Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Sometimes you find yourself being Maverick when you DON'T WANT TO BE!

I had some time this afternoon so I was digging through some projects trying to decide what to take on retreat with my guild over Martin Luther King Weekend (Jan 12-16. Low and behold, I found this pile of string blocks...4 quarters make the block with 4 sashings and one cornerstone in the mddle. 11 blocks were done, and there were block quarters done and trimmed and ready to be set into the remaining 9 blocks. So I get a lightbulb moment to start these this afternoon, telling myself it won't take long at all to put them together, add sashings between the big blocks, and border the thing and call it good.

I've been working on it the past few hours...I just sewed all the rows together...and found out AUUGHHH! There is a huge giant problem with the direction of about 1/2 the blocks! The first set of blocks I did, the diagonals of the string pieced sections were set so they made an "O" and the last 9 I did I unintentionally set the diagonals in the string pieced units so the 4 of them made an "X"!!!!!! Here I thought I was making all the same block..but I guess I wasn't. SUPRISE!!

I laid the blocks on the floor, laid the sashings with them..and I didn't even SEE this problem until they were all sewn together and sashed! Now..there is NO WAY I am going to unpick half of this quilt. It can just be X's and O's and tough beans! Can you see in the pic where the blocks change direction somewhere in the middle of the quilt? :c/ Yes I'm tired, Yes I'm distracted! I'm calling it a night, I'll deal with borders tomorrow...*rolling eyes at myself for being So blind"

Ps..the colors aren't very "true" in this pic. They are a lot brighter in person!



  1. Bonnie, to be very honest, if you hadn't mentioned the differences, I wouldn't have noticed and even then, I had to look hard to see what you were talking about. I think it adds charm.

  2. I agree-- I didn't notice either until I really looked. I really like the light and dark sashings. Food for thought!

  3. You definitely can't tell unless you're told about it, so don't worry. I love the way it almost looks like you are looking through a window to see the quilt, because of the darker sashing. A very nice effect! Don't change a thing...

  4. It's kind of an optical illusion thing...if I look halfway up an "X" block, Isee an "O" again! Another terrific quilt!

  5. Anonymous9:49 PM EST

    Until you mentioned it, I hadn't noticed, and even then had to look really hard LOL. I like it just the way it is - the "hugs and kisses" quilt :-)

  6. I agree with Sandra - I didn't notice until you mentioned it, and even then, I had to really search for it! Great quilt!


  7. I didn't notice either. In fact, I was trying to figure it out before I read the rest of your note. Bonnie, I don't know how you work so quickly. Great quilt!


  8. love it -mistakes and all. And I have to join everyone else, if you hadn't mentioned it I wouldn't have seen it.

  9. squint, squint ... I still can't see it. Only my eyes are old, the rest of me is young ... and no way I could keep up with you, Bonnie. Another great quilt ...

  10. Bonnie - I LOVE it. I love the Xs and Os. Think it makes the quilt much more interesting and fun this way. (Not that it wouldn't have been otherwise - you know what I mean.) It's marvelous. Hope you enjoy quilting on it.

  11. OOhhh so fun! There is now more to look at ! And maybe over 200 years someone is wondering "why does she went from O's to X'es " I love mistakes in quilts ...

  12. x's and O's - HUGS AND KISSES! From a nice warm quilt! Sounds like the perfect gift for someone you love!

  13. I couldn't tell until you pointed it out and then I had to look at EVERY row carefully to see the "error?" Besides with that kind of fun piecing - use it up ends of fabircs - this kid of design change is partially the point, no?

    Besides - "DOne is better than Perfect!" And that baby will be done done soo enough with you behind the long arm!

  14. OK, I had to look and look and look some more to see the difference between the X's and O's. I don't think it is an error.

    Maybe you could do a label (or a tonya letter border) that says XOXO - Hugs and Kisses, or something like that? XOXO Quilty Hugs and Kisses? I always sign my letters with X's and O's, so I like them.



  15. Bonnie - I love it this way! It makes your eyes jump around and makes you think - wait - what's the pattern! Hey there is no set pattern! But you see the x's and the o's. I like it! Makes you take a closer look and think! I like that about a quilt!

    Very cute!

  16. I started reading this thinking you were going to work on this at the retreat but no....if you finish each project you pull from your pile what will you work on? :)

    I really like the way this turned out...relax.


  17. I have a strip quilt like that too. Mine is finished yet. I love how you did the inner sashing on that. I think I will try to do the same when I put the pieces together.

    I never would have noticed the difference between the Xs and Os if you hadn't told me and even then I had to really look, so I would let it bother you.

    Happy Quilting!

  18. Like everyone else, I would *never* have noticed this unless yopu pointed it out. It looks great!

  19. Oooh!!! I've been wanting to do a string quilt like yours for a looooooooong time, Bonnie.

    And goodness, dear...if you're ever unhappy with another quilt...just send it on up to me. I'd hate to have you stressing ever again!!!



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