Monday, January 02, 2006

She's Got A Ticket To Ride.....

I'm going to Haarlem to see Lucy!

I am SO excited...I bought my tickets and booked my flight today. A week with Lucy in The Netherlands!

I will go on April 22nd....it's an overnight flight that gets me into Amsterdam at 7am Lucy's time. *yawn* Do you think I'll be able to sleep while on the plane? I'll sure try! I don't want to miss a thing being tired while I am there!

My trip is planned to end with a special holiday called "Queen's Day". I guess it is a huge celebration and there are lots of flea-market type sales..people selling things, it sounds so fun! All the bulbs should be out in April, so we are hoping for some good weather to see the beautiful flowers.

I'm coming home on May 1st.

After booking my flight and realizing that yes, this is REAL....I found the form online to fill out to get my new passport. The last time I used my passport was when I went to Japan in 1989! Passports are only good for 10 years..so I need to get the new one. I do have the old one and along with my birth certificate and other forms of ID I think I can prove that I am me, and they will give me a new updated passport.

My job in the next couple days is to go get passport photos taken.

Haarlem! Here I Come!


  1. Bonnie,
    I was at Queen's Day years ago. It is definitely interesting...a bit overwhelming. We got caught in a body crushing crowd walking to a museum (I think). But it is crazy and the party lasts for 24 hours. The canals are FILLED with empty beer cans, bottles of all kinds. But it gets cleaned up ASAP! WEAR YOUR ORANGE!!! My dh and I wish we would've bought a bunch of Heineken and styrofoam coolers with ice. We could've paid for our spending money easily selling it on the corner! ;O)

    Have fun!
    PS(the tulips are gorgeous that time of year...we went to Koekenhoff...not sure of the spelling)

  2. Bonnie: What fun news! I know you're so excited . . I sure would be. It's gonna seem like forever til April 22 but hopefully it will pass quickly for you!


  3. Congrats! What a great trip that will be.

  4. wow Bonnie, that will be fun. Hope you will send me a post card !
    You will be surprised at how liberal some things are over there.

  5. Hurrah - trip booked. You two are going to have such a blast together. And you finally get to see all of Lucy's beautiful quilts in person.

  6. Hoi Bonnie,

    I am so happy that we meet again at 7 in the morning on 23 april!! I think we need 'buckets' for our tears. You are a wonderful friend!!!

  7. YEA! (Thanks for the reminder.... I finally got my passport photo - now to make the appointment at the post office.)

    I hope you are not lactose intolerant - The Duntch make AWESOME cheese!

  8. What wonderful news Bonnie! I am so happy for you and Lucy! And you will get to see her quilts in person!! It should be an awesome time of year to be there.

  9. Oh Bonnie that is so wonderful! You are going to have a trip of a lifetime with Lucy! I'm totally jealous! That is so wonderful you finally booked it all!

    And I"m totally jealous that you get to touch and feel Lucy's quilts in real life!

  10. I'm so excited for you both - we expect lots of pics on your blogs :-)

  11. How FUN for you and Lucy! I'm so happy for you :)

  12. You will both have a wonderful time...I can't wait to hear the stories of your time together!

  13. Hooray! What a wonderful trip!



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