Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy Root Canal To Me!!!

Like the child who "all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth..." All I want for my brithday today is to have this tooth fixed! I called the dentist office and they can 'squeeze' me in at 3:45. HOORAY! I think they took pity on me, or pity on my family for having to live with me. :c)

This will also work out great because my friend Sandi and I wanted to make a plan today to hop over to Joann's while so much stuff was still on sale. I need some king size hobbs batting, and while it is 1/2 off, it's cheaper than I can get it wholesale plus shipping. So I'm going to buy 6 of them and stash them back. Not sure what else is on sale, but when Sharon showed her great organization boxes for her sunroom studio, those really caught my eye too so I'm going to check those out.

Not a whole lot of quilting got done this weekend, mostly because the pain meds make me sea sick. Bad enough that I am not taking them today...I have to DRIVE! I've gone back to the ibuprophen, as well as still on the antibiotic. I hope it will see me through until after the proceedure. I did some hand quilting, and some swap block piecing...but I really didn't spend much time behind a needle at all this weekend.

Here is some more eye candy for you. This is a pic of an antique pineapple, also from houston. I just loved the fabrics in it! This must have been "the year of the cheddar" when I was taking photos that year, they all seem to have cheddar in them somewhere..*LOL* It was just LOVELY.




    I'm so sorry that you have to spend the day underneath a dentist's drill...but yet glad that you will be back to yourself soon.

    Oooh! This Pineapple Log Cabin is to die for!!! You didn't purchase it??? ;-)

  2. Almost slipped that birthday by us, didn't ya. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Hope the dentist takes really good care of you and there's no more pain.

  3. Happy Birthday -- Hope your tooth will give you enough relief to enjoy getting a year older!
    Life is good!

  4. Happy, happy, happy birthday Bonnie!!! And many more without the toothache..*VBS* Terrible birthday present! So glad you could get "in" and have it done.

    Great pineapple quilt you snapped..love the eye candy!! Thanks for sharing

  5. Happy Birthday to you! glad to hear your tooth will be worked on and you can look forward to truly feeling well again. The pineapple quilt is so lovely...thanks for sharing!

  6. Happy birthday to you Bonnie! I'm sore the root canal will be ok. I've done several, and they've usually been quite painless. I wan't tell you about the last one though. Nothing wrong with the denstist or her work, just my tooth that was not according to textbook.


  7. Happy Birthday and sending good wishes your way!

  8. Oh Bonnie - I hope your feeling better by tomorrow!

    Happy Birthday! I was going to remember and then totally forgot with trying to get this satellite working.

    Let us know how the tooth is. I LOVE the pineapple quilt. One quilt I probably won't attempt to make!

  9. Bonnie - Hope your tooth is feeling better by now or that you are so hopped up on pain meds that you don't even care! Too bad you had to spend your b-day this way! Hope you had a wonderful day anyway - or that you plan to celebrate better when your pain is gone! Happy Birthday!


  10. Bonnie: So sorry the tooth is still bothering you. What a way to spend your birthday.

    Happy Birthday in spite of the tooth!

    Judy L.


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