Monday, September 04, 2006

Quilter, Quilter, Quite Contrary....

Quilter, Quilter, Quite Contrary,
How much does your fabric weigh?!?

I am spending the afternoon MOVING my fabric cabinets from one side of the
room to the other. :c|

My quilting room is above my garage, the size of a 2 car garage, and the
wall where my cabinets *WERE* was above the garage door below.

I noticed a week or so ago that my floor felt "slightly slanty" and moving
some stuff out of the way, saw that the floor had dipped down away from teh
wall. There is about a 1" gap BELOW the baseboard and where the floor now
resides. I don't know what it will take to fix this. I didn't think that
cabinets against an outside wall would be too much unsupported weight.

Up against a wall SHOULD be able to bear weight....but...this is above the
garage door area, so there are less beams in the middle going from ground up
to the second level, so maybe it can't support as much weight.

Moving all this fabric has been a CHORE, and it makes me realize more to
what extent my fabric obsession has taken. I can't sew it fast enough! Even
though I have been basically NO BUY for 2 1/2 years now....it doesn't
deplete fast enough for me to make a dent on any of the shelves..especially
since I love scrap quilts so much and tend to go to those bins and the FQ's

If there is anything that makes a quilter take stock and take notice and
pledge to SEW SEW SEW instead of "oh, a sale, let's go fabric shopping
because this coupon is burning a hole in my pocket" it's having to MOVE the
stash and the cabinets, even across the room.

Paralyzed by the stash?? You bet!



  1. Oh dear Bonnie, oh no! Basically no-buy for 2.5 years is amazing, so you must be making some progress! But oh my goodness - I have never heard of a stash that collapsed a garage before!!! Hope it is an easy fix and while the workmen are there be sure they check out the support under the otherside where you stash is moving to. Good luck - if I were there I would help you - I am great when it comes to moving (maybe I've had too much experience in that department!!!).



  2. Anonymous8:16 PM EDT

    It's pretty funny from this side of the world LOL. Seriously though - I hope you can fix the floor easily enough. I hear you about the moving part - I have one tiny bookshelf with my quilty/craft mags in, and I hate moving that. You've got your work cut out for the next few days - think of all that weight-lifting exercise helping your bones :-)

  3. well, yo wont be needing a trip to the local gym this week :-) Hope you're able to fix everything up OK, and get back to the sew, sew sew so that stash can be enhanced in the next few years! :-))

  4. Poor you, what a lot of hassle and kind of scary. Good exercise though. :)

  5. I hope you get your floor fixed without too much expense. Good way to assess your stash and plan your next quilts though.

  6. Anonymous10:09 AM EDT

    Yes, Bonnie, my friend : we're on the same planet _ I know so well what you mean !

    By the way, where are you getting such nice drawings to decorate your blog page (and, how do you proceed ? HELP !)

    Have a good day !

  7. Wow! That's kind of scarey, isn't it Bonnie?

    But with that...in the crummy mood that I've been in because of *you-know-what*...I send a hearty raspberry to those who think that WE QUILTERS CARRY NO WEIGHT IN THIS WORLD!!!


    Is that how you spell raspberry?!?

    Hugs to you!

  8. Oh my I have seen your picture of the cabinets!! It is super heavy! What a chore, but an opportunity to re-arrange and re-sort, if you have to.

  9. Congrats on the move...hope the floor isn't damages too badly.


  10. Give your floor over the garage a rest... many times the wood will go back to normal once the weight is taken off of it. Measure the space between the baseboard and the floor now that the stress is off and see if it changes in a week. :)

    And at least having to move your stash will reinforce the idea that you need to use it up, not buy more!

  11. Hope your moving went well, Bonnie! I've been offline for awhile now and am just getting caught up again..love all of the pictures of your current projects! Sorry to hear of the problems you've been having with the other 'designer'. It will come back to haunt her...it always does with those types of people!

    Keep your head up!

  12. Argh, hope you can get more support to the floor without too much trouble. House problems can be scaaaary.

  13. I bet the joists under your floor are parallel to the wall where you were storing your fabric cabinets. It would probably be better off against a side wall where the joists are held into the load bearing side walls and you will have much more support there.
    I can really sympathize though, I moved my stash in October. I have bought some fabric since then but mostly I have been sewing, sewing, sewing and cutting!!

  14. mmmmm My sewing room is above my garage too! its the only room that is upstairs in our house.... maybe I better get the level out and check that floor!!!! LOL

  15. oh good. someone whose stash is a big as mine! I am trying to go no buy...but I love fabric!


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