manage to live trap it and release it. You could try that.
    I have my blocks all made and need to know if my layout is correct. I have it on my blog:
    XOXOXO Subee

  2. Okay, yeah...ewww! I have to agree with you on that.

    I'm so anxious to see the final layout. I'm just starting my Step 5, but I'm realy excited about this.

    I understand what you're saying about gas prices. We are fortunate - we work and have kids' school within a mile - I'm sure this is hitting others much harder - but we are taking our bikes whenever we can.

    Julie in Oregon

  3. I think if the snake were still there that a good clue would be the reaction of the animals.

    I always knew when there was a mouse around because the one cat would sit outside the bathroom vanity (they must have had a hole to the outside there).


  4. Yes, living in the country does have its excitment! A baby King Snake made its way into my kitchen one time!!! Dunno how! We've had (gofer snakes) on the side of the house,crawling down walnut trees,also in the garage! We forfieted going to Fort Bragg,CA for the weekend (80 miles).I so wanted to see a quilt show there! I feel like I am starting all over again,cutting cost! Retirement is cheated!

  5. At least snakes are clean! Was the house empty for awhile before you moved in? We have had rain, rain and more rain...that is ok since I needed so much rest!

  6. Oh my! I would have been mortified!! We had a mouse (a live one) in the kitchen and I just couldn't sleep at night or eat properly. By the time DH 're-housed' it I had noticeably lost weight. I know that people thought I was nuts, but I just couldn't get my head around it.
    Good luck. I truly hope that you only have the skins in the house!
    Thank you again for the OC - I'm really enjoying it!

  7. ok, I'm not afraid of snakes, but EKKKK...this just gives me the hebejebes....yuk!

    This weekend I played with a friend and sewed!! Though I'm a behind on my getting OC part 4 complete. I hope to have it done and caught up this week!

    Happy Memorial Day Bonnie!

  8. Bonnie, snakes follow the food supply. Where I live, if you set out salt blocks to lure the cute little deer to your yard...you will also have mountain lions lurking about...folowing their food supply. Same with the rattlesnakes. Get rid of the ground squirrels, their food supply. Set out lots of mouse traps, Bonnie! Don't feed the dogs outside because all kinds of little critters that snakes love are attracted to pet food. Put fine mesh coverings over all your drains. ewwwww! I don't like snakes either.


  10. I'm glad that we do not have snakes here........

    You say that gasprices are high in your area, here in Norway 1 liter (thats about 0,26 gallon) cost 2.67 USdollar....

    I have done part 5 on the Orange Crush........now waiting for part 6 :-)

  11. Ewweee...but I think Bunk's is right. If there was anything live moving around up there your cats would go nuts.
    When we moved into this old house, built 1909, we had mice. We had to reparge the basemnet foundation. Plug up all the 'doors'. My cat when bezerk, running from one room to another, literaly howling at the ceiling, believe me we were quick to catch the mice just so we could have a peaceful night sleep.
    The worst that ever happened is... I was sewing one night when I caught something big out of the corner of my eye, it was flying down the hall. My turn to scream and howl.It was a bat, heavens only knows how it got in, but we've never seen another since. DH captured it and released outside.

    Good luck with your extermination.

  12. A close friend last week smothered a small snake in her kitchen by putting a tupperware bowl over it on the floor. LOL! She is recently widowed and was having a few choice words for her deceased husband for going off and leaving her to take care of these things. We decided he was probably laughing at her.
    We also stayed home for the holiday. However, DH is headed to the Chicago area this week (from TX), driving!
    Love working on the OC. Glad it came up before the holdiay weekend was over.

  13. OK, that is truly yucky... I'm cringing as I type. I'd be duct-taping those ceiling tiles in place if I were you, double thick!!

  14. yukkk -- get a couple more BIG cats, and maybe a terrior or two, also!

  15. We live in Florida and just spent a fortune getting rid of rats in the attic! Seems they come inside whenever the temp drops below 70 degrees (talk about spoiled!) 'cause they like to be warm. And just last week, we had a frog in our toilet!!! Yikes! I completely sympathize with your snake skin *encounter*.

  16. I do not know if I could stand knowing snakes were/are above my head. i think I would be looking up an awful lot. Good luck

  17. Bonnie, When I was telling DH about the skin, he said was probably same snake, ( how would he know????), any way, he said to get some sticky ( spray glue) and put on boards in your attic. They will get on it and then can't go any where, I know some of your readers won't like our suggestions, but the snake is not in their attic. Good luck.
    PS: My house is in WS, no one home, you can go live there until snake is gone J

  18. We've had snakes in our house, but not overhead so far. I'm not sure why that seems to much more creepy. At least we know the ones in the basement aren't poisonous. Once our cat was acting strange around our shoes so we investigated & found two baby milk snakes crawling around, we contacted a snake expert & he said that they had migrated up from the basement to get warm. Fortunately there weren't more, but it sure made me appreciate the cat!

  19. OK! Time to move to Michigan. The snakes aren't that big and they stay outside. hehe

  20. Lordy bee! Here in Florida living on the water I have snakes and its not a pretty site for me either! I haven't had them inside the house - yet - and if this happened to me Bonnie I'd freak OUT!!!

    I respect their need to be around and try to give them the space they need but in the house? Come on man! Can't we make some sort of accomodation?, I tell them!

    Snake Phobic Love, *karendianne.

  21. When we moved to the country my husband found a large snake skin in the attic but we never did see the snake. On the bright side, if you do have a snake up there you will not likely have to deal with squirrels or bats up there.
    Ginger Quilter

  22. OMG! Snakes! Up here in Canada the only snakes we have to worry about are garter snakes, and we barely ever see them. I think I have seen 3 in my lifetime! Mice, rats and squirrels is what we basically deal with in the country. Sometimes the odd raccoon.

    I love seeing everyone's Orange Crush blocks coming together. Can't wait to see the end results! Maybe when I get more UFOs out of my way I will have time for an online mystery...

    Happy stitching!

  23. I am sorry about your creepy-crawlies! Maybe they are gone, hopefully. We have a farm, and just exterminated two coon-tailed rattle snakes from under the house. Yuck, and dangerous. I can now say I have heard a rattle snake rattle!

  24. Ugggghhhhhhh! Why don't the creepy things just STAY OUTSIDE! Freak city! :-)


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