Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy February!

A while back, I had a pic with part of this valentine's table topper peeking out. Some of you asked to see it. I decided to wait until it was closer to valentine's day so I could post something valentine-y :c)

This quilt was made from a swap of 6" valentine themed blocks I did with an online quiltlist. It's a pretty tame sampler, but I really like how it turned out, and it was a good place for me to use up the last of (hooray!) that red with white hearts print left from my early 1980's quilting days. Those little dot hearts came in EVERY color..remember them? I think they are all about gone now, though sometimes they still show up in the string bin and smaller scrap bits.

I've done it. I've delivered my first resume and coverletter to a spa that is opening up in the new Gold's Gym complex near me. I had dropped by there yesterday just to see when they would be open. The owner happened to be there, and I talked to him a minute and he said to drop a resume by. So guess what I spent the best part of yesterday afternoon composing? Thank heaven for templates in word/works that have everything in the right format and you just have to fill in the blanks. Still...it was kind of intimidating to me. I haven't worked for anyone else in 16 years. Yes, I've had my own home based businesses, but they are in an area that doesn't apply for the massage position that I am looking for. So there is the worry that I still don't have enough "massage" experience to be considered for the job, but heck, I'm trying right? And now that the cover letter and resume are composed....I can alter the cover letter to suit other places I can apply to, be it a chiropractic office or whatever, and that weight of having to compose them is off my shoulders. The only thing left is business cards, but I need my license # on them and I haven't received my packet from the state yet. That should come in the next week or so.

Things here at home are still at a stand off. Son is avoiding me, and I'm staying out of his way. I've tried so hard to open up communication, talk about school, about friends, about whatever, and he refuses to let me in or to participate so I'm throwing in the flag for right now. He'll talk when he's ready to talk, and no amount of my trying to draw him out is going to work at this point.

Thank heavens for the retreat on friday! I'M SO READY!!



  1. LOL! I still have those heart dots in about half a dozen different colors. Some were mine, some came from Mama's stash. I just toss a few strips in whatever scrap quilt I'm currently working on and eventually they'll be all gone. Then I'll probably find the perfect use for them and wish I had them back.

    Good luck with finding a massage position. I know it's frustrating to be told you don't have enough experience. But how can you get it if nobody wants to hire someone just out of school?

  2. good for you to tackle the first resume/cover letter hurdle! It is hard to step into a new career arena-so being patient will pay off-I think your retreat is a perfect time to have that break from what is going on at home..

  3. Neat valentine topper Bonnie, and yes, I remember the little hearts well. I was just getting into quilting in earnest. Springmaid made it for Joan Kessler I think, and there were about a bigillion fabric to coorindinate with the hearts. Little houses, and on and on. I think I had them in cream on pink, red and navy, and yes, they still come popping out at times..LOL.
    Gee it's fun to be an oldie but goodie..*G*
    Hurray for the resume being done, the cover letter too, and a retreat to go to!!

  4. What a sweetheart of a quilt!
    Good for you on getting your resume done. I can't imagine having to go out and start all over again in the job market.

  5. Very nice quilt. Good luck with your application! I wish there was a retreat somewhere near here..............


  6. Dear Bonnie,
    thank you very much for popping by, I am a big fan of yours you know, following your gorgeous website for almost a year...
    I love your quilts, your quilting, I learn so much with you... I was even thinking already about having one of my tops quilted with those great baptist fans by you... you are my idol...
    I wish you luck when submitting your resume. Take care.

  7. Can't get a job because you don't have experience but you can't get experience without a job - frustrating LOL. All the best! Enjoy your next retreat - wow, what a whirlwind 2006 has been for you so far :-) We don't decorate for Valentines in Oz, but I like your sampler. In fact we must be a boring lot, coz we don't do halloween either :-)

  8. Now that you've got that resume thing figured out maybe you can come and help my 16 yo daughter. LOL! Girl's choice dance is coming up and she needs some $$. Good luck with the job search!

  9. Hi Bonnie
    Love the hearts. I went through a real heart phase a while back.
    Hard when your kids don;t want to talk. I know the feeling but you will get through to the other side. Hard not to worry though!

  10. Your Valentine quilt is just adorable, Bonnie. I think I had some of that heart fabric!!!

    Good luck on the resume! What an opportunity for you!

    Sorry to hear that your son is being uncooperative. I'll pray and hope that the best will become of your situation, Bonnie.

  11. Yup, I still have some of that red fabric with the little white hearts too...

  12. Hmmm sounds like things with you and Jeff are just like at my house with Adam right now!!!!


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