Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's November!

Halloween passed here as mostly uneventful. A few little gremlins walking the streets with their parents, but we don't get alot of trick or treat action in our little corner, kind of a long dark culdesac, and there aren't many 'littles' at this end of the neighborhood.

I spent yesterday piecing the second student quilt for the giveaway next week. I did have 20 of these pineapple blossom blocks done, it wasn't quite enough for a lap quilt, but the thought occured to me if I added sashings, and cornerstones...that it would be big enough for the center. By the time I added borders it was just right! All that is left to do is quilt and bind it.

I've noticed something lately....not that it bothers me, but very seldom do I do fancy pieced borders! Maybe it's because the middles are so busy that I need something just to frame it in and stop the busy-ness..but also I think that by the time I am in a crunch to finish a quilt, I just don't want to put more time into the borders! *LOL* I have done some with braided borders, lots of 1/2 square triangle borders, and dog-tooth borders with equilateral triangles, and I love how they look, but unless it is really a quilt that cries out for more piecing in the border, I'm happy with the formula of either a 1 1/2", 2", or 2.5" cut strip for the inner border and then something 5" to 6" wide for the outer border to frame everything. Some Amish quilts I've done 8" borders on so I can do really fancy quilting in there, but most of the time, it's a 5" cut.

Do you find yourself in a border rut? I'm curious if many find themselves like me.

I also tend to like a contrasting binding when binding a quilt. Even if it's in the same color family as the border, I rarely bind the quilt in the same fabric as the border because it just doesn't show. How bout you guys? Contrasting binding, or binding from the same fabric as the border?

At 11:45 I have a dentist appt to fix a molar that a piece broke off of....it's not bad enough to need a crown, but it has made the space between it and the next molar big enough that food gets in there and I'm forever toothpicking it out, so it will be nice to have that space smaller.

Yesterday the weather was so nice that at about 2:30 I took buddy the golden retriever and we went to Harbison state forest to go hiking the trails. We did between 4 and 5 miles I think..the loop takes about 1 1/2 hours to do and of course it is more uphill than downhill...ask me how this is possible! It was great enjoying the sights and smells of the forest. We even saw a deer bounding through...Buddy wanted to take off after him, but a quick jerk on the leash made him give up that idea quickly.



  1. Love the quilt Bonnie, and as usual would love to know(when you are LESS busy) how you pieced the block...LOL..ya, that's me..I'm a "block" thinking person.
    Borders, I'm much like you, and I agree part of it is the busyness of the quilt, especially scrap quilts. Often I don't "border". The statement the quilt makes is enough. If I do border, it's much the same as you, a narrower inner border, and mostly just 1 wider border.

    Binding I like narrow and flat, have only put a double layer binding on once in my quilting life, and regret it...still ! Some times if the quilt is "funky" or wonky, I'll piece the binding from lots of assorted lengths of 1.5" strips. If it's a serious quilt, I very often use the same fabric and the outer border. On 2 fabric quilts I generally use one of the two fabrics used..or colors used. Personally I don't think there should be a hard and fast rule you follow, depends on the quilt itself, for me.

    Sooooooooo glad you and Buddy took that hike..just what the dr. ordered I think...good girl!

  2. You know, it is interesting that you brought the subject up of borders. Not too many months ago we had a speaker on this very subject.

    I agree with you that most of your quilts with being so scrappy and busy that the simple plain border looks the best. I think it needs the calming frame.

    But the speaker did bring up the interesting point of not getting lazy and always doing just a plain border. She showed some quilts with and without pieced borders and WOW - did it make a difference! I do love your quilts with the braided and triangle borders!

    Bindings I vary. I often use the same fabric as the outer border, but then other times I'll use a fabric from one of the inner fabrics to make a very thin outer frame. It just all depends on what I think the quilt calls for. Can't say I have a rule - just whatever I think it needs.

    Your walk sounds wonderful! Especially since I'm sitting here at work!

  3. I am trying to break out of my own binding rut. And I do love contrasting binding. Also, have had fun doing bidning from various fabrics...

  4. Bonnie -

    Another quilt that I love! I really believe that you have more hours in your day than normal people!

    I too tend to like plain outer borders with contrasting binding. I may do something new on my coffee quilt. Am thinking about sewing the inner and outer borders together first and then applying them to the quilt. Then the inner border will go all the way to the edge on the top and bottom. Not sure yet!

    thanks for sharing!


  5. Actually I love the "formula" you described for your quilts - I use it a lot too. Mainly because it works so darn well. Have to say my bindings are almost always narrow, single layer in a different fabric. Not contrasting on the color wheel, but it will stand out.

  6. So, all you have to do is quilt it and bind it, huh? Bill, my DH would say that in "quiltese" that means I'm done. I am always saying that I "finished" this or that- only to have to explain that well, I still need to quilt and bind it and label it and wash it...

    I like quilts with no borders best as they look older to me, but practicality wins and sometimes you gotta grow a quilt to get it to cover a person. My favorites are narow inner borders (in dark colors) and a wider outer one (in a fabric that is already in the quilt.) Pieced borders? Only rarely. I tend to make really large quilts and when I'm done, I'm done, and do we really need to drag out the process for another two months? For borders? I like fancy borders on smaller quilts. Again, with the binding, I need to be practical and I have found that single fold just isn't as tough and as durable as the double fold. And dark colors don't stain like lighter colors. Can you tell I am mom to rugrats? I usually like to use the same color as the narrow inner border- and I've been known to lop off binding so I can add an unrelated fabric just to be difficult and 'cause I can. I don't care much for binding that is the same fabric as the outer border, because they seem unframed. I wouldn't do so well in a quilt contest, huh?

  7. Beautiful quilt; the colors just sing!


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