Friday, January 27, 2006

A Wish For All The Difficult People We Encounter...

*hehehehehhe* This pic was sent to me by my Sister, Mary. It just cracked me up royal and came at a good time.

I belong to this one email list, and the list owner (names of list and owner are left out to protect their identity!) has gone postal and is unsubscribing people left and right for posting off topic...I mean, I know how hard it is to keep a list on topic, and there is going to be SOME off topic stuff, but the football topic went way out there, and people talking about all their medical stuff, and then I made the post about passing my exam...which was okay...but everyone on the list was replying to the WHOLE list, and it clogged up the list, and I feel kinda 'chafed' about it all...So far I haven't been kicked off, because I haven't replied to the replies!

Part of me understands how the list traffic can be on a list of 1600+ people (not all post, most lurk) but at the same time the list moderator has an option to set the email preferences to REPLY TO SENDER instead of sending each reply TO THE WHOLE LIST and she hasn't done that. Replying to any list email goes directly back to the whole list.

So if you are going to choose the whole list route, you are asking for people to just reply to the whole list without thinking. Much could be solved if the reply preferences were changed. I mean, people can still click the REPLY TO ALL button if they WANT the reply to go to all? It's alot easier than trying to paste someone's email address in over a list address and making sure it is going to one person instead of all.....this kind of thing is just the trigger to prove that people are idiots. "Reply To All Automatically" means..."open mouth, insert foot!"

So all the while I'm feeling bad because people who are replying to me about the massage exam (off topic) are replying to the WHOLE LIST and I'm sorry if they are getting kicked off.......but what can I do about it if they can't reply to me instead of the whole list?

You know what? I really enjoy being part of this SMALL community...because we CAN talk off topic, and if you are sick, or your loved ones are hurting, or something 'off topic' is going on in your life, I want to know about it. Life is more than just 'quilt topics' only! (*gasp* Did I really say that!?)

Time to go play with more fabric...



  1. Oh good, I feel better. I have been trying hard to keep my subjects on-topic on the group, but life DOES slip in!! Or something we think is on topic/quilt related... and somebody else doesn't... whew! You don't wanna go there. :P

    I did have to rant a little about it in my blog earlier. Just felt like the list mom was being too harsh and hasty. :(

    So Bonnie, thanks for being kind, generous and human enough to know that these things come up! Sure you don't wanna turn your quiltville group into a message group? ;)

    But my rear sure does quiver at the thought of using that TP!

  2. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I'm a member of the list you're referring to, and I actually love the responses to the list. I see that selecting reply to whole list should be your own choice, not default. but it doesn't bother me. In Norway we have a saying (probably in USA also) that says: What the heart is filled with, the mouth's telling by itself (or something like that........:-D). Please continue to share your ups and downs.


  3. I belong to that group too although I have yet to post. I was sorry to see that the list mom got so upset and kicked so many people off. The football and massage chatter wasn't bothering me and I don't see why people couldn't just pass by the posts they didn't want to read or delete them from their email. A gentle reminder as things got further out of hand might have been a less confrontational avenue to take. :o\

  4. I agree but maybe she was getting too many complaints to ignore. If we were at a quilting bee it would be harder to tune out conversations we didn't want to hear LOL At least we have a delete key for those topics we don't have time for. Hopefully the list will settle down again. I love hearing what everyone else is doing and have to reply more on the blogs I read as this is a very good way to keep in touch.

  5. Anonymous12:35 AM EST

    I feel bad for those that got kicked off too - I hope they come back. I thought it was too tough a solution. I find it easy to skim past topics I'm not interested in and as I read on the web I'm able to reply to just the sender and I use that feature a lot. As to the toilet paper - yowzers! Would certainly make them think twice about using more sheets than necessary LOL

  6. Bonnie, I LOVE that picture! OUCH! At first I had a guess as to which list it was, but hmmm, maybe I'm wrong! Well I"m darn proud of you!!!! And I love our little community.

  7. A picture is worth a thousand words! LOL! Your toilet paper reminds me of when I went to a cooking school in Santa Fe several years back. They had a clear plexiglass toilet seat with barbed wire encased inside. Makes ya think twice before sitting down!

  8. It is too bad some people have to get so crabby just because they can't figure out how to use their delete key! Or better yet, just go to the website to read the posts instead of having them fill your inbox. Since you have started this blog ring I NEVER go to the offending yahoo group. Maybe I should close my own membership in protest to the way she is acting.


  9. My favoirte quilt books are the ones that show photos of the quilters with some history along with the quilts they make. I'm the same way with blogs and lists. Too bad it has gotten out of hand...hopefully they have all sat down, had a cup of tea and had time to relax! It is supposed to be fun!

  10. It takes all kinds to make the world go 'round.... I love how you're dealing with the frustration -- the pic is wonderful! Hang on to why you're invovled, get what you can towards meeting that need, then let the rest be flushed away....

    Destress hugs coming your way... or maybe a massage as the reciepient???

  11. Wow, I deleted a few digests and had no idea that this was going on. I haven't been keeping up with the group...but I'm with Sarah, maybe I should stop receiving mail in protest. Of course, since I don't post I'm sure no one would notice! :o) Bonnie, I love the TP picture...talk about being raw!

  12. I have never understood why any of the lists were set for everyone to receive all replies. I have certainly responded a time or two thinking it was going to an individual and had it show up on the entire list. Ouch!

    Judy L.

  13. as a member of that group..it's fun to read other view points here-I will point out that when the listmom tried changing the setting people were overwhelmingly not able to get how to post to the list..I thought it quite amusing at the time. I like reading from the web-I like being able to skip what does not appeal and I find more good from the list than not good, so I plan on staying for now.
    I always find it interesting what tips the balance and causes these "much ado about nothing" in the big picture of life. guess I am getting long here-sorry!
    blogging does allow for so much more latitude! thank goodness.

  14. Oh I think maybe I am glad I am not on that list !
    That picture is priceless Bonnie. That is one I want to save

  15. Here Here Bonnie I so agree....Hugs Tina

  16. I was one of the "unsubscribed". I congratulated Bonnie and joked about a free massage. I rarely post so I was surprised to find out I was booted for OT. Too much moderating turns me off. They did let me "subscribe" again...I love the list but I doubt I'll be posting much again.


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