Thursday, January 05, 2006

Borders added

Here are some pics of the borders I put on the double sashed strings quilt. Yes, I'm keeping it like it is, I would be crazy to pick it out, and maybe some day the indiscrepancies (sp?) might tickle someone. So be it :c)

Does anyone else ever pull out UFOs that are nearly done and you can't remember how they got that far or why it didn't just get finished? That is how I feel about this one...it was nearly done. Why did it get put away and why did it end at that stage and why can't I remember? Maybe it had something to do with midterms or finals or something. Definately a brain warp, but now it's done.

I'm happy at the amount of fabric this used too. I'm still working on using stuff from stash, and this one is no exception. The inner border and the outer border came from yardage, of which there is NONE left to go back on the yardage shelves! What little there was of the cream is in strips in the scrap bins, and the blue was only a long 5" strip and I folded it and stuck it in a drawer with the blue fat quarters. Still doesn't look like much room happening on the yardage shelves though! I still couldn't find room for more fabric if I tried.

Last night (after the piecing fiasco) I bound 3 sides of the ohio star quilt. One side and the sleeve left to go....hope to get to that tonight.

It's a gorgeous day here! I'm sorry for you folks in the frozen northlands..but I was just out in my yard in a short sleeved t shirt and it felt nearly hot! I think this would be a great day for walking buddy in the forest, hopefully the ground has dried from the rain we've had...



  1. Really, the discrepancies between the Xs and Os is negligble. I wouldn't have even noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. Definately not worth ripping out! I like it! I need to try something new as I have made two more x string baby quilt and two more bargello baby quilts for charity. I swear my next charity quilt will be a different pattern! :)

  2. This is lovely. UNtil I went back through the posts and you told me where the discrepency was I didn't see it. Yes its there, but it doesn't "jump" at me.

    Great to have one more out of the UFo pile, even if you don't know how it got there... maybe you're UFO's are multiplying like bunnies in the dark ;-)

    And yes I'm green with envy at the thought of short sleeves... Its been warm here (about 0 Celecius, but lots of snow and cloud..._

  3. Anonymous2:57 PM EST

    It turned out beautifully. I really must get to the shop and get some blues as I don't have nearly enough LOL. Love the border fabric too.

  4. The weather is fantastic in my part of the world as well! The quilt looks great, and congrats on using so much stash fabric. I personally feel that stash fabric expands to fill in any empty space made when you use up other stash fabric... If that makes sense?

    And, I often find UFOs that merely need quilting or borders. Guess my short attention span is at work there ;-)

  5. Bonnie, that quilt turned out pretty. I'm sure if you didn't point out the turned blocks, no one will ever notice.

    I wondered if you were seeing a dent in the stash yet. We have a long way to go, huh?


  6. Bonnie, I think its really pretty and to be honest it took me a long time to find what you were talking about. It certainly doesn't jump out at you. I would love to have one like it on my bed.

  7. Looks SUPER!!! Great job!
    PS...i noticed the "oops" right away but would've done exactly as you did...SHRUGGED and said OH WELL! LOL

  8. For what it's worth Bonnie, you've already tickled me - I LOVE the quilt this way. It's beautiful, charming, scrappy, and REAL looking - not all planned out and perfect.

  9. The borders look wonderful with this quilt! I really like the look of this strippy quilt! More for me to do! Arghhh - but it is a happy Arghhhhh!

  10. Maybe it was the angle I was looking or not looking carefully enough ... BUT ... I can see it now. And ... whatever ... you finished it and it is nice. Got new glasses, credit the glasses with seeing?


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