Sunday, January 08, 2006

Stand Still Projects...

You know how it is when you have a project you love, but you can't make yourself work on it for whatever reason?

I have a project like this. I'ts my double pink and chocolate indigo Dear Jane variation that I started almost THREE *cough* years ago. It's sat at way over 1/2 done for almost 2 years now. I love it....every time I pull it out I pet it...and yet I have had the hardest time making my mind want to work on these tedious little jewel blocks. What is with that? Why do projects get this far only to stagnate?

One of my goals this year is to finish the top. I have pulled it out to take inventory (again!) of what I have done. It is 1/2 assembled into the top..I just need to do 6 1/2 rows left..The blocks for these rows are about 1/2 done too. They just need the storm at sea sashing and little square in a square cornerstones pieced and set with the blocks, and sew them in rows.

I have a retreat this weekend with my guild....we go up on thursday, and come home monday so that is a HUGE chunk of sewing time! Can you feel me trying to pump myself up about getting into gear with this quilt again? I have printed out all the block patterns by row...I have printed out all the foundations for the sashing parts...I have the fabric pulled and ready to go. Please please please let me have fun with this project again! I don't want to force myself if it is a drudgery. I want that spark of *YES!!!* When you are excited about something and it is coming together just as you envision it, and all your muses are working together with you to keep you inspired.

I'm taking this project! I'm gearing up for working on it! I hope that after the MLK weekend when I return I'll have alot to show for my efforts and the time I spent. Everyone who retreats with me knows that when at retreat I basically chain myself to my sewing machine! *LOL* Other people go off talking, walking, shopping, eatting.....and I've always put the pedal to the metal and cranked on the quilts while at retreat. I hope I can have that kind of energy for this project that has been at a dead end for so long :c)



  1. Bonnie,
    I LOVE your DJ and I hope you find the love for it again while you're working on it. That frequently happens for me when I have to make myself get moving on something and then it becomes a joy again. I hope that happens for you too. My guild's retreat is coming in February on President's Day weekend. And I'm like you - I spend every waking minute of the retreat sewing.


  2. Bonnie, that quilt is so very pretty! I do the same thing and it seems have teh like some of the projects I love the most are the ones I have the hardest time working on.

    Good luck getting more rows done on it at your retreat.


  3. Anonymous4:06 PM EST

    I adore this quilt and look at it often. The sashing and corner stones are so unique with all those tiny blocks. I love the colours too - it's a very elegant and striking quilt! Hope you have a great time at your retreat - always good for a pick-me-up :-)

  4. OK, here is some motivation - if you don't get excited and finish it - I will come take it from you and finish it - and then KEEP it! :)

    I"m like you - when I"m at a retreat I sew, sew, sew! I don't get to sew like that otherwise! So for me it is dedicated sewing time!

    I just love the pictures of this quilt. I can't wait to see more!

  5. Wow, Bonnie. That's beautiful. I have one DJ block done and am in awe of what you have finished, just on this quilt -- I know you already have a DJ finished!

  6. Bonnie - that is beautiful.
    Just wanted to say hi - cause I'm an Aquarian, Diana Gabaldon fan myself!

  7. It really is lovely, Bonnie, and I hope the passion for working on it comes back. I have several projects that are on hiatus until that desire comes back.

  8. Tell you what...you work on your DJ and I'll work on mine! :o) Bonnie, this is one of my favorite quilts on your site and I'd love to see it finished too. Have a great time at camp!

  9. Once you get going on your DJ, you'll have it done in no time because you are the fastest quilter in the world, Bonnie! I look forward to seeing it done when you get back.

  10. Bonnie, that is gorgeous. I cannot imagine ever being able to quilt like that. No wonder you take it our and pet it!

  11. Bonnie, you must ALWAYS be chained to your sewing machine, with as much as you get done. Have to admit, I'm a socializer - I'd be drinking tea, chatting and shopping. But sure wish I could be there with you all. Have fun doing whatever you work on!!!
    This DJ will be a stunning beautiful quilt, never doubt that.

  12. Bonnie -

    Your pink and chococlate DJ is beautiful! Can't wait to see it done! AS fast as you are, I am sure it will be done in no time. Have a great time at your retreat! We need to work on a Mavericks retreat!


  13. this quilt is to die for !! Wonderfull bonnie :c) .

  14. Do you work well with rewards.... Maybe a box of chocolates - you can have 1 chocolate after doing so much..... Do you work well with gentle reminders to get back at it? maybe you can ask the gals at you retreat to help you stay on track? It is a lovely quilt & I can't wait to see it as a top....

    No one has ever hear of those brown indigoes - BTW! (I shopped for them.)



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