Sunday, May 28, 2006

Quilters Rock!!

I just got an email from Patty that thanks to the quilters out there, she has found the fabric she needs to finish her daughter's wedding quilt! YEAH PATTY!

Once again I am amazed and awed at this wonderful medium we have here to communicate with each other!



Darcie said...

Bonnie, you're too cute! I've been so behind with blogging (AGAIN!)...and I have to say that it is always refreshing to read your posts. From Bissels...to spontaneous Florida get-aways...to helping a friend search for fabric!

Have a pleasant Memorial Day.

Judy said...

Good for Patty. I knew I didn't have anything like it, but I can understand the desperation when you just need a bit and you go off in search.

Simonetta said...

I am happy that Patty has found the fabric to end his quilt:))))
Bonnie is true this is a fabulous mean!!! Have a great day ;))))