Monday, November 21, 2005

It's Scarf Weather!

I haven't picked up a crochet hook in years and years, but while my Dad and Stepmom were visiting, she wanted to go to the yarn shop so she could get some yarn to knit a scarf. Knit?!? I don't knit at ALL...and really no desire to start, although I do love the knitted stuff that is showing up all over the place. I did find some yummy yummy yarn and the demo scarf hanging there was crocheted, so that is what I did.

It took about 3 days to make......I don't know if I'll do anything more, but I got this done just in time for the weather here to be yucky enough to wear it! *LOL*

Life here in SC is blissfully uneventful right now. We are even having Thanksgiving dinner just the 3 of us. We haven't been invited anywhere, and I am not wanting to invite anyone here for Thanksgiving after just having relatives for a week....I bought a small turkey and will do it with a minimum of fixings, but still enough to have leftovers for a few days afterward. Gotta have that homemade turkey soup made from the carcass..that's what I look forward to most!

No word yet from the Certification Board on when I can take my exam...I know it's been only 10 days since I sent off my applications, but time is turning alot slower now that I'm not in school! :c)



  1. The scarf looks great Bonnie, and I LOVE the little 9 patch it's laying on..don't think I've seen that one? Is it a table topper??
    I was just looking at 4 orphan blocks (years and years ago orphan blocks) and thinking..hmmm, maybe a table square from them and have them GONE!
    I'm loving making the Pineapple Blossoms, and even better, all those 20+ year old scraps are getting used up !! Thanks again..

    P.S. Told my friend Betsy about the pattern on Sat. when we were stitching and she went right to Quiltville and love the pattern and printed it off...LOL..right there, and then !

  2. Bonnie -

    I have knitted exactly one dish cloth! My MIL wanted me to learn to knit so she wouldn't have to buy any more dishclothes. Made one - hated it - and told her she would have to buy them if she wanted them!
    Have a great quiet thanksgiving! I am jealous that you get such a peaceful holiday week!


  3. What a lovely new scraf.
    And your new background at your blog is perfect !!;c)

  4. Oh I love the scarf! I crochet also, but don't touch knitting needles! And isn't it funny - I was shopping with a friend this weekend and we came across the most awesome yarn so I talked her into knitting me a scarf with it!!!! When I get it I'll have to post a picture!

  5. Take this opportunity to rest up, Bonnie. As much as you ever rest... You'll get that certification before you know it. Can we see a pic of the whole quilt? Hope the scarf keeps you nice and warm.

  6. Bonnie,

    Great scarf! Did you know that "knit" is a 4-letter word?!

    I came across a yarn website...oooh...the temptations! I would bet that a yarn store would put me into near insanity.

    Love your "background" quilt!

    Happy Thanksgiving! (Dearest One's and my first Thanksgiving was just the two of us...we had cornish game hens...yum!)


  7. Oooooooh....LOVE that scarf, Bonnie!! I'm getting the itch to knit as of late. I bought some yarn to make myself another shawl...and I really should make some more scarves. Time...that's the hurdle.

  8. Nice scarf -- but love the quilt! LOL I haven't crocheted in years either, and I tried knitting, but I can't get the hang of it -- too slow for my taste.
    Nice quiet Thanksgivings are great. Enjoy


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