Saturday, January 21, 2006

For the Love of Cheddar!

This color just rocks my world :c) Here is a pic of an applique sampler, also taken in Houston. Cheddar, green, and a reddish brown called "ox blood". (nice name, huh???) but it sure looks great together! I wish I'd gotten a better pic of the one next to it as well....it was a doozy! But this trip to Houston had me fascinated with antique applique quilts. Maybe I thought I was actually going to do one!

Acutally I did get started. I made a gazillion (or what felt like) Oak leaf and reel blocks....poison green, red and cheddar on muslin. It's boring. It has stayed a top. A top that needs to come apart because I really think it needs pieced sashing or something?? So much..MUSLIN! Maybe muslin is one of those things that only looks better AFTER you quilt it and can see the detail? It just looks washed out to me.

Maybe it needs just a pieced border? (hanging diamonds? anyone?) I don't want to do applique in the big setting triangles, I thought that something feathered could go there. I didn't use overlay for the applique placement..I just freely placed them on the block, so they are all a bit different from eachother. I wanted it to look as old as possible. Some of the reel centers are really wonky!

I do love the fabrics in it. It just got to a point where I didn't know what to do with it.

Toothache actually woke me feeling WORSE this morning. I'm not sure if I was clenching my jaw in my sleep or what, but today I've got a call in to DH's friend, the dentist...and see if maybe there is something for pain he can prescribe. Breakfast at my house was mushy cheerios this morning...! Whhhaa!



  1. Bonnie, I love these cheddar quilt you are sharing! For yours, can't you showcase your amazing quilting talents in the muslin areas? Maybe with a cheddar colored thread? There would be enough color in that to add some sparkle to your quilt.

    I hope you can get the meds to make your tooth feel better.

  2. Bonnie -

    Maybe you need to eat some cheese!

    I like your appliques quilt. I think it will look much better once you get a border on it. And once you do all your amazing quilting on it, it will be wonderful and you will wonder why it was a UFO for so long.

    Hope your toothe is feeling better.


  3. Always nice to see a quilt show - and I like these cheddars better than yesterday's, I Think. Just too much gray in that one, but I also love the softness of the applique pieces.

  4. I know you do't want to hear it but what a great opportunity for some trupunto! You could also try a really strong turkey red print border print...I have some in the closet somewhere....


  5. I think it needs sashing and a pieced border. Love the blocks set on point though.

  6. I love the colors and I'm impressed by the patience you've demonstrated in making those blocks. I hope that one day my appliqué skills will be good enough to make Baltimore blocks


  7. I like your applique quilt - the block float on the muslin background and really make a strong statement! (They don't have to argue with a shirting....)

    I can definatly see a pieced border, but I'd think twice before adding sashing....

    Remember, "Root Beer Floats are nice."

  8. I would definitely NOT take it apart...leave it as it is and add a pieced border. Showcase your beautiful quilting in the white spaces!

  9. Love your applique blocks! Not sure what I'd do but I can tell you I would NOT take it apart and add sashing. I'm sure there's a multitude of border treatments that would be perfect and you'll come up with something really wonderful!

    So sorry about the tooth!

  10. Just imagine how beautiful all that muslin will look when you quilt it!! Really, it'll be wonderful! I would maybe do a pieced border, but if you are going for the antique look... maybe not. Bind in the ox-blood. Yum. giggle.

  11. I like it Bonnie, I think with some nice quilting designs it will be perfect. Too many other things would detract from the beauty of what you have done. My humble opinion !
    Hope the tooth stops hurting

  12. Anonymous1:37 AM EST

    Maybe you could do a "sore tooth" border - GROAN :-) :-) :-) hee hee hee (seriously I hope it gets better - nothing worse than that awful ache) and I love these antique quilts - keep 'em coming!

  13. Bonnie, oh how is your tooth - I hope your ok!

    I wouldn't sash it - that just wouldn't look right. All that muslin is going to look marvelous once it is quilted so keep it. As for a border - hmmm, I"d have to look - I would guess since it has been a top for so long you can wait a few days while I mull it over!


  14. I forgot to mention that I LOVE your new profile picture and I"m SO BUMMED that you don't have a picture of the cheddar and red feathered star quilt to the left of that one! I zoned right in on that one!

  15. Red sashing with cheddar posts. Red and orange sawtooth triangle sashing... I think my dislike of muslin is showing... Sorry you did all that applique and now you're not happy with it. Hope you figure something out that makes you LOVE it.

  16. I wouldn't take it apart and add sashing either. I think it will be a wonderful showcase for your quilting.

    I'd add an appliqued swag border. Not that I've ever done one but I think it would look great with these blocks.

  17. I do know Bonnie, that whatever you decide to do with this quilt will be superb. But I personally feel that YOUR QUILTING would be just splendid with the muslin, just the way it is. But you know me...I love things quilted to death!

  18. That should read: IT will be superb! (Haste makes waste, my 3rd/4th grade teacher always told us!)

  19. Great quilt Bonnie..I love the colors..awesome applique..I like that's wonky in places..*VBG*

    Personally, I'd add lattice, I was thinking flying geese...but only you can know what will work for you..sorry!!

    And so sorry about the offending tooth..been there, no fun!!!

  20. I love your applique quilt Bonnie, it definately does not need sashing. It soooo looks like an antique quilt as it is!

  21. Ooohhh - nice quilt! I would put lots of faux traponto in all that white space!!!

    As far as borders and antique quilts - search the collections at
    lots of inspiration there!



  22. Anonymous6:08 PM EST

    I watched a quilt my dh taped for me Fon's and Porter and they were showing cheddar quilts. I thought of you. Thanks for sharing. I am learning so much from the qulit blog. Maybe someday I will get over my fear and try quilting. :)I love fabic. I am just afraid to cut it. LOL


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