Monday, January 23, 2006

Two for Less-Than-The-Price-Of-One Birthday Special!

I had a heck of a day today. This tooth bothered me so much over the weekend that I called the endodontist this morning and said....I can't WAIT until Feb 9th for you to fix it, can you fix it NOW?! And I had my appt at 3:45.

After they had done the root canal, (don't you just love to see and smell smoke and feel debris flying when they drill your tooth apart?) they took xrays to check it....then the doc came back in with the xray and said...I think we have a problem...

Turns out he did the root canal on the wrong molar! He did the one BEHIND it, instead! He felt so bad....(I at this time was feeling no pain, cuz I was numb up the whole side of my face and tongue. Believe me....numb is my friend! It's the best I've felt in over a week!) that he isn't going to charge me for the wrong one....and is only going to claim what the insurance will cover on the RIGHT one, which he proceeded to do after we discovered that the one I went in for was still un-root-canaled.

I guess I got the birthday two-for-less-than-the-price-of-one special since today is my birthday! Really this is a good thing because they were going to charge me 1/2 of the entire fee until insurance paid, which was over $400 on an $800+ root canal. UP FRONT. (then they would reimburse me what was left over who knows how much further down the road) Now they are just going to file, and whatever they get they get....no extra 20% from me, no "up and above what insurance pays is your responsibility" from me. (I'm still trying to convince myself this is a good thing right? Who else would go through two root canals so they didn't have to fork out $400 up front?)

He is also going to pay for the filling that needs to go on the one tooth (that already has a crown..the one that should have been fixed first) and a crown for the wrong molar that got root-canaled.

I'm still feeling no pain, and I really think the whole thing is funny. I'm not going to talk him bad to anyone, it's nice to know that normal human things happen to normal human people....even dentists. That tooth was probably going to need a root canal at some point in the future anyway...right?



  1. Happy Birthday Bonnie, seems it will be one you will remember for years to come !
    Sorry to hear about the extra root canal. But at least you won't have to have that tooth hurt some time in the future.

  2. Happy Birthday Bonnie. That's quite the gift the dentist gave you! He sure knows how to treat a girl. LOL

  3. Oh no Bonnie!! What a TROOPER you are!!! Gol-ly!

  4. Happy birthday...so sorry about the tooth!

  5. My DH and I have had so many root canals and crowns that we're hoping to get the "buy ten get one free" deal.

    Hope you're feeling better and that you had a happy birthday in spite of your tooth ordeal.

  6. Oh Bonnie - a birthday you will never forget! But at least you will be feeling better soon - I hope! You've had it rough with that poor tooth!

  7. Bless your heart!! I love your outlook though. I had to pay my 20% last year...definitely dips into the budget. I guess we all need to floss more.
    Happy Birthday!! Best, Catherine

  8. OH NO! Gosh...at least you are taking it with the right attitude. And your dentist sounds like he handled it as well as he could. I hope you are feeling better!

  9. Happy B'day and ... ummm... do ya get to go buy fabric with the cash bonus?

  10. The finally thing is that you are release from the pain. Two for the price of one hè.... Sometimes we wish that we get that for a surprice but sometimes.... I think it cost you also two times the time at the dentist ...thanks he is a nice man! Otherwise ......

  11. You're taking this amazingly well - glad you can see the bright side of this and hey, at least that stinking aching tooth is now taken care of. Wishing you no more pain.

  12. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !!!!! What a way to spend a birthday - but what a bargain :-) Treat yourself with the money saved - you've earned it LOL

  13. I hope you are spoiled by your family for weeks after what you went through on your birthday!

  14. So glad to hear you are feeling no pain, or weren't at the time you blogged. Given how bad the situation was, I'm delighted to hear he handled his mistake with such grace and humility. Not what usually happens. Some would just have not "mentioned" that it was the wrong tooth and let you go home and find out...nasty.

    Other than a paid vacation to Netherlands, I think you did very well in the "compensation" department...LOL. Maye should have thown the need for a trip in there to see if he would "nibble"...*VBG* Seriously, give yourself something you've been craving with the extra dough..Hugs, Finn

  15. Bonnie: You didn't use a dentist in Kentucky, did you? I had the same thing happen to me but I had a cracked tooth and it hurt only when I would chew. The dentist did the whole procedure and it kept hurting. He finally realized he had put a crown on the wrong tooth. Amazing.

    Glad the finances worked out to your advantage though.

    Judy L.

  16. Oh my! You have a great attitude! Will you get a gold crown cuz then you'll have really made out on the financial end? LOL


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