Sunday, September 20, 2020

September 2020 Quilty Box Gift-Away!

Autumn is here! Winter is around the corner -

Let Quilting Season begin in earnest!

(My family jokes – what season is NOT quilting season?  And I roll my eyes! LOL!)

Just as things were beginning to really feel like fall around here, the September Quilty Box arrived on my doorstep and I couldn’t wait to dig in and see just what was inside.

I have become more familiar with artists and designers that I hadn’t had a chance to know before – that’s one of the BEST things about Quilty Box.  They are always expanding my horizons and bringing something new right to my fingertips.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

New PDF Pattern: Appalachian Autumn!

Let the leaves turn and fall!

Let the temperatures drop!  We will be inside cozy and warm, stitching up armfuls of autumn-colored string maple leaves, ready for the season ahead!

I absolutely adore autumn. The only problem is that it doesn’t really last long enough.

Here in the southeast we tend to go from summer’s heat and humidity to – all the leaves are down and now it’s too cold to enjoy the outdoors anymore.

I wish there was a way to make autumn last – and this is a great way to keep the BEST parts of our beautiful fall season and enjoy them all the way through Thanksgiving.

Appalachian Autumn finishes at 56 1/2’’ x 56 1/2’’

Perfect as a table topper, couch throw, or a large wall hanging!

I pulled out all of my strips and strings in beautiful fall shades of orange, gold, rust, red with a bit of brown – and allowed the leaves to swirl on a background of stormy, cloudy grey and warm vanilla custard cream.  YES!  You can let grey and cream play together – this is the perfect place to bring in those sandy neutrals you thought were “not white enough” for other projects. 

They are beautiful here!

Close up detail -

Quilted in autumn gold thread in an edge to edge design called Harvest Winds by UrbanElementz.com 

Finishing the edge with a scrappy grey binding!

Could this be my favorite one yet?

Could it be yours?

Purchase and Print Appalachian Autumn!

You could be stitching within a few minutes!

Appalachian Autumn is a 10 page PDF pattern booklet bursting with full color photos and graphics, showing you in detail how to make this quilt from units to blocks to sashings and borders.

The regular price of $12.00  has dropped 25% to the introductory sale price of just $9.00 – for 48 hours only!  The price will revert back to $12.00 with the release of Monday’s blog post.  So get in on it right now!

As PDF patterns do not require shipping, this sale price is open to everyone, everywhere! No coupon code required.

You can click Appalachian Autumn to go directly to the pattern, but you’ll also find it in the NEW and PDF PATTERNS categories if you feel the urge to poke around and see just what the Quiltville Store has to offer.

And there was more I was going to talk about – but son Jason walked through our door at about 7:30pm last night -

I’m spending the weekend with my son!  Our plan today is for another go biking Virginia Creeper Trail – let’s hope the weather holds out.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Our world has forever changed. RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. You made a difference.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 18, 2020

Little Gratitudes!

Things I am simply grateful for!

This was my TV from the basement studio/office in Wallburg.  Jason and I brought it up to the Quiltville Post Office when he was visiting at the end of August.

We got it hooked up, all but the sound bar (Which was already here and housed on top of my shelving units) last week, but had to wait for the wall mounts for the soundbar to arrive..  They did! 

This is nearly the “last thing” that needed completion in my working space to make it just right.

Most often you’ll find me with music on – my various favorite channels on Pandora are often set on shuffle.  It’s a weird mix, but it fits my bill.  What can I say?

What you might also notice is missing – the other “nearly the last thing” is in progress, next door to the inn in the garage/shop.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Things Under My Needle -

The quilting is happening on my Traveling Star quilt!

I chose a really cute pantograph called Orange Blossom Special bringing a more contemporary texture to the quilt. I know the stars and the strings are more traditional by definition, but these fabrics are anything but!  They are EVERYTHING.

What I also find fun for the eyes is that the stars are 60 degree angles, appliqued on top of 45 degree angle (roughly) string blocks.  It’s a juxtaposition of the unexpected.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Of Coffee Bars and String Borders -

This finally was finished last evening -

We decided to remove the second shelf from the baker’s rack we acquired in Marion, VA last week – there just needed to be more space for the drip coffee maker, the keurig to open up, and the electric tea kettle.

You can also see where the door was removed to make room for the whole thing.  The old door opened inward against the wall that the coffee bar is now occupying – a totally wasted wall as far as putting anything here went.

This is also the only wall in the back hallway that has an outlet, and as the walls are lathe and plaster, we were avoiding hiring an electrician to come add more outlets here.

I have a couple of brita pitchers for water that we can keep here as well, and those can be refilled as needed from the kitchen.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Quilters Just Wanna SEW!

It was a very Sew-y Monday!

Remember these Nearly Lemoyne blocks?

Yes.  These.

They sort of got pushed to the back burner when some other deadline items took precedence.   Autumn things.  Soon to be released things.

And yesterday during a turn of events (Meaning I was missing a block from the project I was currently assembling behind the scenes – and it was bound to be 7 miles away at the cabin.) I grabbed my little set of cut and kitted up blocks and began to just sew..