Friday, January 20, 2006

Amish Geese

Everything Goes Better With Cheddar! At least I'm sticking too it....I just LOVE this Cheddar, and when I see it in antique quilts, I love it even better :c) This is a pic from Houston a few years back.

Toothache is still naggy. It has been 1 1/2 days since the antibiotics started, so I should start seeing an improvement. Right now, it feels awful good to wrap one of those icepack thingies in a little tea towel and lay my whole face on it!

I'm thinking twice before I eat anything....even though I'm chewing on the side that isn't sore, you can't just open one side of your jaw without using the other. I may end up losing weight before I get this tooth worked on, which might be not a bad thing at all. Soup is my friend. Yogurt is my friend!

My little friend Stephanie came over to work on her puss in the corner blocks today. I really enjoy so much having her here. We graduated school together and she is just so sweet. Killer that she is about the age of my oldest son! Her puss in the corner blocks are all reds and neutrals and she is doing really well on matching seams and learning to use all the different reds and different shades of background fabrics. It's going to be a super quilt for her.

While she was here working I loaded a customer quilt, it's a string quilt "roman stripe" set in barn raising. The solid 1/2 of the triangles is a marble grey, and the pieced parts are EVERYTHING under the sun. Alot of brights. I am quilting with signature thread in varigated brights. It really makes that grey look not so bad! (at first I thought it was a little subdued for the brights in the pieced triangles)
I love how the varigated looks across the grey. It reminds me of playing with colored chalk on a school chalkboard :c) You might have to click the pic to see the thread better. This quilt is 98X98. BIG AND HEAVY! (and she sent warm & natural batting to go in it...make that twice as heavy!)

I got a good bit done while Stephanie was here, and it was only because she was here that I could force myself to plug away with it with how I feel! DUMB TOOTH!



  1. Wow Bonnie, I love the amish. But you noticed already that I am hooked to orange!! Now I deffinately need to buy 4 yards from this great color in the shop ;c)

  2. Well you know my love for repro fabrics and I love, love, love flying geese - so I'm loving that old picture you posted! Oh how jealous I am that you got to see all those old quilts! What beauty!

  3. I can appreciate the antique quilts but those colors do not excite me- now the customer's quilt you are doing...love the varigated thread and how it shows up on the gray...really makes it pop Bonnie!

  4. Hope you get some relief soon -- toothaches are so miserable -- ya can't enjoy anything with them. You know -- chocolate cures just about anything except a toothache!

  5. Love the cheddar...I'm a big fan of both the cheese and the color..LOL

    The string quilt looks great..she really DID use everything, didn't she..LOL?? But the quilting helps the gray alot.Must weigh a ton tho..all those seams!

  6. Not sure I like the grey - I don't have a single piece in my stash! But the variegated thread really "makes" the fabric come alive - great job as usual :-) Chewing fresh coriander is supposed to ease toothache, if you can find any in the garden or the supermarket!

  7. Hi- Love the varigated thread on the gray. I remember making random crayon drawings and coloring over the paper with black crayon then scraping off the black to see the colors underneath-that is what I am reminded of. Hope your jawbone is better soon. keep icing!

  8. Bonnie,
    Great quilting on the customer quilt! It looks like fun! And the variegated is such an added touch!

    I hope the tooth feels better soon!

  9. Sorry about the tooth! I hate having a tooth ache.

    The quilt looks great. The feathers look like they're dancing. I love variegated thread on dark fabrics.

    The last two quilts I have done for customers were HUGE! I've kinda gotten used to the smaller ones and the big ones take forever.

    Hope the tooth is better real soon.


  10. I love Roman Stripe blocks - that much more fun with strings. Your quilting looks fab - love the hearts. The amish with cheddar doesn't do it for me at all, tho I have gotten increasingly fond of the color. Hope the owie goes away soon.

  11. I love the cheddar quilt and there happens to be a new line of dargate cheddars out now I just may have to break down and buy enough for a quilt like this.....
    it is an awesome quilt must have been exciting to see it in person and the quilting on it.
    I love the variagated thread on the customer quilt...
    looks wonderful...amazing to me all those different fabrics she used and it works, hope you will post a picture of the whole quilt when your done.


  12. Bonnie, I love your quilting you are definetly one of the best...Tina


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