Saturday, July 04, 2020

Independence Day, 2020!

Long may our flag wave -

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about “independence” and what it truly means to be an American.

Watching things unfold over the past few months – I have really felt more hurt, confusion, fear, disgust, anger, sadness, hopelessness over our current situation than I have ever felt in my entire life.

WHY?  Because that is all that the news channels promote. 

I believe the American spirit – the fearlessness, pride, happiness, hopefulness – all of the positive opposites of the things I first listed above are still present in this country.

But I also believe if we constantly seek out the worst stories amongst us – that is exactly what we will find.

We need to focus on the POSITIVES.  To celebrate all of those freedoms that we still enjoy.  To feel proud of our nation and our communities for things that ARE going right.

Friday, July 03, 2020

Foaling Around!

I played hooky yesterday.

We kicked off a long holiday weekend a bit early – there was no reason not to.

After what seems like months and months of rain, we were finally granted some beautiful weather and spent a good chunk of our afternoon and early evening hours hiking up at Grayson Highlands State Park to see what we could see.

I was last up here early June, and in a month’s time – so much has changed!

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Following My Muse!

A certain thing happened over the past 2 days.

It’s actually been brewing for years, but finally found direction on Tuesday.

Why? How?  Because as most quilting inspiration goes, it happens when you start cleaning and organizing! LOL!

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Easy Breezy Leader & Ender Challenge!

It’s July!

And you know what that means!

It’s time to kick off our next Leader & Ender challenge!

Our year-long challenge runs from July of 2020 to July of 2021.  It’s not a race – it’s a challenge.  The main purpose is to sew up your scraps into something cute without really thinking about it.  Cut some pieces ahead, leave them next to your machine.  And as you are chain-piecing away, use pairs of pieces as your “sew betweens” instead of that folded-over-thread-covered mess of scrap that always ends up in the trash anyway.

If you are new to Leaders & Enders, please click the Tips & Techniques tab at the top of the blog and scroll down to L for Leaders & Enders.

I also have two books on the subject, Adventures with Leaders & Enders, and MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders both available in the Quiltville Store at greatly discounted prices. All of the quilts made in these books were created in between the lines of sewing other things.

Quilters LOVE to multi task – and this is multitasking at its best!

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Scrap Therapy!

This is where I was -

Sitting on the floor with fabric all around me!

(And still no pedicure!)

Saturday morning I arrived at Quiltville Inn to find 3 large boxes of scraps had been placed on the front porch – a delivery made by USPS, sent from a friend who knows that fabric therapy is good for my soul – and my creativity!

THREE paper ream boxes full!

Monday, June 29, 2020

Shoo Fly Shoo Times Two!

Zoey is in the middle of everything. Always!

I finished the binding on the Shoo Fly Shoo, Variation II last night.  This was SUCH a fun journey – our Shoo Fly Shoo Leader & Ender challenge.

And a productive adventure, too – resulting in not just one, but TWO quilts for Quiltville Inn, all from one simple Leader & Ender challenge of building units and blocks in between the lines of sewing other things.

For folks who say that they “Don’t Get Leaders & Enders”  this is a significant demonstration of how you can accomplish something wonderful with very little effort.

All you need to do is pick a unit, cut enough ahead to keep some by your machine, and use these little pieces as “sew betweens” to get you from one line of chain piecing, to the iron, and back again.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Quilt Deliveries and Family Fun!

This is the great and  abominable polyester log cabin quilt!

I found this quilt in a Goodwill in Charlotte, NC – one of those “by the pound” clearance centers – the last stop on the purchase train before unwanted items get baled up and shipped off to who-knows-where.

Do you have those clearance centers where you are?  They became my self-medicating downfall while in the process of moving from South Carolina to North Carolina when I was trying to sell a house, learned that the new job included a “moving package” and the 100% cotton shirts destined to recycling in my shirt quilts were something like $1.35 a pound.

I still have bins and tubs of shirts.  They are in the under-the-stairs closet and were not shown in yesterday’s Love your Creative Space book tour and gift-away post!

My thought has been “they are contained, somewhat organized and are not hurting anyone.” But as I contemplate moving EVERYTHING to Virginia at some point – we may have to do something with those boxes of shirts.

Anyway – as we left the house on Friday evening with the pickup pulling the big trailer with the commercial Scag lawnmower, and all of the parts of the favorite sleep-number bed rolled up and protected in the pickup bed under the tonneau cover, I remembered to grab a front porch icon off of the front porch swing.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Love Your Creative Space Book Tour & Gift-Away!

Happy Saturday Quilters!

Today is my stop on Lilo Bowman’s “Love Your Creative Space” book tour, and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me.

I need organization.

I need to move ALL of the quilty stuff from our old house in Wallburg, NC (100 miles away) up to Virginia where we are living – and I have NO IDEA what to do to make my stuff work for me here. 

What to keep, what to let go – how to arrange things.  I feel PARALYZED and when that takes over, creativity can’t move.

Are any of these you?

Friday, June 26, 2020

Thursdays are for Quilting!

Yesterday’s progress on the Snails Trail project!

I took yesterday to embrace the “no more laundry” silence – declared it a day of “social media distancing” and tuned into a couple of podcasts while giving myself permission to do NOTHING BUT SEW.

As I talked to my dad last night (We talk every evening around 7pm my time, sometimes by video call, sometimes just voice.) and tried to explain my day to him in terms of “I really didn’t do much.” it hit me – It wasn’t that I didn’t DO MUCH, it’s that I didn’t have multiple plates spinning all at the same time trying to keep them all going.

I did ONE THING.  I settled in and sewed.  I didn’t read other people’s rants on Facebook (Because sometimes, you know – if the rant is good enough you have to also read all 937 comments and it's a time suck!) I didn’t get drawn into anything political or bad-newsy.

I just sewed.

And I loved it.