Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bonnie Hunter, LMT

I did it! I passed!

Oh my HECK. This was the hardest test I hope I will ever have to face in my life, and so many questions had me going HUH!?? I guess there is no way to cover everything in school, and I had SO many questions on oriental modalities. I'm glad I did the studying I did, but so many still had me going...WHAT? Like this one:

The practice of Moxibustion is used for correcting:
1. excess yang
2. excess yin
3. excess moisture
4. excess dryness

We learned what moxibustion is.....they use an herb called mugwart and light it on your skin. I know this much. But they never told us if it was for any of the above! I guess I better find out....some of this stuff just blew me away..*LOL*

I don't find out which ones I missed. They just list the chapters and if you passed each chapter with a high/medium/low. I scored high in everything, but you know....some of those questions just need ANSWERS in my mind! (not like I'm ever going to be performing moxibustion on anyone in the near future...at all!)

I walked out of there with a skip in my step and a smile on my face....and went over to the school to get a copy of my diploma notarized so that I could go back to the LLR (licensure) building to get my state license. Filled out a form, plopped out $150.00 and voila! I should have that license in 2 weeks.

After that I went to my favorite little whole in the wall chinese place and had a $3.50 lunch special to celebrate. I wanted really bad to ask the chinese guy if HE knew the answer to the moxibustion question..*hehe* But I didn't.

So I'm home again. What to do to celebrate? Play with fabric I guess! Weeee!

Don't spose anyone would be interested in a massage? :cD


    CONGRATULATIONS BONNIE!!!! I had no doubt that you could do it! :o)

    Now...as far as celebrating? If it were ME.....I'd go buy myself some FABRIC!! :oP

    Sorry...that's just me. ;o) LOL!

  2. Oohh Bonnie! Congratulations! So nice that they don't keep you waiting 2 weeks for your test results! What a relief. If I were you - I would celebrate with a big nap to give my brain cells a rest - grin - !



  3. Great that you get to know the results right away!! So glad you got high marks on all the chapters - I know how good that can feel!

    Can't help ya with the moxibustion question. :P

  4. Congratulations Bonnie!!!!! Knew you could do it - wish I was closer to get a massage :-) I think the answer is too much yin - I think yin is cold and yang is hot, so heat therapy would be to warm up the body????? Don't think I could go back to study LOL. WELL DONE WOO HOO!!!!

  5. Congratulations on passing your exams. I know that your schedule is probably filled up already, but would you consider coming to Norway to treat my elbow?

    Have a nice day!


  6. Congratualtions Bonnie!!! I know a very captive audience for you, next weekend!!!!


  7. Congrats! It must feel great to be done the studying and have had it pay off.

  8. WOOHOO!!! Congrats to Masseuse Bonnie!!! Your hard work paid off!

  9. YAYYY!!!! very awesome news Bonnie! Playing with fabric is a great idea-wish I lived closer too for a massage-I have no doubt it would be the best ever! I am sure you will be smiling a long, long time!

  10. CONGRATS! I knew you'd sail through!

    Sniff -- we knew her way back when....

  11. Good Job, Bonnie! I'm so happy for you!

  12. Great job! Want to come to Maine? I could sure use a massage.

  13. Congratulatons, Bonnie! And Happy Birthday to you and Jeff!

  14. Congratulations Bonnie, I had no doubt that you would ace the test. And if you ever need any mugwort, I have lots growing in my herb garden. oh btw, moxibustion leaves marks on your skin. Makes you look kinda funny, round red circles.

  15. Congratulations! I would LOVE a massage. My neck hurts! :( I'm so proud of you!

    Judy L.

  16. Woo hoo Bonnie! I'm so very happy for you! I know you've been working on this a LONG time - or at least it seems that way. But I never doubted your for a minute. Everything you choose to do you do very well - and usually excel. If I were in your neck of the woods I'd pop over for a massage in a heartbeat. Hmmmm . . . how to you feel about traveling? :-)

  17. Congratulations Bonnie...I know that you and your massages are going to make a lot of people very happy! If you ever want to come to NJ....

  18. Happy dance, happy dance!!!! I know you are so happy to be done, done! We all knew you were going to pass these tests with flying colors. Congrats!


  19. Congratulation! Knew you would do it! I hasked two "brainy" folks I work with the definitin of maxibustion: first, "too much hot air," second, "overbearing women with big chests." (at leat we know he's not talking about me!)

    We'll need to tack on a visit to the Indian restaurant when you visit..my treat!

  20. Silly girl - I never doubted that you would pass! I"m SO HAPPY for you!

    But I"m dying to know what Moxibustion corrects.



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