Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Logs for Tracey and Finn

Tracey was posting about her 3" log cabins...I'm not sure what Finn's size is, I didn't check...but it made me want to dig out this old UFO I was doing from my smallest smallest saved pieces...Tracey..I'm still working on however many thousand blocks I need for these! And ohhhh dear, they've been on the back burner for a long time too! I'm thinking maybe if I could do the one block a day with you, I can get this done?? This layout shows 252 blocks....auuughhh!

The thing weighs a ton, and yes the blocks are 3" too. I tried 2", but the fabric prints because indistinguishable and the whole thing was seam allowance thickness...

One block, at least with this size, you can still tell what the fabrics are....

I think we all are playing in the loonie bin! *LOL*

Tooth is better, I celebrated by chewing gum!! But that made my TMJ sore on that side, probably from having my mouth propped open for so long :c)

I had lunch with a friend today....she drove me to the place I have to go to take my test on thursday, so I know where I'm going and won't get lost in a panic :c) NICE, huh?? She took her test and got her license about 6 months ago. If she can make it, so can I!

I worked on the customer quilt I started last friday before the tooth got bad over the weekend. I'm past 1/2 way on it now....the string quilt with the chalkboard grey 1/2 blocks in the barn raising? I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Jeff had an appt with the counsellor this afternoon. Good appt! I really like this guy. Since Jeff's birthday is tomorrow we went out to dinner tonight all 3 of us...Jeff's fave place is a buffet place called Fire Mountain. I got by with a salad and a piece of fish and a roll. I think I was still full from lunch (that was better, we went mexican!) so I don't feel so guilty about eatting out twice.

While at the counsellors with Jeff, I studied in the lobby while he was in his session. I had to memorize a star chart for the chinese five elements and the organ system meridians that go with each element and certain charactoristics of each. Because I can memorize the chart, and write it by memory, I'll be able to write it down when I begin my exam, and then use it as a reference. I hope it will help when the test has questions on oriental modalities. Not anything I'll ever use I'm sure in my practice, but it's those things you have to know just to pass the exam!

I'm still hand quilting on the Shoo Fly quilt. I've done nearly two rows of fans around working from the outside in towards the middle.....I'm going to pop into Jammies right now and then work on that a bit more again tonight. I've had all the studying and cramming today that I can take.



  1. Oh my goodness, each time I look at this I am loving it more and more.

    Almost makes me want to start one. Then I saw my word verification--oidumee--I think that might be saying something to me. Like RUN!!!

  2. Looking at these tiny log cabins, I can definitely concur that you're in the loony bin!!! I LOVE this quilt but am happy just to admire yours from afar rather than making one of my own :-)

  3. OK, you and Tracey are NUTS! I'm sending you both to the looney bin for sure. I can't believe how adorable those 3" log cabins are but they are soooo tiny!

    I"ll be happy with my crazy log cabins done with Gwen Friday night. Had a fun night looking thru her books again to think about setting ideas! Yeah, I know, I don't even have any blocks done yet!

  4. The quilt might be making you nuts, but it is so worth it. Gorgeous. Maybe finish it off as a summer spread with a tacked on backing?

    Glad the appt went well and you got some more studying in. Glad the quilting is going well on shoo-fly. Have you lost the fan quilting template yet?

  5. Loony bin is fine, especially when this is what becomes of it, and as long as it's you that put yourself in it :-D. It will be fantastic when finished. Are you going to handquilt it...............?


  6. Oh Bonnie,
    I love these blocks too!
    2 blocks a day, you can do that, this is one beautiful quilt :)
    glad your feeling better and your son is progressing too, glad you like the counsler that is 1/2 the battle!
    I didn't cut any strips less than 1 1/2 not sure I could work smaller than that , hmmmm inspiration here but not enough to start cutting smaller (yet!)

  7. Love the quilt Bonnie! Tiny log cabins are so much fun. I've done them with paper piecing, but I bet you aren't using paper, right? Everything you do seriously endangers my resolve to finish a couple current projects - at least to the finished top stage - before I start anything new. On the other hand, I have drawers and drawers of already cut strips and boxes and boxes of squares and already-made half square triangle squares. Oi vey! I have to go to work but all I want to do is play with my fabric!

  8. Do I even dare ask how big this will be when you finish? Love the quilt...

  9. what amazing log cabin blocks..I am with Sandra and will admire from a distance :-)

  10. Oh BONNIE!! Yours are beautiful! WOW! And how could you have put that away and make it a UFO?!?! :oP
    I wondered how much smaller I could go with mine...thanks for saving me the time and frustration! LOL!
    C'mon! Two a day! Get with it! :o)

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  12. I am the lucky one to have a little log cabin block from bonnie in my sewing box... everytime when I take a thread or a siccors I see it and makes me smile !!


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