Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Pillow Cases

Yesterday I delivered the Tshirt quilt to my friend Mary Kay.....the one we made for her daughter for Christmas. Mary Kay has been struggling with cancer the past few years, and I'm afraid she will lose this fight, she is going through some severe difficulties right now with her abdomen filling with fluid that has to be drained off every couple of days. She looks/feels 5 months pregnant (on her skinny little frame) and the pressure on her organs, etc is painful.

When I delivered the quilt yesterday, she had 4 extra shirts and asked if I could make some pillow cases to go with the quilt....I went online to find a pattern, at least with basic dimensions, and found the body of the pillow case needed to be about 26" by width of fabric (44").....how to get these tshirt panels to work with these funky dimensions? I ended up making pillow fronts 22X26 and then plain backs.

I think they turned out okay, I'd like to see them filled with pillows and put on the bed with the quilt to get a good idea of how they really look. The blue fabric is the flannel we used to back the quilt with...it is very soft and cuddly!

I had JUST enough of the border fabric from the quilt left to do the cuffs for the pillow cases. I needed 10" per pillow case, and I had like 2" left over...wheeeeww! The green accent stripe is left over binding/sashing from the quilt. Just enough of that left too. Some things you just luck out on, you know?



  1. Don't you love it when you luck out like that? The pillow cases look really nice. I've started making a pillow case to go with the quilts I make if I have enough co-ordinating fabric. It makes a nice thing to store the quilt in when it's not in use.

  2. Leave it to you to pull the rabbit out of the hat and make it work, Bonnie!

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with that last 2" of blue flannel!

  4. wonderful cases to go with the quilt!

  5. Anonymous1:22 AM EST

    These pillowcases were obviously meant to be LOL. They look very cool and will look perfect filled up with a pillow with their matching quilt :-)

  6. They are just wonderful...perfect with the quilt and will be outstanding with a pillow inside.

  7. what a cute idea the pillow cases are!

  8. ...hoping Mary Kay can enjoy watching her daughter snuggle under her new quilt with her head resting on her new pillows this Christmas.

    Bless you, Bonnie, for sharing your talents with your friend!

  9. Hello Bonnie, have a great Christmas,joy and serenity!!!!


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