Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's a backing!!!

Yes, I really DID turn that pile of odd fabric pieces and older FQs I wanted to clear out into a backing for the Strip Twist! And you know what? It didn't turn out half bad! I think it will quilt up interestingly enough. But the best part is that I annihilated 7 to 8 yards of fabric out of the stash! GONE!

And as the retreat gals from last weekend would agree, this is definitely something that deserves a big Earth Wind & Fire YAAAAAOOOOOOWWW!!! :cD



  1. One day, I will do my backs that way. Right now, I am just learning how to get the tops done!! But, I think having the back done, not as a solid, is more fun!!
    Thanks for the strip twist pattern!! Mine is now a top and I love it!! It works up so fast, and it is such a neat pattern - it is great!! And, I would not have really looked at it if you hadn't put it on your site as 'hey, lets to do this!!' - I am so glad you did that!!

    Happy Feb. Have a great day/week/month sewing!!

  2. Anonymous5:20 PM EST

    Bet it is already quilted up too! If I'm wrong, please at least tell me it will be on the machine and ready for binding by Thursday. LOL

  3. I was working on backings today too! Mine aren't half as wild as yours...maybe I should go and slash them a few more times....

    I started doing the twist and turn as a leader and ender with my piles of 2-2/5 inch strips...amazing how quickly this works up!

  4. I have thought to do that sometime also to get rid of some of this stash but I don't have many big pieces, mainly fat quarter or smaller and I don't know if I want that many seams to deal with (I hand quilt).

  5. Love it!! Honestly, one of my grandmothers made her quilts like this...the fronts of the quilts! She was a necessity quilter. Use what you have!

  6. The backing looks great, thanks for sharing! I like the idea of using up yardage this way. I have a red and cream scrap quilt that needs something like this on the back! Now I've been inspired!

  7. Wow, that's some back. I've got my strip twist finished except for the outer sashing which will be the only part I'm purchasing. I'm not sure what I'll do for the back, I wish my stash was good enough to do something like you did. BTW I love my 6600 and I know you'll love your 6500 too. The thread cutter is awesome among other things.

  8. That backing looks fantastic! Congratulations on another quilt almost finished!

  9. what do you mean "not half bad" - it's much better than that. I really really like it. I sooo need to get working on backings myself....

  10. YAAOOWW is right! It's a fantastic back for a wonderful top, well done. So, does this make a visible dent in your stash?;)

  11. Don't think of it as a backing. It's the second side of a reversible quilt. I love those colors!

  12. yep, that's a YAAAOOOWW! and a whoop-whoop!
    (and no paper plates were washed in the process....)

  13. Anonymous11:29 AM EDT

    I know ... this post is over two years old!! I love pieced backs and yours is beautiful. I usually use the fabrics I have left from the front - made into some blocks, sashed and then HUGE border around them so they go on the longarm easily - don't care if the "center" is off center, that's fine with me. After I started doing this, I noticed that my scrap pile started getting a little smaller - this habit and using some from the pile on the back too - and that is never a bad thing. It might be more work, but it does save me money and right now that is important.


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