Sunday, July 23, 2006

Credit Where Credit is Due!

I just went searching on "quilts complete" for a pattern I need....and I came across this book by Suzanne Early

I just made a BIG MISTAKE...I saw this book, flipped out because it was a pattern off my website, emailed the lady....emailed my email lists! ACCCKK! I was freaking out because I didn't think she credited me or asked permission but....I just got this email back:

Hi, Bonnie,

She does give you credit inside. It says on the inside front cover:

"Detail of "Starstruck for Christmas" - pieced and quilted by Suzanne
Earley. Based on a pattern by Bonnie Hunter at www.quiltville.com."

The book is about machine quilting and has no information on doing
the quilt on the cover.


WWWWWWWWHHHAA!!! I'm so sorry Suzanne...I'm emailing you back right now too for the crazy email I sent earlier!

I think I'll go hide in my fabric some more....with chocolate! (And yes, I'm excited to be mentioned regarding the cover quilt, thank you very much!!)



  1. all is well that ends well.. ;-)

  2. We are all human and entiltled to a few mistakes in our life time. It takes a good person to recognize their mistakes and apoligize. In public, wow that is a great person. We all forgive you for your mishap.

  3. This too shall pass - forgive your faux pas!

  4. Oh well, at least you got the acknowledgement you deserve! Shame you had to find out this way! I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Perhaps they could have dropped you an email at the time of publishing!


  5. It is good you got the credit you deserve, but I think she could have mailed you a photo of the book in advance too, and maybe even a copy.
    Who reads the small print at a moment like that ? ;-)

  6. I agree with Hanne, she knew where you are and I think she should asked/tell it before. I also know you are thrilled to have a pattern from you on the frontpage !

  7. It's A super-sensitive issue for you. I agree with Hanne. She should have let you know in advance. Hey, the first time I even mention someone's weblog, I wrote them and let them know!!!

    Gone with the wind says:
    Tomorrow's another day...

    Don't lose sleep over this

  8. I agree with Hanne and Melanie. She could have sent you an advance copy or even just a photo, letting you know that she gave you credit inside the book.
    I'm sure your heart did a couple of ba-dumps when you saw the pic on the website.

  9. Congrats on the book mention -- but I would think that if she used your quilt for the cover, she should have asked permission FIRST!

    Glad you got some quilting in at break times, too. I'm trying to snatch more time for quilting too!

  10. Ooooops! - e-mails are so easy to press that send button and then you can't retract - never mind, she might have asked your permission to mention it was your design though :o)

  11. Wow, I've seen this on your site but I never realized it was your original design, does it say which ones are yours on the site?

    She was probably as shocked to get your email as you were to see the book cover. However, it looks like a great book that I just might have to buy!! I love anything with good ideas about better meandering patterns for quilting.

  12. She should have emailed you, and let you know what she was doing....it's not like you can't be found!!!!! Now, more people will know about your site than ever before!!

  13. It makes a very attractive cover, doesn't it? She used fabrics just a *touch* brighter than the ones in your quilt, but it was the cover that got my attention. I had just finished looking through it when your message came up. I'm surprised she didn't give you advance notice, now that I think about it.

  14. Hey Bonnie...you both learned a valuable lesson...and that's what life is all about! Congratulations!!! I'm so glad that you did receive credit...even if it was real quiet. ;-)

    Do you know if we are having problems with the "List?" Every time I click on "List" either in my faves or even on someone else's Maverick blog, it gives me an error page. Or is it my 'puter?

  15. Hmm, now I have to go back to your web page and look for that quilt! I like it a lot!!!!

  16. Beautiful quilt design...maybe I'll try making it too!!!


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