Okay, you guys!  I'm a bit camera shy when it comes to videos, but with the help of my son Jeff, I'm working on some videos to show you how to do various things like using specialty rulers.

You will find these videos below!

12/8/2016: Cutting with my new Essential Triangle Tool!

Videos from Fall Market, 2016:

Essential Triangle Tool and half square triangles:

Essential Triangle Tool and Quarter Square Triangles/Flying Geese:

11/29/213: Cutting with Tri Recs Rulers:

11/29/2013: Sewing with Tri Recs Rulers:

Pinning Tutorial!

These next two videos are from the Double Delight mystery years ago, but shows how I pin to match point to point --and show how I web a block together!

This little video shows how I trim square in a square units:


More videos will be added as we make them!

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  1. Anonymous1:26 PM EST

    Great Video. I hope you get the courage to do more! Thanks.

    Linda M in IL

  2. Great video! Thanks so much! I didn't understand how and when to use the Easy Angle and therefore, never used it. So helpful!!!!

  3. Anonymous1:55 PM EST

    You'd never know it considering the Quilt Cam thing you do!

  4. Thank you Thank you Thank your. I'm a Show Me kind of person. No I understand. Sq_Dancer576@live.com

  5. I just made some flying geese using the EZ rulers and I had no trouble at all after watching your how-to video. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Love this technique with simple strips.

  6. Thanks for the video. I get being shy of videos even though you do quit cam. You can't see the quilt cams after they are done but with the videos you can go back and watch yourself. You are lovely in both btw.

  7. Keep the videos coming. I get why it is easier to do quilt cam...you can't go back and watch them. Be assured we love both and you are doing a great job.

  8. Terrific tutorial!! I've always hated doing geese, but this is perfect for chain piecing. Now, on to more Mystery quilting!

  9. You are great please do more.

  10. Love the flying geese using the easy angle. After seeing my flying geese my mother had to have the easy angle rulers and she is going to try her hand at them.

  11. Yes please keep the video's coming!! Thank you!

  12. New to blooging,but trying to follow Bonnie Hunter.New to laptops.patriciagraham265

  13. You are a great teacher,keep on teaching us more.atriciagraham265

  14. Love to learn new things.patriciagraham265

  15. Love the videos,always exciting.patriciagraham265

  16. gammycvh@comcast.net

    Love your videos Bonnie. Nice to refer back to them. Looking forward to Quilt Cam tonite.
    Bon Voyage for your trip. Carolyn

  17. Thank you for the Easy Angle ruler video. I am finally starting my Grand Illusion Mystery Quilt.

  18. Luvmitzy@yahoo.com7:47 PM EDT

    Do you have a video showing the ruler you use to cut tumblers? I've searched and I'm not finding one.


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