Friday, January 06, 2006


My dear dear friend who happens to be an engineer (and tries to teach me to think like one) once told me that if something stops working, or working differently you have to go backwards in time to the point where that happened to see if you can pinpoint things YOU did that made the difference.

I just went back in time removing different elements from my template and checking if it made a difference. I found it. It was the calendar and the java clock in the calendar that were throwing things off. I'm not sure WHY, something with this java fighting with the page java, but when I removed the whole calendar and clock..voila...things went back to working fine.

So the cute calendar is no more...but it isn't as if I really needed it there, now do I? :c)

Thanks Dawn for all your help in putting up with me to figure this out! I think I'm good to go now! NO MORE BOX BAR at the top! YEAH!



  1. Glad you figured it out but I kinda liked the calendar.

    Looks great now though!


  2. And I missed all the excitement with the blog... been incognito for a couple weeks, here. Glad to hear you got it all ironed out. I have been wanting to mess with my site and, at least, change the background to something I actually like, but I am not brave enough. You know? It's not broken so I guess I better not attempt to fix it. I am soooo not computer technical. And DH works on them for a living! I absolutely love the hand work on your stars and stripes quilt! The quilt is really very eye-catching and a real tribute to 9-11. I want to curl up in front of a fireplace and quilt! I am thrilled for you and Lucy- I know you'll have a wonderful time.

  3. Anonymous10:30 PM EST

    Like Nines, I don't want to mess with my template! I added a Links bit in and that's me done for now :-)

  4. I knew you'd keep at it til you got it..LOL. It does look alot better on first view with the bar this way and not bunched..so you had to give up the calender...so sorry about that..*S* Love the "buttons" thingys you found tho...LOL

  5. Yeah!!!!!! Now who would have ever guessed that was causing the problem! But like I found out, the things that messed mine up between ie and netscape - it made no sense at all!

  6. Glad it was an easy fix, even if an unwelcome one.


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