Sunday, August 19, 2007

Misadventures With A Shovel......


If you are wondering where I have been the past couple days....We had an accident involving a shovel and the internet cable. The cable lost! And I now have ZERO access at home. I also have no home phone since vonage runs off the cable. :c(

Of course trying to get Time Warner out in any kind of speedy manner just doesn't happen either. I go through the voicemail web of hell and get to a message that says "please call during regular business hours" which is monday to friday. Pfftt.

I need to be connected! So I went to Sam's Club and bought a Black Jack by Samsung. It has internet/email/IM...lots of bells and whistles but I need to learn to use them, and so far I'm having trouble just figuring out how to dial a call..*LOL* It will be nice for travelling I think, and it is only $20.00 a month more than I was already paying for the service.

I tried connecting with the laptop at Panera Bread with Jason this morning before he went to work and I went to church. He was giving me tutoring lessons on my new blackjack at the time....We couldn't get the puter connected there.

This afternoon I had a client house call....not far from the down town library in columbia which is open from 2 to 6 on sunday afternoon and has WI FI upstairs..so that's where I am.

It's very weird not having phone or internet at home. So many things we take for granted to log on and send a mail, answer a client, look up a reference, see what movies are playing, check the weather...good grief. I guess this is why I also got the black jack.

The other day on the way home from MD I stopped in Charlotte to hit Mary Jo's fabric outlet and the thread outlet and I got lost when trying to find the thread place. Tomtom didn't have the resources I needed to just look up the place by name...I had to have an address. So that meant that I had to go pull over somewhere, ask to see a yellow pages, and then get the address and put it in the tomtom. Now that I have net access on my phone I can just look up the address on the phone and put it in tomtom. It's a step up anyway.

Email is a pain on the phone, but at least I can get the word out when I can't get to the library to use the internet wifi!

I suppose this should give me more time to QUILT?!?

Unconnected In Irmo, SC


Karol-Ann said...

Oh poor you! It's awful not being able to connect. When I go 'home' to South africa, I have to rely on internet cafes and babysitters, so I often only get to check my email once a week if I'm lucky when I'm away. I do get LOTS more sewing done though. Best of luck getting back online.

Quilt Pixie said...

I could imagine throughly enjoying the quiet that no internet or phone provided in my life -- though I'd want to prepare for that retreat not have it suddenly thrust on me by accident! Hang in there.

Corky said...

I hate it when my wifi goes out. How spoiled we've become!

I love the main library in Cola. You could be in a worse place to connect! Hope they fix you up soon.

CONNIE W said...

I'm interested in doing the blackjack thing myself. Took my laptop to Panera Bread a few weeks ago and couldn't get connected either. I'm thinking it's because I didn't know what I was doing but I sure do want to learn how. Not having wifi is a pain.

Dawn said...

Don't you wonder what we did in the "old" days when we had no computers, internet or cell phones! My kids can't believe I had none of those things as a kid!

Holly said...

HI there,

I am trying to contact you for an article I am doing for a national quilt magazine.

pls contact me asap.