Sunday, May 20, 2007

Busy Week!!

Well...it's been a whole week since I posted anything! It's been a very crazy week!

I got a call earlier in the week from "Mitt Romney for President" telling me that the governor was going to be here in columbia for a big debate on tuesday and would I be available to come to the residence where he was staying to give him a massage. I was FLOORED!!

All was arranged..I talked to his aide twice, I had directions to where I was supposed to go, etc etc...and about 3 hours before the appointment they called me and said that his schedule was too tight because of travel delays or something and I didn't get to go work on him after all! I was a bit bummed. I thought it would be cool to work on someone like that. So maybe next time.

It was a very busy week for massage, and I spent all the other spare minutes working on customer quilts, so not a lot of progress or play time for Bonnie quilts!

However, I did get the strip pairs cut in to half-4-patches...look at this bucket full! The raffle quilt needs to be done by Aug 1st....so I'm trying to make progress on that little by little.

As part of the Heartstrings Quilt Project goal of sending quilts to Kansas, I received a really pretty yellow brick road top and backing from Fran Benson of Romeoville, IL. I quilted it up and bound it today and it will be sent off to Kansas tomorrow. These quilts are going to the tornado victims from a couple weeks ago.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Sounds like a busy and hectic week. And like the massage therapist could use a massage. Here's to hoping for more time for your own play next week.

  2. What a crazy week! I have a feeling Romney will be through Columbia a few times in the next couple of months! Who knows...

    The pink and blue quilt is very sweet. I'm sure whoever gets it will appreciate it.

  3. Massaging Mitt... what a concept! Sorry that didn't work out, that would've been something all right! You must have a fantastic reputation to be on the "in" list like that for politicians. Congratulations! The YBR quilt will be such a comfort.

  4. Well you got close to a claim to fame (other than your fame as a quilter, that is). Keep on quilting!!

  5. love how the ybr quilt turned out-nice job.


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