Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gwen has moved :c) (and sympathy stuff)

I got the coolest email! Get this:


I maintain Gwen's website and am moving it from http://geocities.com/gwenmarston

You may want to change your html to reflect the change. Her website
can now be reached through

Thank you for having the link to her website. I just looked at the
statistics and found that 9.06% are referred from your URL page."

It's not as cool as an email from Gwen herself, but how neat to have over 10% of her traffic coming from my links to her :cD As of yesterday the page wasn't functional yet, but it is up and running today. I'm really glad she claimed her own domain with her name. Makes it easier to remember than the geocities one.

On a sad note:

My dear friend's mother passed away last sunday from pancreatic cancer. I just found out this morning (I had wondered when I hadn't heard or recieved any emails in over 2 weeksand I had this gut feeling....you know how those are?) All week long it nagged me...I spent a long time plowing through sympathy cards to send this afternoon, each one made me cry, and sounded so trite. How can you really comfort a far away friend when you can't get there just to be able to wrap your arms around them? Saying "I'm so sorry for your loss" just doesn't cut it. Especially via email. :c( Times like this when there are too many miles in between are just too hard. But never the less, my thoughts are with James, Diane, and Dale during their time of sorrow for the loss of their mother. And for their father too, who feels so lost. I wish there was something I could do from here.



  1. So sorry to hear of your good friend's loss, Bonnie. And try not to fret about the words...it's your care and concern that matters most.

    An added note: Love your license plate over yonder. I'll have to post mine sometime too! (My son won't drive my car because of it!)

  2. I hear you Bonnie-it is so hard to not feel bad about not being able to BE there-they will appreciate any card you do send as they will know it is from your heart-cards really mean a lot

  3. So where did Gwens website move to????


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