Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Baptist Fan Template

I've been asked how I do fans on the longarm...so I'm uploading a pic of the new templates from Circle Lord

The idea is so easy it's nearly foolproof. (other then breaking threads and skipped stitches, which had nothing to do with the templates.) You have a stylus attached to the long arm machine...you line the edge of the quilt up with the edge of the template, plunk the stylus in the groove, and away you go. There are three templates to cover the length of my machine table and they just snap together. I use a roll of that rubberized shelf liner stuff underneath the template to hold it from moving and shifting while I quilt.

I have accomplished much of NOTHING today! OH, really, I have done alot..but it was all computer work with nothing to show for it. I have had my website since 1997 and everything I ever saved to my server to show as a picture to anyone for anything, any graphic I ever saved, any pic of family, dog, cat, miscellaneous is all alphabetically arranged on my server....and most of the stuff after this long I had no clue what it was! So, one by one, I've been going through and culling out stuff I don't need on there anymore, and trying to make folders for stuff to make things easier to find. This also means, that if I move a page's pics to it's own folder, all the pics need to be re-linked on the webpage itself so they can be found. It's a HUGE undertaking...but will be beneficial in the long run. Instead of having everything in one big pile, it will be split up into different files and directories. I've been at it for over 6 hours and I got up to *M*. And this is just the cleaning out part! I just know this is going to be one of these evenings where DH says....so what did YOU do today...as he looks around and sees laundry not done, and dishwasher still not emptied. Did I quilt for customers today? Nope. Sometimes you have to take time out to maintain the website, and it needs spring cleaning in a BIG WAY even if it can't be seen from outside the server!

I haven't even packed for retreat tomorrow! I've got groceries I need to bring with me...and I think I'll stop and shop for them on the way out of town in the morning. I'm striving to get there by NOON! Let the festivities begin!



  1. Anonymous3:57 PM EST

    Don't worry about the website for a few days - like housework or laundry it'll be there for you when you get back! Do your shopping, pack your stuff and skip your way to a wonderful weekend away leaving your worries behind :-)

  2. As if I had time, she thinks. Adding was harder than 'Y' intersections on quilts!

    Just pack and have a great time ...

    Cindy B.

  3. Bonnie,
    I wondered if you had the BF template from CL. Their product is amazing!!! I haven't invested in the clam or BF yet...probably won't either since I'm probably backing away from longarming for others!

    Have fun on retreat!

  4. Bonnie, Thanks for showing me the template! Very cool.

    And yes, that server cleaning is a nightmare - but you will feel so good when done! I just cleaned up our guild's website and that is little compared to your website. I don't envy you that chore.

    Have a WONDERFUL time on your retreat!


  5. I can't wait to hear how much fun you had on your retreat. Some day ...

  6. I know you're away at your Retreat right now Bonnie...and just certain that you're having a marvelous time! You deserve every ounce of laughter and sewing.

    Tell us EVERYTHING as soon as you get home! ;-)


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